Top 20 Private Schools In Kenya And Their Fees Structure 2024

Are you trying to find your kids the greatest private school? Finding a good school to send your kids to shouldn't be too difficult.

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Top 20 Private Schools In Kenya And Their Fees Structure 2024
Top 20 Private Schools In Kenya And Their Fees Structure

To raise the standard of education, Kenya is expanding the number of private schools. This enhances the nation's rate of development in turn. Private schools are autonomous institutions that emphasize students' future careers more. Every parent desires to enroll them in the top schools to provide for their children's education. Parents worry about selecting the best schools because they are concerned about their children's future if a poor decision is made. There is no cause for concern for such parents.

Private Schools in Kenya

This is a list of private schools in Kenya and pertinent data to help you decide which school is ideal for your child.

Strathmore School

All-boys, private, Catholic high school in Lavington, Nairobi, or "Strath," as it is lovingly referred to both students and alumni. Its establishment was on March 1961. It is renowned for its outstanding academic accomplishments and consistently placed among the top 100 performing schools in the KCSE exams.

The principal's office has information regarding fees available. Yet, the school provides help to students who are in need but have the potential to succeed. This is accomplished through a bursary program, the funding for which comes from several sources. Most funding comes from contributions and endowment funds, which had recently kept many more boys in school than they did when the school opened. Indeed, all secondary school fees in Kenya are governed by legislation. The actual payments can only be received from the school's administration. According to these regulations, secondary education should cost Kshs. 67,244 for boarding schools and Kshs—22,244 for day institutions.

Moi High School, Kabarak

This institution is situated near Kabarak, about 20 kilometers from Nakuru town. It is on the same property as Kabarak University and Kabarak Primary School. Daniel Arap Moi, a retired president, founded this private, coeducational secondary school in 1979 to offer pupils in Kenya an affordable secondary education. It is recognized as the best-mixed school in Kenya and is currently listed among the best secondary schools in the country.

Because Moi High School is a privately owned sector, it does not receive funds from the government; hence it depends on school fees. The average cost of the learning institution sums up to Ksh. 300,000 annually. Parents pay a lot of money for their children to join the school during the first admission.

Anestar Precious Girls Secondary School

It is situated in Lanet, in the county of Nakuru. This school provides the 844 curricula and consistently achieves high marks on the KCSE exams. For children from Nakuru town and its environs, this school offers an accessible, high-quality education.

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Pioneer High School

Located in Maragua, Muranga County, Pioneer High School is a private, coeducational secondary school for boys. This school's location makes it excellent for both academics and extracurricular activities. High achievers seeking a demanding environment that challenges them to their theoretical limits are drawn to Pioneer High School. As one of the few schools in Kenya that incorporates aviation into its curriculum, this school is also an excellent option for kids interested in training in aviation.

Mary Mother of Grace Boy's Secondary School

The Mary Mother of Grace Boys' Secondary School is in Rumuruti, Laikipia County. Father Guiliano Gorini started this organization in 1990, which the Catholic Church funds. This school has allowed some local lads to pursue secondary education under Father Gorini's direction. Over the years, this school's spirit of unity and academic success has produced exceptional outcomes in the KCSE exams.

Wamy High School

One of Kenya's top Islamic schools is Wamy High School. It is a mixed-day school with an integrated 844 curriculum in Nairobi County (a combination of Secular and Islamic curricula).

From its beginning, this school has consistently produced pupils that thrive academically on national examinations, along with the primary school. Wamy High School provides a comprehensive, high-quality education based on Islamic principles to shape its pupils into morally upright citizens.

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Sunshine Secondary School

Sunshine Boys boarding high school is in Nairobi County, next to Wilson Airport. Daniel Arap Moi, a former president, founded it in 1995. When it opened, there was a significant need for boys' residential schools in Nairobi.

This school ranks in the top ten schools yearly for the KSCE exams. Sunshine aims to be the leading Christian institution in Africa, instilling in its student's values that contribute to good character formation and motivate them for academic excellence.

Light Academy

Despite Light Academy not being around as long as some other private schools, it has nonetheless turned out a stellar group of graduates who have established a name for themselves locally and globally. There are numerous academy branches in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Malindi.

The 844 secondary schools for boys in Karen, Nairobi County, and Mombasa County turn out intellectually gifted people who perform well on examinations, contribute positively to society, and uphold moral values. All students who have the chance to attend one of the Light Academy institutions do so with the qualities of honor, leadership, and dependability deeply ingrained in them.

Kianda School

Located in Nairobi County, Kianda is an all-girls private secondary school and uses the 844 educational system. The Kianda Foundation established it in 1977, and since then, it has given birth to dependable, devoted women who strive for excellence in all facets of their lives.

The girls receive a well-rounded education at this institution, which also achieves strong scores on national examinations and sends many of its alums to top institutions in Kenya and around the globe.

Chemelil Sugar Academy

It contains both a primary school and a secondary school situated within the grounds of the Chemelil Sugar Company in Kisumu County. The secondary school consistently achieves high standards in KCSE tests and extracurricular activities thanks to its highly qualified and experienced staff. One of the rare mixed secondary schools in Kenya that provides a high level of discipline and high academic standards is Chemelil Sugar Academy.

