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Best Safaricom Shop Phones With Free AirTime In 2022

Purchasing a new Smartphone In Kenya is challenging, especially when faced with a profusion of offers. No matter the cost, functionality,...


Safaricom Shares: What Is It? And How Can I Invest In Them?

Get started investing in Safaricom Shares today!


Best Safaricom Shop Phones under 5K to buy in 2022

This article presents you with the best Safaricom shop phones that you can buy right now if you are on a low budget. Suppose you want...


SIM SWAP: How it works and how to prevent such events if...

SIM Swap is a method whereby an anonymous person completely controls your smartphone with your help. This activity has been a norm...


Cheap Safaricom shop phones to buy in 2022

Getting a smartphone in the entry-level segment equipped with flagship features does not have to be tedious like it was in the past

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