StarLink Internet Kenya Packages And Prices For 2023

With StarLink soon to launch in Kenya, get a glimpse of what it offers and how it compares to other internet services.

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StarLink Internet Kenya Packages And Prices For 2023
StarLink Internet Kenya Packages And Prices: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the future of Internet connectivity! StarLink, a revolutionary project designed by SpaceX, is now available in Kenya. This internet constellation project offers a reliable high-speed internet connection, even in remote or underserved areas. With StarLink, the struggle to get stable internet in certain regions is set to become a thing of the past. In this article, we delve into the packages and prices of StarLink in Kenya for 2023.

Who is StarLink in Kenya?

StarLink is a unique satellite internet constellation project developed by SpaceX. Its mission is to deliver high-speed internet worldwide, focusing on areas where traditional internet services are scarce. This innovative system comprises thousands of small satellites orbiting the Earth at low altitudes, connecting with ground-based terminals to provide stable internet connections.

The StarLink Revolution

StarLink is not just an internet service; it's a revolution. It leverages a vast network of small satellites orbiting low Earth orbit (LEO), with altitudes between 340 km and 1,200 km. Ground users receive internet signals via phased-array user terminals (popularly known as satellite dishes) installed at their locations. These dishes automatically align with the passing satellites, ensuring a continuous and stable internet connection.

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StarLink Packages and Prices for 2023

So, how much will it cost you to be part of this revolution in Kenya? StarLink's pricing is divided into the hardware cost (the satellite dish and associated equipment), the shipping and handling charges, and a monthly subscription fee. Here's the cost breakdown in Kenyan Shillings (KES):

Cost Component Amount in KES
Hardware 89,000
Shipping and Handling 3,100
Monthly Subscription 6,500
Total 98,600

That brings your total initial cost to KES 98,600. It's a significant one-time investment, but the promise of reliable high-speed internet could make it worthwhile in the long run.

Residential Package

Are you looking for a home internet solution? StarLink's residential package could be what you need. You must only provide your contact details and shipping address to get onboard. Typically, the kit takes around two to three weeks to arrive, with a shipping fee of Ksh3,100. This package comes at a monthly subscription cost of Ksh6,500.

Business Package

Businesses can take advantage of StarLink's three service options. At Ksh13,572, you get 1 Terabyte (TB) of priority data plus unlimited standard data. The second option offers 2 TB of data at Ksh27,144, while the third option delivers a whopping 6 TB of data for Ksh81,432. Priority data gets network precedence, ensuring swift and consistent speeds. Notably, businesses are given a 30-day trial period without any contractual obligations.

Roaming Package

The roaming package comes with three options: mobile (regional), mobile (global), and mobile priority (50 GB)—the regional package costs Ksh7,900 monthly, while the international package is Ksh32,800 per month. If you need mobile connectivity, the Mobile Priority - 50GB package allows usage on both land and at sea while in motion, offering 50GB of Mobile Priority Data for Ksh34,910 monthly. After the Mobile Priority Data is exhausted, you can still enjoy unlimited mobile data.

It's essential to remember that these prices do not include the hardware, which can be purchased separately for between Ksh89,000 and Ksh110,000.

Quick Summary Of StarLink Packages and Prices

StarLink Packages Package Details Cost Additional Information
Residential Unlimited Data Ksh6,500 monthly Shipping fee for the kit is Ksh3,100
Business Option 1 1 TB priority data + unlimited standard data Ksh13,572 monthly Businesses are given a 30-day trial period
Business Option 2 2 TB of data Ksh27,144 monthly Businesses are given a 30-day trial period
Business Option 3 6 TB of data Ksh81,432 monthly Businesses are given a 30-day trial period
Roaming - Mobile (Regional) Can be used anywhere on land within the regional coverage area Ksh7,900 monthly Hardware costs are separate (between Ksh89,000 and Ksh110,000)
Roaming - Mobile (Global) Can be used anywhere on land within the global coverage area Ksh32,800 monthly Hardware costs are separate (between Ksh89,000 and Ksh110,000)
Roaming - Mobile Priority (50 GB) Can be used on both land and at sea while in motion Ksh34,910 monthly Hardware costs are separate (between Ksh89,000 and Ksh110,000)

How to Order Starlink To Kenya

If you are interested in ordering Starlink, there are a few things you need to do. Let me walk you through the entire process, from creating an account to setting up your Starlink dish.

Step 1: Create an Account

The first step is to create an account on the Starlink website. You can do this by going to and clicking the "Order Now" button. You must provide basic information, such as your name, email address, and shipping address. You will also need to choose a payment plan. Once you have created an account, you will be placed on a waiting list. The wait time for Starlink is currently several months, but it is getting shorter all the time.

