What Is Safaricom Niokolee: Here Is everything that you need to know about the 'Please Call Me' Service for Kenyans

Safaricom has launched Niokolee, a new airtime request service, allowing Kenyan customers to request airtime from friends and family quickly. In this article, we look at Safaricom Niokolee's work, who is eligible, and how it simplifies staying connected on the Safaricom network.

May 19, 2023 - 13:45
Sep 22, 2023 - 08:38
What Is Safaricom Niokolee: Here Is everything that you need to know about the 'Please Call Me' Service for Kenyans

Safaricom, the leading telecommunications company in Kenya, has introduced a new and innovative service called Niokolee.  Safaricom customers can quickly request airtime from their friends and family using this feature, ensuring they stay connected even when their credit balance is low. 

What is Safaricom Niokolee?

Niokolee is an airtime request service introduced by Safaricom, allowing customers to request airtime from their contacts. Whether you're a pre-pay or post-pay subscriber, Niokolee offers a hassle-free way to top up your credit when running low. With Niokolee, you can request airtime amounts ranging from KSh 10 to KSh 100, ensuring you have enough credit to make essential calls and stay connected.

 How Does Niokolee Work? 

To request airtime through Niokolee, follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial *444# from your Safaricom line to access the Niokolee service.
  2. Select "Niokolee" from the options presented.
  3. Choose the option "Request Kredo" to initiate an airtime request.
  4. Enter the Safaricom number from which you would like to request credit.
  5. Select the predefined airtime amount that suits your needs.
  6. Submit your request and wait for the recipient to accept or decline.

 Niokolee Request

If you receive a Niokolee request from someone, follow these steps to accept or decline the request:

  1. You will receive a notification from 44444 asking you to "Accept" or "Decline" the request.
  2. Once you accept the request, the requested airtime amount will be deducted from your account and transferred to the requester.
  3. Both parties will receive notifications confirming the transaction.

What Is Niokolee Gift?

In addition to requesting airtime, Safaricom's Niokolee service also offers a "Share Kredo" option, similar to the popular Sambaza feature. With Share Kredo, you can voluntarily share airtime credit from your Safaricom number to another Safaricom number without waiting for a request. This allows you to spread the connection and help others stay connected on the Safaricom network.

Differences Netween Niokolee And Sambaza /Special Airtime Bundles

While Share Kredo and Sambaza have similarities, there are a few key differences. Share Kredo operates with predefined airtime bundles that have a fixed duration. Unlike Sambaza, where the sender can choose the desired amount to send, Share Kredo focuses on specific airtime bundles that are valid for a particular period. This ensures a more controlled sharing process and prevents the airtime from expiring unused.

 More Features Under the Niokolee Menu

Safaricom's Niokolee service goes beyond airtime requests and sharing. Within the Niokolee menu, you can also find the traditional "Please Call Me" and the famous "Reverse Call" services, providing additional ways to stay connected and communicate with your contacts.

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In Simplifying Airtime Requests for Seamless Connectivity, Safaricom has introduced Niokolee, which brings convenience and simplicity to requesting airtime in Kenya. With the ability to request airtime from friends and family, share airtime voluntarily, and access other essential services within the Niokolee menu, Safaricom customers have more options to stay connected and ensure uninterrupted communication. Embrace the power of Niokolee and enjoy seamless connectivity on the Safaricom network.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Who can use the Niokolee service?

Niokolee is available to Safaricom pre-pay and post-pay subscribers, ensuring that customers across different plans can benefit from this convenient airtime request service.

Q2: Can subscribers on roaming access the Niokolee service?

No, subscribers on roaming are not eligible to access the Niokolee service. It is exclusively available for Safaricom customers within Kenya.

Q3: What range of airtime amounts can be requested through Niokolee?

Through Niokolee, you can request airtime amounts starting from KSh 10 up to KSh 100, allowing you to tailor your request based on your specific needs.

Q4: How long is the predefined airtime valid in Share Kredo?

The predefined airtime bundles in Share Kredo have a fixed duration. Using the shared airtime within the specified validity period is essential to avoid expiration.

Q5: Can I use Niokolee to request airtime from any Safaricom subscriber?

You can ask any Safaricom customer for airtime. When making the request, just input their Safaricom number, and they will be given the option of accepting or rejecting the request via receiving a notification.

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