Safaricom Postpay Packages For 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Join Safaricom's Postpay today and enjoy worry-free communication anytime, anywhere. Register via USSD or the MySafaricom App, and optimize your experience with tips from this article.

Jun 14, 2023 - 13:28
Jun 14, 2023 - 13:28
Safaricom Postpay Packages For 2023:  Everything You Need to Know
Safaricom Postpay Packages For 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Safaricom, the leading telecommunications provider in Kenya, offers a vast range of services to meet the communication needs of its customers. One of these services is the Postpay package - an affordable, worry-free plan that allows you to pay for your usage after utilizing it. This feature distinguishes it from the prepaid plan, which requires you to top up before use. But what exactly do these packages entail, and why should you consider them? Let's delve in.

Understanding Safaricom Postpay

Postpay is a tariff that allows you to pay for your calls, data, and messages after using them. This system will enable you to avoid worrying about running out of airtime or data. You can select a package that best suits your communication needs.

An Overview of Safaricom Postpay Packages

Safaricom offers a wide range of Postpay packages designed to meet the diverse needs of its customer base. These packages differ regarding minutes, text allowance, data bundles, and cost. Here is a rundown of the packages:

1. Postpay 1050

For a monthly subscription of Ksh 1,050, Postpay 1050 gives you the following:

  • 5GB worry-free mobile data
  • 400 worry-free minutes
  • 1,000 worry-free SMSs

2. Postpay 2100

At Ksh 2,100 per month, Postpay 2100 offers:

  • 15GB worry-free mobile data
  • 1,000 worry-free minutes
  • 2,000 worry-free SMSs

3. Postpay 3150

At a monthly subscription of Ksh 3,150, the Postpay 3150 package offers the following:

  • 25GB worry-free mobile data
  • 1,500 worry-free minutes
  • 5,000 worry-free SMSs

4. Postpay 5200

At Ksh 5,200 per month, Postpay 5200 comes with the following:

  • 50GB worry-free mobile data
  • 2,500 worry-free minutes
  • 5,000 worry-free SMSs

5. Postpay 10430

The top tier package, Postpay 10430, goes for Ksh 10,430 per month and offers:

  • 100GB worry-free mobile data
  • 10,000 worry-free talk-time minutes
  • 10,000 worry-free SMSs


Package Monthly Cost (Ksh) Worry-Free Mobile Data Worry-Free Minutes Worry-Free SMSs
Postpay 1050 1,050 5GB 400 1,000
Postpay 2100 2,100 15GB 1,000 2,000
Postpay 3150 3,150 25GB 1,500 5,000
Postpay 5200 5,200 50GB 2,500 5,000
Postpay 10430 10,430 100GB 10,000 10,000

How to Join Postpay Safaricom

Subscribing to Safaricom Postpay is straightforward. You can register via the MySafaricom App or by using USSD.


To subscribe via USSD:

  • Dial *544# on your phone.
  • Select Postpay.
  • Pay for your subscription using MPESA.
  • Provide an email address for billing.
  • Choose a Postpay package you prefer.
  • Accept Safaricom's terms and conditions.
  • Wait for a confirmation message that you have successfully joined Postpay.

Via MySafaricom App

To subscribe via the MySafaricom App:

  • Download and install the MySafaricom app on your phone.
  • Open the app and register using your phone number.
  • Select Postpay.
  • Enter a valid email address for billing.
  • Select your preferred Postpay plan.
  • Pay for your subscription using M-PESA within the app.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of Postpay.
  • You will receive a confirmation message once your registration is successful.

Optimizing Your Experience With Postpay Packages

Safaricom's Postpay package is designed to cater to diverse needs, making choosing a plan that resonates with your communication preferences essential. Here's how you can optimize your experience:

Evaluate your communication needs: The first step is to evaluate your average monthly communication spend. Do you frequently use data, make calls, or send text messages? By understanding your usage patterns, you can select a Postpay package that offers value for your money.

Use worry-free data: Safaricom's worry-free data allows you to browse without fearing running out of data. Leverage this benefit to enhance your digital experiences for work, learning, or leisure activities.

Utilize the unlimited SMSs: If you're the type who loves to keep in touch via text messages, make the most of the unlimited SMSs provided by your chosen Postpay package.

Monitor your usage: You can monitor your data, minutes, and SMS usage via the MySafaricom App. This helps ensure you stay within your limits, which would attract out-of-bundle rates.

Switching Packages: If you realize a package does not meet your needs, Safaricom allows you to switch to another package that suits you better. You can change your plan via the MySafaricom App or by dialing *544#.

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In a digital age where constant communication is essential, Safaricom's Postpay packages provide a cost-effective solution that caters to various needs. By understanding the different packages on offer and assessing your usage patterns, you can maximize your communication experience with Safaricom. Keep track of your usage, and do not hesitate to switch packages if your communication needs change. With the right Postpay package, you can enjoy worry-free communication anytime, anywhere.


Can I use Postpay services outside Kenya?

Safaricom Postpay customers can use their airtime, data, and SMS while roaming in select countries. However, this usage will attract roaming charges per Safaricom's international rates.

How do I check my balance on Postpay?

You can check your balance by dialing *100# or through the MySafaricom App.

What happens if I exhaust my Postpay limit before the month ends?

If you exhaust your limit before the end of the month, you can top up using M-PESA to continue enjoying Safaricom services. Alternatively, you can wait until the start of the next month when your Postpay limits are refreshed.

Can I switch from Prepay to Postpay?

Yes, Safaricom allows customers to migrate from Prepay to Postpay. Follow the steps outlined earlier in this article to register for Postpay.

Is there a contract period for Postpay?

No, Safaricom Postpay does not bind you to a contract. You are free to opt out of the Postpay service at any time.

Are there charges for calls and SMS to other networks?

Yes, Safaricom Postpay packages cater for on-net and off-net calls. Therefore, you can call and send text messages to other networks from your Postpay airtime.


The information provided in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and is subject to changes in Safaricom's Postpay packages. Always consult the official Safaricom website or contact customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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