North Rift Shuttle Services: Routes, Contacts, Offices, and Booking

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North Rift Shuttle Services: Routes, Contacts, Offices, and Booking
North Rift Shuttle Services: Routes, Contacts, Offices, and Booking

The importance of efficient public transport can't be underestimated. It's the lifeblood that powers movement in every corner of the country. In Kenya, one organization has risen above the rest, delivering impressive transport services for decades. Enter North Rift Shuttle.

North Rift Shuttle, a leading Savings and Credit Co-Operatives (SACCOs), has revolutionized the transport sector in Kenya, contributing to approximately 80% of passenger transportation. This high-performing transport entity has consistently offered convenient travel solutions nationwide, linking Nairobi to significant towns in the Northern Rift Valley and Western province.

North Rift Shuttle at a Glance

Established in 1988 under every time Peugeot Services, North Rift Shuttle initially serviced the Eldoret to Nairobi route using Peugeot 505 station wagons. Embodying the motto "Comfort and Quality," the shuttle service has continually evolved over the years, serving thousands of travelers and maintaining its status as a top choice for public transportation.

Despite its considerable growth, the organization stays true to its core services - facilitating easy movement of passengers across the country. Additionally, they provide courier services, transporting parcels and small luggage within their coverage area.

Services Offered by North Rift Shuttle

Passenger Transport 

The primary service of North Rift Shuttle is facilitating the convenient movement of passengers across the country. They ply several routes, offering a comfortable and reliable commuting solution to the residents of Nairobi, Eldoret, Bungoma, Nakuru, and other major towns.

Courier Services

Besides passenger transportation, North Rift Shuttle also provides courier services. They transport parcels and small luggage within their operational zones, making them not just a people mover but also a link for commerce and business.

North Rift Shuttle Routes 

While the company's primary route remains Nairobi to Eldoret, they service multiple other towns. Here's a list of their major routes:

  1. Nairobi – Eldoret
  2. Nairobi – Bungoma
  3. Eldoret – Bungoma – Chwele
  4. Eldoret – Kitale
  5. Nairobi – Kitale – Kimilili
  6. Nakuru – Eldoret
  7. Nairobi – Nakuru

North Rift Shuttle Booking Process

Booking a seat on North Rift Shuttle is a walk-in process. Currently, they do not offer an online booking platform. In some rare instances, however, you can call their offices and reserve a seat.

North Rift Shuttle Offices and Contact Information

North Rift Shuttle has offices spread across major towns in Kenya. Here's a list of these offices and their contact information:

Main Office

  • Location: Mfangano Trade Center Behind Afya Center, Nairobi.
  • Contact number: 0722 916 785.

Eldoret Office

  • Location: Total Petrol Station, opposite Cool Joint.
  • Contact number: 0727 551 047.

Kitale Office

  • Location: Next to Matunda Bus along Kwanza – Kapenguria road.
  • Contact number: 0720 825 527.

Nakuru Office

  • Location: Kenyatta Lane, Nakuru
  • Contact number: 0707 625 858.

Bungoma Office 

  • Location: Total Petrol Station opposite Nyanza Supermarket.
  • Contact number: 0710 501 681.

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North Rift Shuttle is a beacon of reliable and quality service in the Kenyan transport industry. Their robust network across significant towns and commitment to customer satisfaction make them an excellent choice for passenger transport and courier services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does North Rift Shuttle offer?

  • They offer passenger transport and courier services across Kenya.

2. Where are the North Rift Shuttle offices located?

  • They have offices in Nairobi, Eldoret, Kitale, Nakuru, and Bungoma.

3. Can I book a North Rift Shuttle seat online?

  • Currently, they do not offer an online booking platform. You can book by walking into their offices or sometimes calling their offices to reserve a seat.

4. What is the contact number for North Rift Shuttle's Nairobi office?

  • The contact number for their Nairobi office is 0722 916 785.

5. What is the main route for North Rift Shuttle?

  • Their main route is from Nairobi to Eldoret. However, they service multiple other towns.

6. Does North Rift Shuttle offer courier services?

  • Yes, they transport parcels and small luggage within their operational zones.


This article provides information about North Rift Shuttle services based on existing resources and is intended for informational purposes only. Please confirm the information with North Rift Shuttle before making travel plans.

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