OPPO presents the Find N, its first folding smartphone

The OPPO Find N is the result of a four-year development process by the Chinese company, which aims to provide an uncompromising experience for its first foldable smartphone.

OPPO presents the Find N, its first folding smartphone

The Find N has a 5.49-inch AMOLED outdoor display with a refresh rate of no more than 60 Hz, which puts it behind the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and its two 120 Hz panels. OPPO offers a sensible decision with an outdoor screen that is easier to operate thanks to its 18:9 ratio, which requires less precision in finger placement. To improve the grip of the Find N, OPPO chose a design with curved edges. 

When opening the phone, OPPO also notices a difference. The Find N does, in fact, have an indoor screen in landscape format with an 8.4:9 aspect ratio, which is a first for a folding smartphone. This display, unlike its outdoor version, will use a display with a changeable refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. According to OPPO, it will be protected by a 12-layer technology called "Serene Display" and will support more than 200,000 openings and closures, which will be tested and validated by a TUV.

 The software is served via a nice hinge.

OPPO was heavily influenced by human joints when designing the "Flexion Hinge." When the smartphone is closed, the brand adopts a "waterdrop" form to hide the fold. When the Find N is put on a platform, the hinge's strengthened structure prevents it from tilting, with an operating margin of 50 to 120 degrees. As a result of this advantage, OPPO can provide its FlexForm Mode, which adapts the display of applications to the degree of screen opening. For example, the Find N may be used as a small PC by simply placing it on a table with the screen open at 120 degrees.

 This FlexForm mode, which is also based on the broader interior screen than the competitors, is all about the software experience. The Find N aims to make multitasking more natural: the entire screen and the generation of floating windows will be controlled by simple finger motions. OPPO also promises a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor displays, as well as a wealth of features and customization options for users.

 At the appointment, a technical document

One would think that OPPO would use the Find N to show off the performance of its recently announced new processor, the MariSilicon X, but that will not be the case. In the innards of OPPO's folding smartphone, there's a Snapdragon 888 processor. 12 GB of LPDD5 RAM and 512 GB of UFS 3.1 storage will be available.

 The Find N will be powered by a 4,500 mAh battery, and owing to Oppo's 33W SuperVOOC charging, it will be able to restore 55 percent of its autonomy in 30 minutes. A complete recharge will take 1 hour and 10 minutes. Of course, the 15 W wireless charging is included, as is the ability to charge another compatible smartphone.

 With three sensors: a 50 Mp Sony module, a 16 Mp super wide-angle, and a 13 Mp optical zoom, the photo section is also at the forefront. Two selfie cameras will be placed above the two screens, although OPPO has not revealed their specifications. The picture modules will work in tandem with FlexForm mode to allow taking timelapses and photos from unusual angles easier.

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 The OPPO Find N will be available in three colors: matte black, ceramic white, and purple, and will be released in China on December 23. OPPO has not yet revealed the price of the foldable smartphone.