Safaricom Dealer Portal Registration: An In-Depth Guide

Discover the power of the Safaricom dealer portal and unlock new business opportunities in Kenya. Learn how to register and leverage the platform's services.

Jul 24, 2023 - 13:36
 Safaricom Dealer Portal Registration: An In-Depth Guide
 Safaricom Dealer Portal Registration: An In-Depth Guide

Safaricom, Kenya's telecom titan, offers numerous services via its online platform. Among these services, the Safaricom dealer portal stands out for its unique offerings. As a Safaricom dealer, the portal can catalyze your business growth. This comprehensive guide will take you through the ins and outs of the Safaricom dealer portal account registration and the services you can leverage. 

Who is a Safaricom Dealer? 

A Safaricom dealer refers to an individual or business in partnership with Safaricom to deliver its services and products to consumers across Kenya. They act as a vital link in the distribution chain, making products such as data, sim cards, airtime, and Safaricom handsets available to customers via authorized dealership outlets.

Besides product distribution, Safaricom dealers offer services like sim card registration, replacements, M-Pesa registration, and transaction services. They play a critical role in implementing Safaricom's initiatives like nationwide sim-card registration and details updating exercises.

Journey to Becoming a Safaricom Dealer 

Anyone eager to partner with Safaricom to offer its services and products must meet specific prerequisites. Let's dive into these requirements and become a Safaricom dealer. 

Prerequisites for Becoming a Safaricom Dealer 

  1. Possess a registered limited company that has been operational for at least six months.
  2. Own a minimum of three outlets to provide Safaricom services.
  3. Willingness to invest a minimum amount of money. The amount varies depending on the services to be offered.
  4. Staff competence to manage the outlets.
  5. Necessary technical equipment for operations, such as computers, printers, telephone lines, internet connections, and an ETR machine.
  6. Provision of the certificate of incorporation for the limited company and a CR12.
  7. Completed dealer application forms.

Safaricom Dealer Portal Account Registration

After meeting all the prerequisites, prospective dealers undergo an outlet audit. Safaricom then reviews the application form before approval or rejection. Once approved, the dealer gets a username and password for the Safaricom dealer portal account.

How to Register on the Safaricom Dealer Portal? 

The registration process on the Safaricom dealer portal is closed to the public. It's a privilege given only to prospective dealers approved to run Safaricom dealer outlets. To access the portal:

  1. Visit
  2. Input your assigned username and password in the login window and click submit.

Services Offered at the Safaricom Dealer Portal 

The Safaricom dealer portal serves as a supportive online community for authorized dealers. It provides a platform where dealers can:

  1. Place orders for Safaricom products and services.
  2. Manage and track their inventory.
  3. Access transaction records and statements.

Earning Money as a Safaricom Dealer 

Safaricom dealers generate income from commissions on the products and services sold to customers. The more sales made, the higher the earnings. Commissions are drawn from services like airtime sales, M-Pesa deposits and withdrawals, sim card sales and registration, device sales, and internet connections.

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Becoming a Safaricom dealer opens doors to profitable business opportunities. The Safaricom dealer portal gives you a robust platform to manage your operations efficiently. This guide has provided insights into the registration process and services offered on the portal. Maximizing this platform can significantly improve your business profitability.


Who is a Safaricom dealer?

 A Safaricom dealer is a business or individual partnered with Safaricom to help provide and deliver its services and products to customers across Kenya.

How can one become a Safaricom dealer? 

One can become a Safaricom dealer by meeting the prerequisites set by Safaricom, which include having a registered limited company and owning at least three outlets ready to offer Safaricom services.

What services are offered at the Safaricom dealer portal?

 Services offered at the Safaricom dealer portal include placing orders for Safaricom products, managing and tracking inventory, and accessing transaction records and statements.

How do Safaricom dealers make money? 

Safaricom dealers profit from the commissions they earn from the products and services sold to customers.

How can one register for a Safaricom dealer portal account?

 Prospective dealers approved to run Safaricom dealer outlets can register for a Safaricom dealer portal account. They are provided with a username and password for the portal.

What's the benefit of becoming a Safaricom dealer?

 Becoming a Safaricom dealer presents a lucrative business opportunity. It allows you to earn commissions on selling Safaricom products and services.


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