Samsung has an exceptional quarter and year

South Korean manufacturer Samsung released its latest financial results on Thursday. The company has never made so much money.

Samsung has an exceptional quarter and year

Samsung Electronics panics the counters. Killing two birds with one stone, the Korean giant recorded a record quarter and year. During the last quarter, ended December 31, 2021, the company generated revenue of 57 billion euros, its highest ever. Its revenues for the whole of 2021 reached 208 billion euros, an all-time high.

Everything is going well for Samsung

The performance is colossal for Samsung which, in addition to historic revenues, generated an operating profit of 38.5 billion euros, including 10.3 billion for the fourth quarter of 2021 alone. other, the company's revenue growth is 24% for the last quarter.

This is largely due to the increase in sales of the firm's high-end smartphones , televisions and household appliances. But Samsung also welcomes its activity in semiconductors, with a turnover of 19 billion euros in the fourth quarter, up 52% ​​over one year. Semiconductor problems, which limited memory (RAM) and storage (SSD) activities, have thus been well absorbed.

For 2022, Samsung is confident of an increase in sales of its various portable devices, in particular thanks to the expected increase in sales of 5G smartphones. The company is also betting on its OLED TVs and QD-OLED panels, with mass production on behalf of Sony.