TECNO Expands Kenyan Presence with Two Exclusive Stores amid Market Challenges

TECNO expands its presence in Kenya with two new exclusive stores in Nairobi

Oct 2, 2023 - 11:46
TECNO Expands Kenyan Presence with Two Exclusive Stores amid Market Challenges
TECNO Expands Kenyan Presence with Two Exclusive Stores amid Market Challenges

In a significant move to bolster its presence in the Kenyan market, global technology giant TECNO unveiled two exclusive stores in Nairobi this week, emphasizing its unwavering commitment to providing state-of-the-art products and unparalleled services to its customers. These new outlets, strategically positioned at the Two Rivers Mall and the Greenwood Building on Moi Avenue, come when the smartphone market faces headwinds.

The grand opening on September 28th, 2023, marked the 7th and 8th exclusive stores TECNO has established in Kenya within the year. "We are thrilled to open these two exclusive shops in Nairobi," said TECNO’s Country Manager Ray Fang. "It's a testament to our dedication to delivering our customers the best products and services. We believe these new locations will provide a unique and memorable shopping experience that our customers will love."

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Earlier this year, the firm had expanded its reach, inaugurating six more shops across Kenya. Nairobi's Garden City Mall, Mama Ngina Street, and BBS Mall in Eastleigh were among the prime locations chosen. Other key cities, Embu, Kisumu, and Eldoret, also saw new TECNO storefronts.

Beyond Just a Store

As patrons enter these new spaces, they'll be met with a meticulously crafted interior that boasts contemporary aesthetics and warmth. Each store promises a curated showcase of TECNO's premium product line, from advanced smartphones to sleek laptops. Customers can also anticipate personalized shopping experiences, with well-trained staff on standby to provide tailored product recommendations.

To celebrate this expansion, TECNO has also laid out a series of promotional activities and giveaways for the coming week, giving customers even more reasons to explore these latest additions.

Facing the Headwinds

The rapid expansion of TECNO in Kenya comes as Transsion, the brand's leading dealer in the country, experiences a mixed bag in sales figures. While Africa accounted for 57% of Transsion’s smartphone sales volume in Q2 2023, there was an 8% drop from the previous year. According to Counterpoint Research, Transsion's smartphone sales volume saw a 3% growth year on year in the first half of 2023 and a 17% surge in Q2 2023.

Yet, challenges persist. Supply shortages, a dwindling shilling, and rampant inflation have taken a toll on Kenya's smartphone market, causing a year-on-year decline. These economic headwinds have placed brands, including market leaders like Samsung, who held a 31.7% unit share in Q4 2022, and TECNO, with an 18.8% share, in a precarious position.

Looking Ahead

Despite these challenges, TECNO's aggressive expansion in Kenya and continued investment in exclusive stores indicate its robust confidence in the Kenyan market. With plans to open ten service centres in malls nationwide, the brand is gearing up to further its market penetration and enhance customer service.

TECNO's strategic investments might be the push it needs to solidify its position in a market that sees stiff competition with brands like Infinix, which held 9.2% of shipments in Q4 2022. Only time will tell if these bold moves can effectively counter the looming economic and supply chain challenges.

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