One cliprex dvd player professional is Like the Nintendo Switch with Offal ala Laptop

The specifications are quite capable to run the rows of the latest PC games with smooth

Jun 10, 2021 - 02:52

Rumors about the Nintendo Switch a new generation continues to grow stronger as time passes. At the same time, the trend of handheld gaming PC is also growing popular by the presence of devices such as the GPD Win 3 or Aya Neo. Alternatively, we could glance at One cliprex dvd player professional.

Same as the GPD Win 3 or Aya Neo, One pluto tv also introduced through the method of crowdfunding. The concept was more or less the same: offal ala laptop in packaging ala Nintendo Switch, complete with a controller in the left and right sides (not detachable). A little different, One cliprex dvd player professional is ambitious again about the specifications.

Most of all, the screen belongs to One cliprex dvd player professional is larger and more sharply: IPS 8.4-inch with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Then on the configuration of the termahalnya, the device carries the processor Intel Core i7-1185G7 with GPU Iris XE 96 EU, RAM 16 GB, and SSD NVMe 2 TB. The capacity of the battery is quite large in numbers 15.300 mAh, and the device can be charged using a power bank USB-PD.

To his controller, One cliprex dvd player professional use layouts that should be very familiar: a pair of analog sticks on the left-right, D-Pad on the left, and the XYAB on the right. A pair of buttons bumper and a pair of trigger buttons completes its role as a handheld console. All of that packed in the order that is made from a blend of polycarbonate and ABS, with a weight of about 820 grams.

No need to be surprised, One cliprex dvd player professional is running the Windows 10 operating system. He comes with a pair of USB ports 4.0, so it can be connected to the device eGPU and external monitor at the same time when needed. There is also an optional accessory in the form of a keyboard and trackpad that connect magnetically.

For the curious this device came out of nowhere, its developers are One Netbook, a Chinese based company which is focused to develop a laptop-sized mini. Indiegogo campaign-his so far has far exceeded the target and still leaves time for about a month.

About the price, One cliprex dvd player professional is far from cheap, even for the early bird price of his though. The Variant last year sold for $1.499 (± 21,3 millions of dollars), and it's already sold out. Underneath, there is a variant with Core i7 processor-1165G7 and SSD 1 TB for $959 (± 13,6 millions of dollars), followed by variant Core i5-1135G7 and SSD 512 GB for $819 (± 11,6 millions of dollars).

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