Step 2: Pay for Your Order

Once you are on the waiting list, you will receive an email notification when your Starlink kit is ready to ship. At that time, you must pay the remaining balance on your order. The cost of Starlink and the kit is already mentioned above.

Step 3: Receive Your Starlink Kit

Once you have paid for your order, your Starlink kit will be shipped to you. The kit includes the following items:

  • A Starlink dish
  • A Wi-Fi router
  • A power supply
  • A mounting bracket

Step 4: Set Up Your Starlink Dish

The Starlink dish is easy to set up. You must find a location with a clear view of the sky. Once you have found a location, you can follow the instructions in the Starlink app to mount the dish and connect it to the Wi-Fi router.

Step 5: Start Using Starlink

Once your Starlink dish is set up, you can start using Starlink. The Starlink app will help you connect to the internet and manage your account.

Karibu Connect: StarLink's Authorized Reseller in Kenya

Kenya's digital infrastructure is getting a significant boost with the entrance of Karibu Connect as the first authorized reseller of StarLink. This partnership marks a crucial milestone in Karibu Connect's mission to bridge the digital divide in Kenya. With this collaboration, the potential to deliver affordable, high-quality internet access to all corners of Kenya is now a reality. This deployment will significantly change how rural Kenya connects with the global community, leading to societal progress and economic growth.

The New Wave of Competition: StarLink vs. Safaricom

With the arrival of StarLink, Safaricom, one of Kenya's leading telecom providers, is still in the dust. Safaricom plans to launch satellite Internet services in Kenya in partnership with AST SpaceMobile, a StarLink competitor. This project could disrupt traditional telecom services, providing coverage in rural areas where such services often falter. It's an exciting time for Kenyans as they are about to enjoy a wide range of internet options.

The Benefits of StarLink

High-speed Internet Access

StarLink promises download speeds up to 200 Mbps, outstripping most traditional internet services in Kenya. This means smoother video streaming, faster downloads, and uninterrupted video conferencing.

Low Latency

StarLink's low latency (about 20 milliseconds) is comparable to fiber optic internet, making it ideal for online gaming and other real-time applications.


StarLink, being satellite-based, offers a more stable connection than conventional internet services, unaffected by weather conditions or network congestion.

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Starlink vs. Other Internet Providers in Kenya

Starlink is a satellite internet service that SpaceX offers. Starlink uses a constellation of satellites to deliver high-speed internet to users worldwide. Starlink is still in its early stages of development, but it has already made significant progress. In 2022, Starlink had over 250,000 subscribers worldwide.

Starlink offers a variety of service plans, starting at $99 per month. The plans vary in terms of download speed and data allowance. Starlink also offers a free trial period, so you can try the service before you commit to a plan.

Starlink's coverage is still limited, but it is expanding rapidly. Starlink is currently available in over 20 countries, including Kenya. Starlink's reliability is also improving. 

Pros of Starlink

  • High-speed internet
  • Global coverage
  • Free trial period

Cons of Starlink

  • Limited coverage
  • High cost
  • Occasional outages

Other Internet Providers in Kenya

Several other internet providers in Kenya offer various services and pricing plans. Some of the most popular providers include:

  • Safaricom
  • Airtel
  • Telkom
  • Faiba

These providers offer various services, including fiber optic, DSL, and satellite. They also offer a variety of pricing plans, so you can find a plan that fits your budget.

Pros of Other Internet Providers

  • More established
  • Lower cost
  • More reliable

Cons of Other Internet Providers

  • Limited coverage
  • Slower speeds
  • Fewer features

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In summary, the launch of StarLink in Kenya signals a significant milestone in advancing the country's digital infrastructure. The packages and prices offered by StarLink could make internet access more readily available and reliable, especially in remote areas. While the initial setup cost might seem high, the promise of consistent, high-speed internet could make it a worthy investment.


What is StarLink?

StarLink is a satellite internet service provided by SpaceX, consisting of a constellation of small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) that provide high-speed internet access.

How much does StarLink cost in Kenya?

The total initial cost for StarLink in Kenya is KES 98,600. This includes the hardware, shipping and handling, and a monthly subscription fee.

Who is the authorized reseller of StarLink in Kenya?

Karibu Connect is the first authorized reseller of StarLink in Kenya.

Can StarLink provide internet access in remote areas?

Yes, StarLink can provide internet access even in remote or underserved areas.

What are the potential benefits of StarLink?

StarLink offers high-speed internet access with low latency, making it suitable for various online activities, even in areas where traditional internet services are limited or unreliable.

Is StarLink competition for Safaricom?

With Safaricom planning to launch satellite Internet services in Kenya, StarLink and Safaricom are considered significant competitors in space.


 This article provides information about StarLink in Kenya as of 2023. Prices and availability are subject to change. Always check with official sources or authorized resellers for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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