Skiza Tunes: How To Select, Change, and Remove Your SKIZA

Discover Safaricom's Skiza Tunes and personalize your caller experience with captivating mobile tunes. Learn how to subscribe, change tunes, and remove them in this comprehensive guide.

Aug 9, 2023 - 14:26
Aug 9, 2023 - 14:29
Skiza Tunes: How To Select, Change, and Remove Your SKIZA
Skiza Tunes: Select, Change, and Remove Your SKIZA

Do you find yourself wanting to add a touch of creativity to your caller experience? Look no further than Safaricom's Skiza Tunes service. Since its inception in 2009, Skiza Tunes has revolutionized how we entertain callers while waiting for them to pick up or disconnect. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about SKIZA, from subscribing and changing tunes to removing them. Get ready to embrace the power of personalized caller entertainment!

Subscribing to SKIZA Tunes

Before you dive into the world of SKIZA, it's crucial to understand the different ways you can subscribe to this captivating service. Whether you're a postpaid or pre-paid Safaricom subscriber, SKIZA Tunes has you covered.

1. Dialing 811# USSD

With the ease of your mobile phone, dial *811# to embark on your SKIZA journey. Follow these steps:

  • Dial *811# and press call.
  • Select "Subscribe to SKIZA."
  • Enter the SKIZA Tune code you desire.
  • Download the SKIZA Tune.
  • Confirm your choice.
  • Repeat these steps for each tune you wish to add.

Each tune subscription will cost you only 1 shilling and 50 cents per day – a small price for a musical connection with your callers.

2. Set SKIZA Tune Through SMS

Compose an SMS with the word "SKIZA" followed by the SKIZA Tune code and send it to 811 (e.g., SKIZA 5000001). Confirm your subscription, and voilà! You're ready to groove with SKIZA.

3. Through Interactive Voice Response

Dial 811 and follow the voice-guided prompts to subscribe to your SKIZA Tunes. While this method costs 3 shillings per minute, the experience is worth every second.

4. By Copying During a Cal

Here's a unique way to add SKIZA Tunes to your list. While you're on a call and the desired SKIZA Tune is playing, dial 11 to copy the tune and enjoy it as part of your subscription.

5. Through the SKIZA Portal

Login to the SKIZA Tunes portal at using your phone number and password. This method allows you to personalize, add, and manage your SKIZA Tunes easily.

Removing a SKIZA Tune

Like all things in life, sometimes change is necessary. If you want to replace a SKIZA Tune, you can bid farewell to the old and welcome the new.

1. Remove SKIZA Tune By SMS: Simplified Serenade

To delete a SKIZA Tune, send an SMS to 811 with the word "DELETE," followed by the SKIZA Tune code. For instance, send "DELETE 500001" to gracefully remove the tune.

2. Remove SKIZA Tune Through USSD: Streamlined Symphony

  • Dial *811# and select "Manage my Tunes."
  • Choose the Skiza Tune you wish to remove.
  • Select "Delete" and embrace the change.

Earning as an Artist on SKIZA

If you're an artist looking to share your tunes and make an impact, SKIZA is your platform. Here's how you can join and earn:

  • Register through a SKIZA Tune Service Provider.
  • Get your music or content registered and receive a code for access.
  • Monitor your income by dialing *622# or accessing the SKIZA site.

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Safaricom's SKIZA Tunes brings a harmonious touch to your everyday conversations in a world of endless possibilities. From selecting tunes to changing or removing them, this service allows you to personalize your caller experience. Dive into SKIZA today and let the melodies of connection take center stage in your mobile life.

Disclaimer: SKIZA Tunes is a registered service by Safaricom. The information provided in this article is accurate when writing and is subject to change based on the service provider's policies.

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