The Ultimate Guide to Buying Safaricom Shares in 2023

Learn how to buy Safaricom shares and position yourself for financial success on the Nairobi Stock Exchange with our comprehensive guide

Jun 5, 2023 - 18:28
Jun 5, 2023 - 19:35
The Ultimate Guide to Buying Safaricom Shares in 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Buying Safaricom Shares in 2023

Every investor wants a piece of a successful company, and Safaricom, one of Kenya's most profitable entities, is a gem in the investment world. But how does one buy Safaricom shares? The process is relatively straightforward, as you'll find out in this comprehensive guide.

How to Buy Safaricom Shares in 2023

Safaricom is a stellar name on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, attracting numerous investors interested in owning a piece of this telecommunications behemoth. But before diving into the share-buying process, you need a Central Depository and Settlement (CDSC) account.

Opening a CDSC Account

A CDSC account is a digital portal through which you can buy and sell shares on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. Safaricom provides three primary ways of opening this account.

1. Via Your Bank

If your bank offers stock brokerage services, you can walk into a branch and request a CDSC account. You'll need to bring along the following:

  • Two recent passport-size photos
  • A valid Kenyan ID or passport
  • A bank statement or utility bill
  • Original Certificate of Incorporation (for group shareholders)
  • You're all set after completing the CDS1 form and receiving your CDSC number!

2. Via a Verified Shares-Trading App

For a seamless digital experience, you can open a CDSC account through a shares-trading app like the AIB Digi Trader App. The app allows you to monitor stock prices and trade in real time.

3. Via USSD

By dialing *543#, you can quickly register for a CDSC account on your Safaricom number. Follow the prompts, and voila - you'll receive your login details!

Purchasing Safaricom Shares

Now that you're armed with a CDSC account, it's time to buy shares! Here are the primary methods you can use:

1. Via a Stockbroker

Follow these steps:

Deposit your desired amount into your CDSC online account using the payment details provided by your broker. Alternatively, transfer from your bank account.
Fill out your broker's order form, stating the number of shares to purchase.
Wait two business days for the transaction to reflect in your CDSC account.

2. Online Purchase

You can also buy Safaricom shares online via the Cooperative Bank, your M-Pesa account, or even your Bonga Points.

How Profitable are Safaricom Shares?

Yes, Safaricom shares have proven profitable over time. It's among the top-performing companies on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, consistently rewarding shareholders with impressive dividends. However, you must regularly monitor market trends and economic conditions like any other investment.

How to Sell Safaricom Shares

Decided to cash in on your investment? The selling process is simple:

  • Check the current Safaricom shares prices to gauge your potential return.
  • Inform your broker of your intent to sell.
  • Wait for a buyer. Once sold, the money will reflect in your account.

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In Conclusion

Investing in Safaricom shares is a strategic move that could reap significant returns if the market trends continue upward. Following the guide above, you can effortlessly navigate the share-buying process and position yourself for financial success. Always remember that investing in shares involves risk, and it's advisable to diversify your portfolio and stay updated with market trends.


This article has given you a comprehensive overview of buying Safaricom shares in 2023. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a newbie, understanding the process, profitability, and how to sell your shares is crucial. However, you must always conduct thorough research and consider seeking advice from investment professionals before making investment decisions. Good luck!


1. What's the minimum number of Safaricom shares I can buy?

The minimum number is 500 shares for individuals and 1,500 shares for groups.

2. How much do Safaricom shares cost?

The cost varies with market conditions. As of this writing, each share goes for around KES 24.80.

3. How often does Safaricom pay dividends?

Safaricom usually pays dividends annually. The exact amount per share depends on the company's profitability in that fiscal year.

4. Can non-residents buy Safaricom shares?

Yes, non-residents can buy Safaricom shares. However, they may need to provide additional identification and tax documentation depending on the regulations in their home country.

5. What happens if I lose my CDSC account details?

You can recover your CDSC account details by visiting your bank or contacting your stockbroker. Remember to keep your login details secure to prevent unauthorized transactions.

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