TECNO POVA 2 Price in Kenya, Technical sheets: A Rechargeable Monster

The manufacturer of this smartphone made all the bets on one thing - well, or at least on a combination of several vital qualities, which are pretty rare. Usually, everyone is still looking for balance, even within certain boundaries

Jul 26, 2021 - 19:02
TECNO POVA 2 Price in Kenya, Technical sheets: A Rechargeable Monster

TECNO POVA 2, of course, does not ignore all the rules of the game, but the accents in it are placed very clearly. This is primarily a device with a giant screen and a massive battery - an uncompromising multimedia smartphone in the near-budget segment. Since screen requests of considerable size and increased autonomy among users in this segment are perhaps most common, it looks like a direct response of TECNO to their aspirations.

It should be noted that, despite the low price (POVA 2, depending on the amount of memory, costs from Ksh 18,000 here in the country), a large screen received Full HD resolution, the smartphone has four rear cameras, and the hardware platform is quite adequate - MediaTek Helio G85. Let's talk about this exciting device in more detail.

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Design, ergonomics, and software

TECNO POVA 2 is decorated in the current style and is not devoid of a particular gloss - yes, what is there, even recognition.

The front panel - with the obligatory "stretched" screen of 20.5: 9 format and small but not minimal frames (the screen occupies 82.9% of the panel area) is deprived of the more expected price category POVA 2 cutout-"monobrows" for the smartphone. The front camera is mounted in the hole located in the center of the status bar at the top of the screen.

The back panel has long been the only available place for the self-expression of smartphone designers. In this case, we note the strip in the back center, which differs from the general background in texture and color. And the large inscription "POVA" - "battery" series is emphasized even more clearly than the brand itself, the name of which is typed in small print.


The camera block is made of a classic glossy rectangle with four lenses and a flash.

TECNO POVA 2, back panel: in the corner - a unit with four cameras and flash

The front panel is covered with a single piece of tempered glass (of the unknown brand), the faces and back are made of plastic.

There are two color variations - black ("dazzling black") and silver ("polar silver"). Both play in the sun – for example, the black POVA 2 we got for the test looks blue at one angle and gray at the other.

TECNO POVA 2, bottom face: mini-jack, USB Type-C port, microphone

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Of course, when creating a smartphone with an almost seven-inch display and a battery for seven thousand milliampere-hours, you have to sacrifice compactness. However, no catastrophe - POVA 2 fits into the framework of the usual. It is not even thicker than all direct competitors: with a thickness of 9.6 mm, it turns out, for example, thinner than the Lenovo K12 Pro with a smaller battery. The mass, of course, is impressive - 231 grams.

For nothing that is made of plastic, the back panel is very slippery - you need to immediately remove the smartphone in the case, especially since it is included. "Bumper" of transparent silicone will add more to the dimensions of the smartphone, but what is there - burned barn, burn and hut. For the potential public of TECNO POVA 2, this shouldn't be a problem. The design of the POVA 2 is the responsibility of the Oraimo bureau from the UAE, and this fact is emphasized by the engraving on the cover, as well as the fact that TECNO sponsors Manchester City Football Club.

The key with a built-in fingerprint scanner is recessed into the case, and it is convenient to use it - it is located strictly under the finger, it is not a problem to find it to the touch. But the capacitive sensor area is small - if you are lucky, it works quickly, but not always lucky: the percentage of defects is noticeable, which is typical for side scanners. At the same time, there are no problems with the fact that the smartphone is accidentally unlocked in the pocket - just because the key is recessed into the edge. A system for identifying the user by face using the front camera is also available. It works very quickly and almost without errors.

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TECNO POVA 2 has Android 11 with HiOS 7.6 shell. This shell is familiar to us from TECNO smartphones (for example, a year ago we released a review of TECNO CAMON 15 Pro) and Infinix devices (where it is called XOS). In particular, the exact version of the software is used in the recent Infinix Note 10 Pro. The shell leaves a double feeling. On the one hand, it is very functional and adaptive. On the other - it seems that even too much: the number of features and pre-installed applications is of the scale, and not all of them look useful. In addition, in the notification panel, ads for applications from the Palm Store are constantly flashing, which I have not been unable to disable. There are also problems in Russification, not permanently slim. But HiOS 7.6 works relatively quickly. The abundance of settings and applications does not affect stability.

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