Best Samsung QLED TVs and price in Kenya For 2023

QLED technology often provides a decent balance between LCD and OLED while being more affordable. Here is our comparison of the top QLED TVs of the moment.

Feb 17, 2022 - 16:26
Jun 9, 2023 - 07:20
Best Samsung QLED TVs and price in Kenya  For 2023
Best Samsung QLED TVs and price in Kenya For 2023

Although the Technologies range to choose a TV is so large,  In this guide, we will primarily focus on OLED and QLED TVs, so we should not simply believe that these technologies have got no distinctions at all. First and foremost, each pixel of an OLED TV generates its light. The QLED fundamentally remains an LCD and needs suitable backlighting. In other words, we can closely link a QLED TV with an LCD TV and so argue that they have no distinctions at all.

Compared to the OLED, which remains the leading technology on blacks — even if the gap seems to reduce -the QLED is an intriguing concept in that it gives a higher quality picture than the LCD, notably on colors, while preserving somewhat softer rates. They also give more diagonals ranging from 43 inches to 90 inches.

Many of the merchants here in Kenya would undoubtedly propose you a television of specific inches or even technologies, but one thing is for sure Samsung is the only company, if not the greatest brand that has spent extensively in QLED TVs technology.

It is thus not unexpected that the majority of Kenyan shops like Jumiaa, Killimall, Price in Kenya would undoubtedly propose to you any slice of Samsungs stake in 2022.

Samsung QE55QN95A

The QE55QN95A is the most sophisticated representation of the series and genuinely gives a gorgeous picture, considerably brighter than the greatest OLED TVs. Although we remain a notch behind the OLED, the contrast is substantially increased. There are also some blooming problems however, it is feasible to partly repair this shortcoming. For once, when it comes to calibration, golden colours immediately from the opening of the box can be appreciated. Gamers will also be pleased to see that HDMI 2.1 is fully supported, as well as the introduction of Nvidia's G-Sync for PC fans.

Samsung QE65QN800A

The move to micro-LED technology is the most significant change in this model. As a consequence, there are currently a lot of backlighting areas. This model has 1300 of them, and the depiction is stunning. As a result, the contrast skyrockets, approaching that of an OLED while providing far more brightness. As a result, the luminous peak exceeds 1200 cd/m2. The only flaw is that the blooming may sometimes be seen on the subtitles. The video game features are quite useful. For next-gen consoles, we have the right to HDMI 2.1 and G-Sync, and Freesync for PC gamers.


Samsung is also recognized for its "The Frame" and "The Serif" TVs, which are particularly design-oriented devices that are meant to blend in with interiors as much as possible. As the name implies, the Frame attempts to imitate a picture by enabling wooden sticks to be used to surround the screen. The TV also offers an "art" mode that shows works of art, giving the sense of a genuine painting, particularly if the TV is mounted on the wall.

 Samsung QE55Q85R

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This 55Q85R is distinguished first and foremost by its solution, which enables you to connect to the television using just one cable. It makes use of Tyzen Os and shows rich and exact colors and accurate colorimetry (less in HDR). Players should be happy with this television, owing to the applicable game mode, which reduces input latency to 13.5 milliseconds. Finally, VRR and FreeSync support is an evident plus.

Samsung QE55Q95T

This new television offers everything you're looking for in television. There's the OneConnect box, the Tizen OS platform, and, most importantly, a 10-bit VA panel with 120 zones of Full LED illumination. We're not shocked to see an ultra-thin frame in terms of design however, it's not as tiny as the manufacturer's 8K Infinity displays. It comes with a Quantum 4K Quad-Core CPU that performs well in video processing. Thanks to superb colourimetry, the picture quality is generally good, particularly in SDR and HDR. Finally, although the HDMI 2.1 argument may be compelling for players, keep in mind that the OneConnect box only has one HDMI 2.1 input.

Samsung UE50TU8075

This TV, released in March 2020, has a 4K UHD "Crystal Display" screen with Edge LED illumination. Backlighting is nicely regulated here, allowing for a reduction in slab depth, yet it might be faulted for the lack of uniformity of a Full LED slab. With HDR 10+ and HDR HLG compatibility and Micro Dimming processing, the HDR experience isn't bad. The rest of the time, Samsung's Crystal 4K CPU shines. In terms of connection, we have equipment on par with the top of the line. 3 HDMI 2.0 (with eARC), 2 USB ports, a TosLink optical output, an Ethernet port, satellite, antenna, and other connections, as well as Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi, are all included.

Where can I get Samsung QLED TVs?

With each new line of TVs, the manufacturer's propensity to innovate is felt. Visit the following online shops in Kenya to take advantage of the country's powerful Samsung televisions.

  2. Kenya's Kilimall
  3. Online store Jumia
  5. Shopit
  6. Pigia Me
  7. Jiji Kenya

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