Public Service Commission Login - How to Register, Login, Services Offered, Contacts, and More

Learn about the Public Service Commission's online portal and how to navigate the registration and login process for enhanced service access.

Aug 15, 2023 - 18:32
Public Service Commission Login - How to Register, Login, Services Offered, Contacts, and More
Public Service Commission Login - How to Register, Login, Services Offered, Contacts, and More

In governmental administration, the Public Service Commission (PSC) plays a pivotal role in the effective functioning of public service in Kenya. Established in 1954 as the Civil Service Commission during British colonial rule, the PSC has evolved, shaping the landscape of appointments, personnel practices, and administrative efficiency. This article delves into the core functions, powers, and services offered by the PSC, elucidates the registration and login process on the PSC's online portal (, and provides essential contact information for users.

Key Takeaways

  1. Evolution and Mandate: The PSC dates back to 1954, established as the Civil Service Commission. Upon Kenya's independence in 1963, it was renamed the Public Service Commission, becoming the oldest Constitutional Commission with an expanding mandate.
  2. Functions and Powers: The PSC, by Article 234 of the Constitution, holds diverse responsibilities. These include establishing and abolishing offices, appointing individuals to offices, exercising disciplinary control, promoting core values and principles, ensuring efficiency, developing human resources, and more.
  3. Online Portal: The Public Service Commission Login Portal ( offers civil servants a user-friendly platform to manage their information. This portal efficiently tracks performance mobility, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  4. Registration and Application: First-time users must register using their ID/passport number, surname, email address, and password. This facilitates access to job and internship opportunities advertised by the PSC.
  5. Application Guidelines: Comprehensive applications are essential for consideration. Applicants should furnish accurate personal, professional, and academic details, adhering to the stipulated format. The system allows revisions until the Advert Closure Date.
  6. Password Management: Users can reset passwords by providing the necessary details, ensuring smooth access to their accounts.

Services Offered by the PSC

The Public Service Commission has evolved into a multifaceted institution with many responsibilities to foster efficiency, transparency, and equitable opportunity within the public service.

The PSC ensures:

  • Effective utilization of public service personnel by tracking performance mobility.
  • Promotion of core values and principles, such as integrity, accountability, and transparency, throughout the public service.
  • Evaluation, monitoring, and improvement of organizational practices within the public service.
  • Protection of public officers against victimization and discrimination while discharging their duties.
  • Recruitment and selection of key personnel in public universities, ensuring academic institutions' leadership remains strong.

Registering and Logging in to the PSC Portal

Registering and Logging in to the PSC Portal

Civil servants can conveniently register and log in to the dedicated online portal to maximize the PSC's offerings. This portal streamlines administrative processes, making it easier for users to access services and information.

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Public Service Commission Login Portal at
  2. Click on the "Login" option.
  3. Enter your ID/passport number and password.
  4. Click "Login" to access your account.

Password Reset Process

In the event of a forgotten password, the PSC provides a straightforward password reset process:

  1. Navigate to the password reset page on the portal.
  2. Provide your ID number, surname, and email address.
  3. Click on the "Reset password" button.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email sent to your registered address to reset your password.

Contact Information

For inquiries, assistance, or further information, the Public Service Commission can be reached through the following channels:

  • Head Office Address: Commission House, Harambee Avenue P. O. Box 30095-00100, Nairobi
  • Telephone: +254 20 2223901, +254 20 2227471
  • Customer Care: +254 20 4865000
  • Website:
  • EmailEmail: [email protected]

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Final Thoughts

The Public Service Commission stands as a cornerstone in Kenya's governmental structure, ensuring efficient service delivery by recruiting and managing public service personnel. By providing a comprehensive online portal for civil servants to register, log in, and access critical information, the PSC empowers its users to engage effectively with administrative processes. Civil servants must adhere to the guidelines, maintain accurate records, and actively engage with the PSC's offerings to contribute to a robust and transparent public service system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the Public Service Commission? 

The Public Service Commission dates back to 1954, the Civil Service Commission during British colonial rule. It was enshrined in the Constitution and renamed the Public Service Commission after Kenya's independence in 1963.

How do I register on the PSC portal? 

Visit and click on "Login." Then, provide your ID/passport number, surname, email address, and password to register.

 Can I edit my application after submission? 

You can amend or revisit your application on the PSC portal before the Advert Closure Date.

How can I reset my password on the PSC portal?

 Access the password reset page on the portal, enter your ID number, surname, and email address, and follow the instructions in your email.

What are the core functions of the PSC? 

The PSC's functions include establishing and abolishing offices, appointing individuals, exercising disciplinary control, promoting values and principles, and evaluating public service organization and personnel practices.

 How can I contact the PSC for assistance? 

You can contact the PSC through various channels, including telephone, email, email, and the official website. Details can be found above.


The information provided in this article is based on available resources and guidelines provided by the Public Service Commission of Kenya. Users are encouraged to verify information through official channels and consult relevant authorities for any specific inquiries or concerns related to the PSC and its services. The article does not guarantee job placement or particular outcomes.

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