New Civil Servants’ Salary Structure in Kenya 2023: All You Need To Know

Salary structures revealed! Learn about job groups in Kenya's public service and find out what you could potentially earn. Don't miss out!"

Sep 20, 2023 - 09:23
Sep 24, 2023 - 14:43
New Civil Servants’ Salary Structure in Kenya 2023: All You Need To Know
New Civil Servants’ Salary Structure in Kenya 2023

The desire to secure a job in the Government of Kenya, particularly within the public service, is a goal shared by many. The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) plays a pivotal role in setting and regularly reviewing the remuneration of public servants. In Kenya, various job groups exist, each with its unique compensation package tailored to the specific roles and responsibilities they entail.

Understanding Job Groups in Kenya

Job groups in Kenya are categorizations that group positions based on shared objectives, skill sets, educational requirements, or certification prerequisites. These job groups are numerous and diverse, reflecting the vast array of roles within the Kenyan public service in 2023. A typical compensation package for a public servant comprises a basic salary, house allowance, and commuter allowance. Additionally, other allowances may apply, contingent on the nature of the duties assigned.

Job Groups and Their Salaries in 2023

Let's delve into the specifics of various job groups classified by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) and their corresponding basic monthly pay. It's important to note that the figures provided represent the minimum basic pay per month, subject to potential revisions by the SRC.

Group A

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 13,280

Group B

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 13,530

Group C

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 13,830

Group D

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 14,610

Group E

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 15,670

Group F

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 16,890

Group G

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 21,500

Group H

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 24,580

Group J

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 30,170

Group K

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 37,070

Group L

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 41,770

Group M

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 47,780

Group N

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 55,150

Group P

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 85,110

Group Q

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 98,500

Group R

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 119,730

Group S

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 132,000

Group T

  • Basic monthly salary in KES: 166,780

House Allowance

In addition to the basic salary, civil servants in Kenya are entitled to a house allowance. This allowance is disbursed monthly and serves to offset the cost of housing, which can vary greatly depending on location. The country is categorized into clusters, each with its corresponding house allowance rates.

House Allowance Rates in Different Clusters

Cluster 1

  • Covering civil servants in Nairobi, with house allowance rates as follows:
    • Groups A to C: 3,750 KES
    • Group D: 4,125 KES
    • Groups E & F: 4,500 KES (E) / 3,000 KES (F)
    • Groups G & H: 6,750 KES
    • Group J: 10,000 KES
    • Group K: 16,500 KES
    • Groups L & M: 28,000 KES
    • Group N: 35,000 KES
    • Groups P & Q: 45,000 KES
    • Group R: 50,000 KES
    • Group S: 60,000 KES
    • Group T: 80,000 KES

Cluster 2

  • Covering civil servants in county headquarters like Kisumu, Nakuru, Mombasa, and others. House allowance rates vary accordingly.

Cluster 3

  • Covering civil servants in county headquarters such as Nyeri, Machakos, Eldoret, and more. House allowance rates are structured accordingly.

Cluster 4

  • Encompassing all other regions of the country not included in clusters 1, 2, and 3. House allowance rates are distinct for this cluster.

Hardship Allowance

While there are multiple job groups and salaries in Kenya in 2023, not all are eligible for hardship allowances. Hardship allowances are designed to compensate for the increased cost of living in areas classified as hardship zones. These allowances have recently transitioned from a percentage of the basic salary to a fixed rate applicable across all civil servants within the same job group.

Monthly Hardship Allowance Rates

  • Group A: 2,800 KES
  • Group B: 3,000 KES
  • Group C: 3,000 KES
  • Group D: 3,300 KES
  • Group E: 3,700 KES
  • Group F: 4,300 KES
  • Group G: 5,700 KES
  • Group H: 6,600 KES
  • Group J: 8,200 KES
  • Group K: 10,900 KES
  • Group L: 12,300 KES
  • Group M: 14,650 KES
  • Group N: 17,100 KES
  • Group P: 27,300 KES
  • Group Q: 31,500 KES
  • Group R: 38,100 KES
  • Group S: 45,000 KES
  • Group T: 60,000 KES

Per Diem Rates for Local Travel

Civil servants often need to travel for work-related reasons. The per diem rates in Kenya for these travels were reviewed and implemented in February 2022. The rates are grouped into clusters based on the destination.

Per Diem Rates for Different Job Groups and Clusters

  • Groups A-E
    • Cluster 1: 4,200 KES
    • Cluster 2: 3,500 KES
    • Cluster 3: 3,000 KES
  • Groups F-J
    • Cluster 1: 6,300 KES
    • Cluster 2: 4,900 KES
    • Cluster 3: 4,200 KES
  • Groups K-N
    • Cluster 1: 11,200 KES
    • Cluster 2: 8,400 KES
    • Cluster 3: 7,000 KES
  • Groups P-R
    • Cluster 1: 14,000 KES
    • Cluster 2: 10,500 KES
    • Cluster 3: 8,400 KES
  • Groups S-T
    • Cluster 1: 16,800 KES
    • Cluster 2: 12,600 KES
    • Cluster 3: 10,500 KES
  • Groups U-V
    • Cluster 1: 18,200 KES
    • Cluster 2: 14,600 KES
    • Cluster 3: 12,500 KES
  • Group F4: 22,000 KES

Other Allowances and Benefits

In addition to the aforementioned allowances, all public servants in Kenya are entitled to a leave allowance, usually disbursed annually, and a monthly commuter allowance that ranges from 3,000 KES to 25,000 KES, depending on the job group. Furthermore, differently-abled individuals receive a disability allowance, and those working in special institutions are eligible for a special allowance.

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The new civil servants' salary structure in Kenya for 2023 is comprehensive and tailored to accommodate the diverse roles within the public service. From basic salaries to various allowances, the aim is to ensure equitable compensation while considering the cost of living in different regions of the country. It's essential for both aspiring civil servants and those already in service to be aware of these salary structures, as they impact the financial well-being of individuals and their families.

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