One Acre Fund Contacts and Services: Here Is How To Get In Touch With One Acre Fund Kenya

Connect with One Acre Fund and unlock the potential of your farming enterprise with high-quality seeds, fertilizers, and market opportunities.

Sep 3, 2023 - 17:12
One Acre Fund Contacts and Services: Here Is How To Get In Touch With One Acre Fund Kenya
One Acre Fund Contacts and Services: Here Is How To Get In Touch With One Acre Fund Kenya

Agriculture lies at the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa, providing sustenance for over 50 million families and supplying 80 percent of the continent's food. Yet, the potential for higher harvests still needs to be explored. Enter One Acre Fund is a transformative agricultural service provider empowering smallholder farmers in East Africa. Unlike traditional handouts, this nonprofit organization invests in farmers' growth through financing and training, helping them break free from hunger's grip and fostering pathways to enduring prosperity. This article delves into the comprehensive services One Acre Fund offers, their founding story, operational approach, and how you can connect with them through various channels.

Founding Story of One Acre Fund

In 2006, Andrew Youn, Eric Pohlman, and John Gachunga launched One Acre Fund, driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to equip smallholder farmers with access to improved farm products and techniques. They recognized that minor adjustments in planting methods and seed quality could be the difference between thriving and struggling for these farmers. This realization led to the organization's foundational principle – to provide farmers with naturally-produced hybrid seeds, a small quantity of fertilizer, and essential education on effective farming practices.

Services, Information, and Contacts

One Acre Fund is not just an organization but a lifeline for farmers across East Africa. By partnering with them, farmers gain access to high-quality planting seeds, essential fertilizers, and a strong market for their products. One Acre Fund is deeply invested in staying ahead of emerging farming trends, ensuring its members consistently produce high yields.

How One Acre Fund Works

How does One Acre Fund operate? The organization functions by offering asset-based loans tailored to small-scale farmers' needs. These loans encompass:

  1. Agricultural Education: Farmers receive comprehensive training on modern agricultural techniques.
  2. Fertilizers and Seeds: Trusted planting seeds and fertilizers are provided to boost productivity.
  3. Farm Inputs: Essential inputs required for optimal crop growth are made available.
  4. Maximizing Profits: One Acre Fund facilitates a steady market, maximizing farmers' profits.

Joining a local One Acre Fund-supported group is a crucial step for farmers to benefit from these services. Regular meetings with field officers provide a platform for learning and collaboration.

Connecting with One Acre Fund

Engaging with One Acre Fund is straightforward. You can connect through various channels, including:

  • Website: Visit the official One Acre Fund website for comprehensive information.
  • Facebook: Follow One Acre Fund on Facebook to stay updated on their initiatives.
  • Contact Contacts: Contact 0736 551 072 (Bungoma) or 0706 289923, 0708 259 248 (Nairobi).

These contacts will provide insights into joining One Acre Fund and accessing their valuable services. Founded in 2006, One Acre Fund has expanded its reach to countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Malawi, touching the lives of countless farmers.

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One Acre Fund is a beacon of hope for smallholder farmers across East Africa. By offering tailored services, training, and essential resources, the organization empowers farmers to overcome challenges and embark on a journey toward prosperity. With a commitment to sustainability and financial transparency, One Acre Fund is transforming individual lives and contributing to the growth and resilience of entire communities. Suppose you're a farmer seeking support or simply curious about their impactful work. In that case, One Acre Fund's doors are open – reach out and become a part of this remarkable journey towards a brighter future.


What is One Acre Fund's mission? 

One Acre Fund's mission is to provide smallholder farmers with improved farm products, education, and resources to enhance their yields and quality of life.

How does One Acre Fund assist farmers? 

One Acre Fund offers asset-based loans, education, fertilizers, seeds, and market access to empower farmers and improve their agricultural practices.

How can I join One Acre Fund? 

To join One Acre Fund, you can reach out through their website, Facebook page, or phone contacts provided in the article.

Where is One Acre Fund headquartered? 

One Acre Fund's headquarters is located in Kakamega, Kenya, but it operates across multiple countries in East Africa.

What makes One Acre Fund unique?

One Acre Fund's unique approach focuses on holistic support for farmers, combining education, resources, and market access for sustainable growth.

How does One Acre Fund promote sustainability? 

One Acre Fund promotes sustainable practices by offering training in eco-friendly techniques and encouraging the planting trees to enrich the soil.

Remember, One Acre Fund's commitment to farmers extends beyond financial support – it's a lifeline that nurtures growth, fosters resilience, and paves the way for brighter futures.

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