Teacher Service Commission Registration Status Check For 2023

Track your TSC job application status effortlessly and eliminate waiting periods. Learn what each status means and ensure a smooth path into the teaching profession

Jun 28, 2023 - 20:58
Jun 28, 2023 - 20:58
Teacher Service Commission Registration Status Check For 2023
teacher service commission registration status

Checking your Teacher Service Commission (TSC) registration status has always been challenging. However, before we delve into the specifics of the registration status, it's crucial to understand what the TSC is and what it does.

What Is the Teacher Service Commission (TSC)?

The Teacher Service Commission, often abbreviated as TSC, is an independent body established by the government to manage and oversee the education sector's human resources. Originating from an Act of Parliament in 1967, the TSC plays a pivotal role in ensuring teachers are recruited professionally and streamlined, addressing the previously rampant disparity in remuneration among teachers. The TSC, with its headquarters in Nairobi and offices across the counties, manages teachers' affairs diligently, offering a platform for open and transparent recruitment processes.

Registering with the TSC

Before a teacher can begin teaching in any public or private institution in the country, they must hold a certificate of registration issued by the TSC. This requirement ensures that all teachers meet certain standards and qualifications. Once registered, teachers receive a TSC number, and their names are published annually.

To register with the TSC, applicants must provide several documents, including certified copies of academic and professional certificates, a national identity card, a bank slip, a passport-sized photo, a KRA pin, a certificate of good conduct, and a GP69 form. Non-Kenyan applicants will also need an entry and work permit.

Online TSC Registration and Application for Employment

The TSC has digitized its processes, including the employment application. The online portal is the one-stop-shop for all TSC services, from the application process to tracking the status of an application. The TSC does not accept manual applications and does not require payment for job applications.

Checking Your TSC Job Application Status

One feature that makes the TSC online system unique is the ability to track the status of your job application. This eliminates the waiting period and the anxiety that comes with it.

Steps to Check Your TSC Employment Status

  • Visit the TSC online portal using an internet-enabled device, preferably a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Choose 'Registration Status' on the window.
  • Input your ID card or passport number, then click 'Search.'
  • You will receive a confirmation of your application status.

Understanding Your TSC Application Status 

Verified TSC Status 

A 'verified' status signifies that the commission has checked your job application. However, you may encounter other status indications, such as:

  • In Progress: Your application has been received but has yet to be reviewed by the commission.
  • Registered: Your application is successful. The TSC number is indicated on the portal, and a text message is sent to the applicant.
  • Reset: There's an error in your application that needs correction. The error is stated on the portal and communicated to the applicant via text.
  • Incomplete: Your application needs to be completed or submitted.
  • Rejected: The applicant must meet the minimum qualification to be registered as a qualified teacher.

Reasons Your TSC Application May Be Declined

While rare, there are circumstances where your TSC application may be declined. This can happen if you have a record of mental illness, a questionable moral character, a criminal record, a history of engaging in prejudicial activities, or a lack of the required academic and professional qualifications.

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Understanding your TSC registration status is essential for any teaching professional in Kenya. The TSC has streamlined the application process, making it more transparent and efficient, reducing waiting times and uncertainty. Whether you are a seasoned educator or a recent graduate looking to enter the teaching profession, clearly understanding the TSC's processes and requirements will help you navigate this crucial career phase.

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