OPPO A74, KES 28,500 Smartphone For Gaming with a Lot of Interesting Features

After completing the trio of smartphones Reno5 series, now OPPO busy taking care of the line of A-series. Earlier in March, OPPO released A54 that put a new face with a screen punch hole and at the end of April and then turn OPPO A74 and A74 5G.

Jun 10, 2021 - 02:59
OPPO A74, KES 28,500 Smartphone For Gaming with a Lot of Interesting Features

When OPPO A54 pure is an entry-level device, the OPPO A74series can be classified as the middle class. So, the larger the numbers the series, also increases the specifications it has.

In addition to featuring a stylish design, the OPPO A74 series also emphasizes playing the game. Today we have the OPPO A74 version of 4G; following the jargon of his new "Gaming for Everyone," the OPPO entrusts this device with chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 662. How is the performance? The article reveals more.

OPPO A74 Vs. OPPO A74 5G

Let's start with a comparison between the OPPO A74 4G version with the version of 5G. His appearance at first glance seems identical, and the price is just a difference of 200.000, respectively priced at KES 28,500 and KES 30,000, But in fact, both of these devices are very different. Let me be more precise. Please note the comparison table product specification here.

Quite hard to determine which is better. For example, in terms of the screen, for instance, OPPO A74 using a panel AMOLED complete with features in-display fingerprint 3.0, but the refresh rate is limited to 60Hz. On the other hand, OPPO A74 5G still uses an IPS panel with a refresh rate higher 90Hz, but the fingerprint sensor is located on the side.

Then about the performance, although OPPO A74 5G is powered by Snapdragon 4 series, which is designed for entry-level smartphones. But on paper, the technology carried Snapdragon 480, more advanced fabrication 8nm processor Kryo 460, and GPU Adreno 619. Meanwhile, the Snapdragon 662 is made with 11nm, processors Kryo 260, and a GPU Adreno 610.

Gaming for Everyone

Although on paper, the chipset 5G Snapdragon 480 are better, the Snapdragon 662 is also quite powerful, especially in grade three million. By the jargon of the Game for Everyone, OPPO attempts to make a device that can comfortably run the game for all people and all walks of life.

In more detail, chipset Snapdragon 662 is produced in the fabrication process 11nm with the AI Engine of the 3rd generation. It includes an octa-core CPU consisting of four core Kryo 260 Gold (Cortex A73) 2GHz, four core Kryo 260 Silver (Cortex A53) 1.8 GHz, and GPU Adreno 610. 

To unleash the potential of the Snapdragon 662, OPPO supports him with the RAM LPDDR4x 6GB and internal storage UFS 2.1 capacity of 128GB. In addition to the hardware capability, the optimization is also performed in terms of software. OPPO A74 has been running ColorOS 11.1 based on Android 11, complete with gaming mode and several gaming features based on AI.

A collection of the game can be put in the white list in the Game Space to optimize the game's performance by increasing the speed of the network and memory usage. OPPO A74 can also make the game respond faster, features Hyper Boost will increase the sensitivity of the touch and responsiveness of the game, reduce drag, increase the frame rate, and improved scene loading time.

While playing the game, we can draw the side of the screen to activate the Game Assistant that offers quick access to the game settings. The Game Focus Mode will block incoming calls, notifications, and gesture navigation to focus on the game. However, with the Bullet Notifications, you can still display a notice of important messages.

To play the game for a long time certainly requires tremendous energy. OPPO A74 is equipped with a battery of 5,000 mAh and supported the fast charging 33W Flash Charge technology that can charge up to 54% in just 30 minutes and in full within 72 minutes.

Screen & Design

Another indicator that proves OPPO A74 be in the middle class is a panel AMOLED with a resolution of FHD+ (2400×1080 pixels). The breadth of the 6,43 inches with a punch-hole in the top left corner to put the selfie camera 16MP, wear the aspect ratio of 20:9 and has a thin bezel with a screen-to-body ratio on a figure 90,8%.

The use of AMOLED also allows OPPO pin features an in-display fingerprint 3.0. One thing that is deliberately reduced by OPPO to be balanced is the refresh rate of the screen are used to the extent 60Hz only. In place of his brother, OPPO A74 5G has a refresh rate of 90Hz, but the panel is still used IPS.

OPPO also brings the technology All-day Eye Care that previously existed in the device Reno5. Technology is good for the user's eyes, especially using your smartphone throughout the day, both day and night.

Features AI Smart Backlight adjusts the backlight automatically by studying the habits of the user. At the same time, DC Dimming controls the brightness by varying the power supplied to the screen and can minimize the flicker that is not visible with how to adjust the screen up to 2048 levels of dimming so that the eyes do not get tired quickly.

The cross-section behind it has a glossy finish and can reflect the light, yet easy to collect fingerprints and minor scratches. To maintain its beauty, you should always use a case that is available in the sales package.

The exciting experience of using OPPO A74 also thanks to the slim body. The thickness is only 7,95 mm and weighs 175 grams. In addition, 3D curved on the back to provide comfortable grips. The vacuum coating process is used from the top and to the bottom of the middle frame to enhance the metallic look, adding to the impression of a premium.

Main Camera 48MP

To meet the content creation needs, OPPO A74 is already equipped with three cameras at the back. Good thing the camera's main-resolution 48MP 0,8 µm, which is by the method of Quad Bayer, produces a photo of 12MP with a pixel of 1.6 µm versatile.

In addition, taking a picture supported AI Scene Enhancement that can recognize a variety of shooting scenarios. But OPPO sacrifices something quite important, namely the camera lens with ultra-wide because the two cameras extend 2MP for macro photo and bokeh.

In photo mode, available features enlarge the image as much as 2x and 5x, filters, and AI Beautification. Camera modes including night, expert, text scanner, time-lapse, pano, sticker, slo-mo, extra HD, and macros. While for recorder video up to 1080p 30fps, both front, and rear. 

Where do we settle at

They are supposed to be very easy for OPPO to market A74 because the fact is that this device has a lot of appeals. Call it. The screen is AMOLED FHD+, the primary camera 48MP, chipset Snapdragon 662-powered for gameplay, and much more.

The price is also quite affordable. KES 28,500 must meet with the target market. I have no doubt recommend it as a smartphone but don't ask which is better between the OPPO A74 and A74 5G, because they both have drawbacks and advantages of each.

It should be noted. For the sake of keeping the balance, OPPO conducts several adjustments so as not to interfere with the other. However, if You are looking for a smartphone of the solid middle class as a whole, then the answer is still Reno5.



Features in-display fingerprint 3.0

The main camera 48MP

Powered chipset Snapdragon 662

The battery of 5,000 mAh battery with 33W Flash Charge


The Refresh rate is still 60Hz

The configuration of the camera, the camera features minimal.

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