QuillBot Complete Guide in 2022-Features, Pricing, and everything you need to Know

QuillBot is a fully automated online paraphrasing tool. You type in a sentence, and within seconds you will get multiple versions referring to the original text.

QuillBot Complete Guide in 2022-Features, Pricing, and everything you need to Know
QuillBot Complete Guide in 2022-Features, Pricing, and everything you need to Know

QuillBot is a free online paraphrase tool that allows you to rewrite any article into another very different version. No articles will be plagiarized! You can quickly and easily use it on any topic. Whether you prefer subtle changes or shocking results, this software will create an entirely new version of your content while maintaining the meaning (or improving it). And remember, this approach works perfectly for both small and large pieces of content. 

What Is QuillBot 

QuillBot is designed to help you build large amounts of high-quality content at the pace of writing that suits you. This means more time writing and less time spent proofreading.

In other words, QuillBot is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based software platform that makes it easy for all writers—from beginners to pros—to create top-notch content quickly, automatically, and with excellent quality.


QuillBot Features


QuillBot has been designed to generate unique sentence rewrites without changing their meaning even a little bit. This allows the platform to produce human-readable and 100% unique content for each user. It is one of the best possible article rewriting services available on the web, and as such, there are already more than enough features  for its more than 50 million users

Please note that to access these features, you must be subscribed to their premium plans. Otherwise, a free trial limits you from most of the features available in the premium Plan.

Quilbot Paraphrapher features include

  • Standard: One of the most used features among all Quillbot users. It modifies the language while maintaining the original meaning to sound as natural as possible.
  • Fluency: It ensures that the writing sounds authentic and is free of grammatical errors. The meaning is unchanged even though this setting makes the fewest modifications.
  • Formal: This feature allows text to be altered to improve its appearance and tone. It's a suitable option for writing in academic or professional contexts.
  •  Simple: In this mode, QuillBot makes your content simpler to read and comprehend.
  •  Creative: The text is drastically altered in this mode, appearing and sounding radically different. This mode could change the
  •  Expand: This method maximizes the text's length by including more words. When a higher overall word count is necessary, this is good.
  • Shorten: The text is compressed as much as feasible while retaining its original meaning in this mode. This helps to cut down on the overall quantity of words.


QuillBot Price

QuillBot has a standard rate of $19 per 500 submissions. Their pricing model is based on the number of pages you need rewritten, not how many words you need them to contain. To put things in perspective, here is a summary of their Pricing.

 As mentioned before, the platform still offers a free pricing option, but it is not that great since it does not offers as many features as you would expect from it

Quillbot Platforms

Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs extensions are all included with QuillBot. Both Word and Google Docs can be used with this paraphrasing tool.

 QuillBot Support and Customer Care

 The platform offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our service, so there is no risk in trying out our product. You can also reach them via:

  • 303 East Wacker, Suite 2101 Chicago, IL 60601
  • United States of America

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