President of Kenya's Salary, Allowances, and Crucial Functions 2023

Get a comprehensive overview of the president of Kenya's salary, allowances, and crucial functions. Understand the SRC's role in setting fair pay for state officeholders and the president's influence on governance.

Aug 20, 2023 - 17:28
Aug 20, 2023 - 17:35
President of Kenya's Salary, Allowances, and Crucial Functions 2023
President of Kenya's Salary, Allowances, and Crucial Functions

Have you ever wondered about the earnings and role of the President of Kenya? Delve into the President's salary structure, allowances, and significant functions as the country's highest officeholder. This article sheds light on the intriguing world of the Kenyan presidency, providing insights into its financial aspects and pivotal responsibilities.

Key Takeaways

  1. Understanding the SRC's role in setting state officers' pay and benefits.
  2. Overview of the proposed SRC salary structure for state officers.
  3. Exploration of adjustments made by the SRC, including car grants and allowances.
  4. An in-depth look at the salary breakdown for the President of Kenya.
  5. Discussion of the President's diverse functions, including parliamentary roles.
  6. Examination of the President's powers and responsibilities as outlined in the Kenyan Constitution.

The President's Salary and Allowances

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) establishes fair pay and benefits for public officers, including the President of Kenya. The commission operates under the Constitution of Kenya 2010, which emphasizes equitable compensation across state officeholders. Notably, the SRC recently proposed a new salary structure, inviting both attention and debate.

SRC Salary Structure for State Officers

The SRC conducts periodic reviews of remuneration and benefits for state officers following multi-year cycles. The third review cycle is underway, spanning from 2021/2022 to 2022/2025. This cycle has witnessed several modifications to salaries and allowances, including removing car grants for specific officials.

Additionally, allowances such as sitting and mileage have been eliminated, with uniform treatment for speakers and county executive committee members. While these allowances have been discontinued, state public officers still receive a substantial gross salary, resulting in treasury savings.

The President's Salary

The President of Kenya, as part of the executive arm of government, receives a monthly consolidated package. This package includes basic pay, house allowance, and market salary adjustment. Under the new SRC salary structure, the President's monthly salary remains at Ksh.1.44 million. This sum includes approximately Ksh.866,250 in basic pay, Ksh.350,000 in house allowance, and Ksh.227,500 in market salary adjustment.

Component Amount (Ksh)
Basic Salary 866,250
House Allowance 350,000
Market Adjustment 227,500
Total Monthly Salary 1,443,750

The President's Functions

As the Head of State and Government, Commander-in-Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces, and chairperson of the National Security Council, the President of Kenya wields significant influence. This article explores the diverse functions of the President, ranging from parliamentary roles to hiring and firing government officials. The President's role as the head of the executive arm involves overseeing cabinet meetings, directing ministries and government departments, and assigning responsibilities.

Additional Presidential Functions

The President's duties extend beyond the executive branch, encompassing diverse responsibilities. These include addressing the opening of newly elected parliaments, reporting on progress towards national values, and fulfilling international obligations. The President's authority also covers declarations of a state of emergency and approval of war declarations, underscoring the gravity of their decisions.

The President's Powers

The President of Kenya holds considerable powers, including serving as the Head of State and Government, exercising executive authority, and leading the Kenya Defence Forces. Furthermore, the President chairs the National Security Council and symbolizes national unity. The Kenyan Constitution mandates the President to uphold sovereignty, promote unity, safeguard human rights, and protect the rule of law.

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From setting state officers' salaries to executing vital functions, the President of Kenya plays a pivotal role in the nation's governance. This article has provided a comprehensive overview of the President's salary structure, allowances, and essential functions, illustrating the President's influence on various aspects of Kenya's governance and society.


What is the Salaries and Remuneration Commission's (SRC) role in Kenya?

 The SRC is responsible for setting and reviewing the salaries and benefits of state officeholders to ensure fairness and transparency across the board.

What is the proposed SRC salary structure for state officers?

 The SRC periodically reviews and adjusts salaries and allowances. Recent changes include the removal of car grants and allowances for certain officials.

What is the President's monthly consolidated package under the new SRC salary structure? 

The President's compensation includes basic pay, house allowance, and market salary adjustment, totaling Ksh.1.44 million.

What are the critical functions of the President of Kenya? 

The President's functions encompass addressing Parliament, hiring and firing officials, leading the executive arm, and performing various executive roles.

What are the powers of the President in Kenya?

 The President's powers range from being the Head of State and Government to the Commander-in-Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces, symbolizing national unity and possessing a power of mercy.

What does the power of mercy entail for the President of Kenya? 

The power of mercy allows the President to grant pardons, postpone punishments, substitute penalties, or remit all or part of a punishment based on the advice of the Advisory Committee on the Power of Mercy.

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