Sunking Paybill Number 2024: How to Pay For Your SUNKING Products Using M-Pesa

Explore the revolutionary solar energy brand, Sunking, and its impact on enhancing the quality of life. Make secure payments through M-Pesa with their easy-to-use Paybill number.

Dec 9, 2023 - 09:15
Dec 9, 2023 - 20:14
Sunking Paybill Number 2024: How to Pay For Your SUNKING Products Using M-Pesa
Sunking Paybill Number: How to Pay For Your SUNKING Products Using M-Pesa

In 2009, Sun King took its first step towards transforming lives with solar-powered innovation. Today, it is a global leader in off-grid solar energy solutions, empowering millions across 65 countries. This article delves into Sunking, the revolutionary solar energy brand under Greenlight Planet, and unveils the simplicity of making payments for their products using M-Pesa. Let's explore how Sunking brightens lives, enhances quality, and makes payments easier for everyone.

Sun King, the beacon of solar innovation, envisions brighter lives by providing solar energy solutions to those in need. With its wide array of products, from cost-effective lamps to comprehensive energy systems, Sunking addresses the diverse energy needs of households and businesses across Africa and Asia. A staggering 1.8 billion people live without reliable electricity access, and Sun King's offerings are transforming their lives by offering clean, reliable energy.

Sunking Paybill Number

Owning a Sunking solar product is now simpler than ever, thanks to the Sunking Paybill number 323458. With this number, you can make payments for your chosen product from the comfort of your phone anytime, anywhere. The process is seamless and ensures your payment is quickly processed. Whether you're looking to light up your home, charge your devices, or power appliances, the Sunking Paybill number is your gateway to brighter living.

How To Make Payments For SunKing Products Using SunKing Paybill Number

Sunking understands that convenience is critical. Besides the Paybill number, other options await seamless payments. Through the USSD code *305#, you can make payments with a few simple steps. And if you're a Safaricom user with Bonga points, paying for your Sun King product is as easy as a few clicks. Dial *126# and select Lipa na Bonga Points for a smooth payment journey.

Here's how you can use it to make payments via M-Pesa:

  1. Visit M-Pesa on your phone.
  2. Select the paybill option.
  3. Enter the Business Number: 323458.
  4. Input your account number.
  5. Fill in the desired payment amount.
  6. Enter your M-Pesa PIN, confirm the details, and send.
  7. You'll receive a confirmation SMS within 15 minutes.

For those who prefer the USSD option, dial *305# and select option 5 to pay for your Sun King products.

Paying with Bonga Points

Did you know you can pay for your Sun King products using Bonga points? Follow these steps:

  1. Dial *126# on your Safaricom line.
  2. Select Lipa na Bonga.
  3. Choose Pay Bill.
  4. Enter Sunking Paybill Number: 323458.
  5. Input your lamp's account number.
  6. Enter the payment amount.
  7. Confirm the details and enter your Bonga service pin.
  8. You'll receive confirmations from Safaricom and Sun King.

Sunking Products and Payment Plans

Sunking's product range is as impressive as it is impactful. From integrated solar panels to radios, televisions, and lanterns, these offerings cater to the diverse needs of consumers. Each product is designed for reliability and longevity, making them a cost-effective and sustainable choice. Sunking empowers homes and businesses with light, power, and entertainment, all powered by the sun.

Sunking's commitment to accessibility extends to its payment plans. The EasyBuy program allows you to own a solar product by paying as little as $0.25 per day. With upfront prices and manageable weekly payments, Sunking is making solar energy accessible to all. Whether you're looking for lighting solutions or comprehensive power systems, Sunking has a payment plan to suit your needs.

SunKing offers payment plans for their solar products to make it more accessible for customers. Here are the details of some of their payment plans:

  1. Pro 200 - Solar power for light and mobile devices:

    • Upfront Price: $12
    • Weekly Payment: $1.75
    • Duration: 20 weeks
  2. Home - Three-room lighting and appliance power:

    • Upfront Price: $15
    • Weekly Payment: $3
    • Duration: 32 weeks
  3. Boom - Solar lamp with FM radio, MP3 player, and mobile phone charger:

    • Upfront Price: $15
    • Weekly Payment: $2.40
    • Duration: 20 weeks

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 Sunking, powered by Greenlight Planet, is a beacon of hope and innovation, providing solar energy solutions to millions across the globe. With the Sunking Paybill number, making payments for these life-changing products is easier than ever. From integrated solar panels to entertainment systems, Sunking's offerings enhance lives, reduce reliance on polluting alternatives, and pave the way for a brighter, sustainable future.

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