St. Mary's Boys Nyeri

It is a catholic Day and Boarding private boys secondary school located in Nyeri town along Kimathi Street and run by the De La Salle Brothers; it has a population of 500 secondary school students, 120 young boys in the rescue Centre and 15 students in the vocational Training Centre. All of these are in the same compound.

The school is committed to offering an affordable, quality education to all students by instilling a character-building work-etic that produces a young man who is an excellent role model to society.

Riara High School

Founded in 2000, Riara Springs High School provides girls between the ages of 14 and 18 with a holistic education that emphasizes their growth on all fronts—intellectual, emotional, psychological, social, spiritual, and physical. The girls are encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills in a setting that promotes self-assurance and independence.

The information, abilities, and experiences young people need to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world are highlighted by learning activities.

They offer education that equips students to face the difficulties of a world that are changing quickly. Their multicultural setting draws students from all regions of Kenya and abroad, imparting the value of tolerance and understanding.

Aga Khan High School

Aga Khan High School is a private, coeducational, international day secondary school in Nairobi. The school provides the KCSE, IGCSE, and GCE curriculum in Westlands on Waiyaki Way. Many extracurricular activities are available at the school, such as swimming, theater, music, basketball, and tennis. They excel in intercounty sports and provide pupils with a stimulating academic environment.

Loreto Convent Msongari

Loreto Convent Msongari School is a girls' catholic school located in Lavington, a serene conducive environment for learning. They provide an 8-4-4 curriculum and an optional boarding option for those who want to stay overnight.

The school strives to gradually mold each student with a comprehensive approach while offering high-quality instruction. Our rules are based on the Loreto ethos and catholic ideals. Excellent facilities and a positive learning atmosphere are present at the school.

Consalata School Nairobi

Consolata School, Nairobi, is a Secondary Private Catholic Secondary School in the Westlands Constituency of Nairobi County, close to Nairobi County. It is one of the best private schools in Nairobi. Consolata missionaries oversee its operations.

Boys and girls of all races and religions can attend the school. It features a primary school split into lower and upper grades and a high school. The nursery comprises infant classes, intermediate classes, and pre-units.

All students who meet the requirements or pass the entrance tests are admitted to the school, which follows Kenya's national curriculum.

Sacho High School

It is a mixed-gender boarding school in Baringo County that offers the 8-4-4 curriculum, computer studies, and French. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive education that is Christ-centered, competent, integral, and characterized by a motto of being considerate of others.

His Excellency, the second President of Kenya, founded the college in 1982. Because the African Inland Church (AIC) church sponsors it, it is strictly governed by Christian standards. The institution's principal goal is to help young people discover their gifts and grow up to be successful, responsible individuals.

Makini School

In February 1978, Makini Schools was established. After that, the school expanded naturally in stages, and in 1980, new land was purchased across the Kirichwa River. When high school began in 1996, 27 boys were enrolled in Form 1. It started allowing girls the following year.

The school has four campuses: Makini Junior Academy on State House Avenue and the Ngong Road (mother) campus in Nairobi, Makini Junior School Migosi, and Makini School Kibos in Kisumu. Their goal is to establish themselves as the premier Kenyan curriculum school in the area.

Brookhouse School

Founded in 1981, Brookhouse Nairobi is a private, international school that pioneered exceptional modern comprehensive education as the No.1 British Curriculum School in East Africa.

With exciting, extensive complementing activities created to fit all age groups and engaging courses taught by experts worldwide, modern learning and teaching techniques are demonstrated throughout the school.

Every youngster is unique by nature. As a result, in a welcoming, multicultural environment, highly skilled local and international educators implement a personalized teaching method throughout the Preschool, Primary, Secondary, and Sixth Form levels.

The Green Garden School

The Green Garden Schools are private schools in Kikuyu, Kiambu County, and Rongai, all in Kenya, near Nairobi. Dr. Peter Keiyoro and Esther Njenga started the schools in 1991. The schools are independent, coeducational day and boarding schools with an 8-4-4 curriculum that offers preschool, elementary, and secondary education.

According to the Kenya Private Schools Association, The Green Garden Schools are among Kenya's top 5 private schools.

Laiser Hill Academy

Laiser Hill Academy Secondary School is a private secondary school in Ngong, Kajiado North Constituency, Kajiado County, Kenya, near Nairobi Metropolis. It was founded in 1987.

Laiser Hill Academy is primarily a primary and secondary school with mixed enrollment. It is an extraordinary institution that combines open access to education with traditional cultural morals appropriate for today's young, intelligent children.

The institution is committed to transforming each student's way of life through exceptional instruction in a top-notch system. It works with students, parents, and tutors to develop each learner's knowledge, skill, and personality so they can excel in school, life, and their careers.

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Some of the nation's private high schools have been working hard to obtain the finest results possible. Many things influence the ability of a school to offer an appropriate learning environment. A school's stellar achievement forms the foundation of its reputation.