Starlink in Kenya Prices and Coverage for Every User 2024

Discover how Starlink is revolutionizing internet access in Kenya with high-speed, low-latency connectivity. Learn about the pricing and benefits.

Dec 7, 2023 - 02:05
Dec 7, 2023 - 13:05
Starlink in Kenya Prices and Coverage for Every User 2024
Starlink in Kenya Prices and Coverage for Every User 2024

 Welcome to a new era of internet connectivity in Kenya! Today, we're diving deep into the world of Starlink, a groundbreaking satellite internet service that's taking Kenya by storm. Imagine having lightning-fast, reliable internet access, even in the country's most remote corners. That's the promise of Starlink, an initiative by SpaceX, transforming how Kenyans connect to the digital world.

This comprehensive blog post will explore everything you need about Starlink's prices and coverage in Kenya. From the nitty-gritty of different subscription packages to a thorough comparison with other internet providers and a peek into the future of internet connectivity in Kenya, we've got you covered. Whether in a bustling city or a secluded village, Starlink's entrance into the Kenyan market is a game-changer, and we're here to unpack all the details for you. 

Understanding Starlink's Services in Kenya

What is Starlink?

Have you heard about Starlink but need clarification on what it is? Well, let's clear that up. Starlink is a visionary project by SpaceX aimed at providing global internet coverage. It's not just any internet service; it's a constellation of satellites in low Earth orbit, working together to beam down internet connectivity. This initiative is especially significant for places where traditional internet has been challenging.

Starlink's Internet Packages in Kenya

Now, let's talk about what Starlink offers in Kenya:

  • Residential Package: Perfect for home users, this package provides unlimited data for Ksh6,500 monthly. The kit you need to get started includes a satellite dish, a Wi-Fi router, and other essentials, all for an upfront cost​​.
  • Business Packages: For businesses, Starlink has three exciting options. Starting at Ksh13,572, you get 1TB of priority data plus unlimited standard data. The packages scale up to 6TB of data for Ksh81,432, catering to diverse business needs with the promise of fast and consistent internet speeds​​.
  • Roaming Packages: Starlink offers regional and global roaming options for those on the move. Prices start at Ksh7,900 for regional roaming, allowing you to stay connected across different locations​​.

Hardware and Installation Costs

The Starlink kit is essential for accessing this service. The upfront cost for this kit in Kenya is approximately Ksh89,000, which includes the satellite dish, mounting tripod, Wi-Fi router, power supply, and cables. This might seem steep, but it's a worthwhile investment considering the benefits of reliable high-speed internet. The installation is user-friendly, and you can set it up quickly with the instructions provided​​​​​​.

Pricing and Subscription Details

Subscription Costs in Detail

Cost is a significant factor when it comes to choosing an internet service. So, how does Starlink stack up in terms of pricing?

  • Residential Package: The monthly subscription fee for home users is Ksh6,500. Comparatively, this might be higher than some traditional services. Still, the speed and reliability could make it a valuable choice for many​​​​.
  • Business Packages: For businesses, the costs vary based on data needs, starting from Ksh13,572 monthly. While this is a significant investment, the benefits of high-speed, reliable internet for business operations can't be overstated​​.

Initial Investment and Long-term Benefits

The initial cost of joining Starlink includes the hardware, shipping, and handling, totaling approximately Ksh98,600. This upfront investment might seem substantial, but let's consider it. The promise of consistent, high-speed internet in areas where it was previously unavailable or unreliable is a game changer. It opens up countless opportunities for personal and professional growth, making the investment potentially very rewarding in the long run​​.

Coverage and Accessibility

Starlink's Coverage in Kenya

Starlink has made a grand entrance in Kenya, promising to connect even the most remote and rural areas with high-speed, low-latency internet. This is big news for many regions where conventional internet services have been unreliable or nonexistent. Starlink's innovative technology ensures coverage across the country, including areas that have been traditionally hard to reach​​.

Impact on Remote and Rural Areas

The significance of Starlink in remote areas of Kenya cannot be overstated. For these communities, having reliable internet means more than just connectivity; it's a gateway to educational resources, economic opportunities, and global communication. This advancement is a crucial step towards bridging the digital divide, offering a chance for comprehensive societal progress and economic growth in rural Kenya​​​​.

Starlink vs. Other Providers and Future Outlook

Comparing Starlink with Other Providers

Starlink's entry into Kenya's internet market brings consumers a new wave of options. How does it fare against established providers like Safaricom, Airtel, and others?

  • Advantages of Starlink: It offers high-speed internet with global coverage, something traditional providers need help with, especially in remote areas. The low latency and reliability are key selling points​​.
  • Challenges for Starlink: However, it faces higher costs and occasional outages, essential factors for Kenyan consumers to consider​​.

Future Developments and Improvements

The future looks bright for Starlink in Kenya. As more satellites are launched, and additional ground stations are established, we can expect significant improvements in service and coverage. This will likely bring more competitive pricing and enhanced reliability, making it an even more attractive option for users across Kenya. With the potential competition from Safaricom's upcoming satellite internet services, the market is set for exciting developments​​.

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What is Starlink?

Starlink is a satellite internet service by SpaceX, offering high-speed internet through a network of low Earth orbit satellites. It's designed to provide internet access globally, including in remote and underserved areas.

How much does Starlink cost in Kenya?

The initial cost for Starlink in Kenya, including hardware, shipping, handling, and the first month's subscription, is approximately KES 98,600.

Who is Starlink's authorized reseller in Kenya?

Karibu Connect is the first authorized reseller of Starlink in Kenya, marking a significant step in enhancing the country's digital infrastructure.

Can Starlink provide internet access in remote areas?

Starlink's satellite-based system enables it to provide internet access even in remote or underserved areas, bridging the digital divide.

What are the potential benefits of Starlink?

Starlink offers high-speed internet with low latency, suitable for various online activities. It is an attractive option in areas with limited or unreliable internet services.

Is Starlink a competition for Safaricom?

With Safaricom planning to launch satellite Internet services, Starlink and Safaricom are emerging as significant competitors in the Kenyan Internet market.


The launch of Starlink in Kenya is a pivotal moment in advancing the country's digital infrastructure. With its range of packages and the promise of reliable, high-speed internet, Starlink has the potential to transform internet accessibility, especially in remote areas. While the initial setup cost is considerable, the long-term benefits of consistent and fast internet connectivity could make it a worthy investment for many Kenyans.

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