Robust and stylish: Honor MagicBook 15 Specifications

Choosing a laptop is problematic because, unlike a smartphone, it is not bought for a couple of years. Its acquisition should be treated responsibly to select the right companion in work, study, and entertainment for years to come. Today I happened to come across Honor MagicBook 15 here in Nairobi. In theory, the device has all the qualities to become the best laptop in the category of up to KES43,650. Let's see if he's that good.

Jun 11, 2021 - 02:13
Robust and stylish: Honor MagicBook 15 Specifications

Design and trim 

Honor MagicBook 15 comes as standard, as do other members of this class. In addition to the laptop itself, we found a standard set in the box: documentation, a fast-charging adapter, and a relatively long USB Type-C cable. 

The body is only 16.9 mm thick, and the device weighs some 1.56 kg - neat as models with a diagonal of 13-14 inches. On the side faces of Honor MagicBook, 15 were USB Type-C ports, two USB-A, HDMI, and input to connect analog headphones. The laptop looks unusual and looks great against the competition, which is often all on the same person. 

Open the laptop, and the first thing that catches the eye - an almost frameless display. It occupies 87% of the area of the upper cover, which is infrequent. This makes the laptop much more compact than the competition, and with a 15.6-inch display-diagonal, it can be easily confused with 14-inch models. Compactness has a significant effect on mobility: the laptop fits easily into most standard-sized backpacks. 

The Honor MagicBook 15 keyboard is insular, with a smooth-running, the keys are pressed almost silently. Work on it comfortably after full working day hands do not get tired. In the top right corner is a power button. It integrates a fingerprint scanner that supports Windows Hello technology - unlocking the laptop as quickly as a smartphone. A large touchpad supports all Windows 10 gestures.


Honor MagicBook 15 display with standard Full HD resolution: the picture on it does not fade, even if you look at the screen at a great angle. The screen's maximum brightness is 300 nits, which is enough to work even on a sunny day. 

The laptop display covers 100% of the sRGB color space - to put it simply, it correctly conveys all colors, so it's suitable for those who handle and color-correct photos or mount videos. 


Honor MagicBook 15 received 16GB of DRR4 RAM installed in two-channel mode and 512GB of permanent storage on the high-speed SSD.

The main highlight of the laptop is the newest Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz. This chip is made according to the standards of the 10-nanometer process, which Intel recently switched to. This process allows increasing the number of transistors on the board and the energy efficiency of the processor. In addition, Intel Core i5-1135G7 integrates the latest Intel Iris Xe graphics card, which is much more potent than its predecessors.

Thanks to this stuffing, Honor MagicBook 15 works lightning fast. It turns on in seconds, and programs and applications from a cold start are launched as if they were rolled into the background mode. Increased to 16GB of RAM allows you to keep dozens of tabs on Google Chrome unstop open.

The laptop has a well-designed cooling system. During the office work, Honor, MagicBook 15 remains cold - it is a merit of the increased fan and two heat-sink tubes. Under load, of course, it is noticeably warmer but does not heat up to critical indicators. 


Honor MagicBook 15 has a 42-Wh battery. You can watch movies on Netflix for seven hours at an average brightness level. Battery life drops to five to six hours, which is also a good indicator for a Windows laptop. 

At the same time, the device received a fast charge with a capacity of 65 watts, which is just half an hour, charges the battery by 53%, and fully recharges in just over an hour. 

Honor Ecosystem

Honor MagicBook 15, like any other product of the company, supports integrity Magic-Link 2.0 technology, which unites all devices of the brand in a single ecosystem. 

On the laptop's case, there is a sticker with the logo Honor Magic-Link, which can be brought to any smartphone Honor (which has an NFC chip) and create a pair between the smartphone and laptop. You can then open up to three apps directly on your computer from your smartphone and work with them using a keyboard and mouse (or touchpad). You can also use this connection to transfer files between devices without plugging them in instantly. Perhaps this is the best synchronization solution between Windows and Android. 


Who will be the perfect companion to whom Honor MagicBook 15 will be? First of all, those who care about performance, speed, and quality display. It will also appeal to those for whom a laptop is a working machine and a stylish accessory. 

In Kenya, Honor MagicBook 15 is valued at KES43,650.

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