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Since 2020, has had a mission: to inform about innovation and support its readership before, during, and after purchasing a technological product. This ideal is the leitmotif of our entire editorial proposal, from information to services. has at the heart of its DNA a precise and expert follow-up of the news of new technologies, responding to a readership for whom breaking news counts as much as the developments of the editorial team to make the world of new technologies understood. is proud to be a recommendation media. It's a space where tests rub shoulders with getting started and meticulous comparisons, with the aim of answering a single question: "Will this product meet my needs?". The media's historical obsession with digital mobility has spread over the years to new categories: game consoles, automobiles and new urban transport, televisions, sound and video, etc.

 Finally, is recognized and acclaimed for finding the best offers on the web through good deals or comparisons that meet the expectations of its readership.

How gets paid is a professional media outlet employs several writers, editors, and videographers and collaborates with various external experts to ensure high-quality editorial production. In order to sustain our operations and continue innovating for the benefit of our readers, we need to generate revenue.

Transparency is a fundamental value for us, and we are committed to explaining our business model to our readers. We are always clear about content that is monetized. Below, you will find an explanation of the different ways in which receives remuneration.


Our articles and pages feature advertising space. This advertising space is either sold programmatically internally or through our in-house agency, Sledge Media. It's important to note that the editorial team is not involved in these commercial deals. This means that an article about one brand may be accompanied by advertisements from another brand, and a critical article on a subject may have ads related to the same subject. At, we maintain a separation between the editorial and advertising teams to ensure a healthy and independent approach.

Sponsored content: offers creative services through Sledge Media, our in-house agency. This agency provides multimedia expertise, including editorial content, video production, event coverage, and community management, to brands. When content is sponsored, it is created by independent commercial writers who are not part of's editorial staff. However, we hold ourselves to the same high editorial standards for sponsored articles as we do for our regular content. We ensure that sponsored content is interesting, well-written, and truthful. To maintain transparency for our readers, we clearly label sponsored articles on the homepage, within the article itself, and on our social media platforms.

Affiliate marketing: is known for its comprehensive product or service reviews, guides, tips, and comparisons. When we mention a product or service, most of the time, the link provided is an affiliate link. An affiliate link allows to earn a commission on purchases made through that link. It's important to note that does not have access to any personal data related to purchases, and the price of the products or services remains the same whether the purchase is made through an affiliate link or directly from the merchant. We maintain independence in our content creation, and brands or merchants do not have any influence over the topics we cover.

These are the primary ways in which receives remuneration to support its operations and continue providing valuable content to its readership.

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