The Best electric cars in Kenya, duty Tax, cost, and the Charging stations in 2022

Electric cars are still a new concept that many Kenyan Auto lovers are still yet to adopt. Despite the rapid development of technologies, thermal cars are still so vast compared to electric cars, which are most valued because of their Good battery life over long-distance travel.

The Best electric cars in Kenya, duty Tax, cost, and the Charging stations in 2022
The Best electric cars in Kenya, duty Tax, cost, and the Charging stations in 2022

In Kenya, the first electric vehicle was first introduced back in 2016, and since then, various manufacturers have tried to convince most Kenyans to use electric taxis in Nairobi and Kenya at large. In this guide, we will not be looking at how much Tesla is in Kenya but will compare all the Best Electric cars and their price ranges.

Some organizations, such as Nopea Ride Kenya, which collaborates with EkoRent Oy and EkoRent Africa Ltd, have already committed to renting 100% electric cars to Kenyans. The firm began by putting Nissan Leaf cars to the test to acquire confidence in the local market. According to Kenyan legislation proposed for 2022, all-electric cars carrying more than ten passengers would be subject to a 10% exercise charge, while hybrid versions will be subject to a 25% duty.

Types of Electric cars in Kenya

Electric cars are divided into three categories based on how much electricity is utilized as an energy source: battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and hybrid electric vehicles.

A Battery Electric Vehicle is an electric vehicle that does not have a typical combustion engine and relies only on a rechargeable battery for power. The Plug-In Hybrid has a medium-sized electric battery that powers the engine and a gasoline or diesel engine. To recharge the battery in a "Connect-in" kind of electric vehicle, you will need to plug the car into a compatible charging port. Finally, Hybrid Electric Vehicles contain an electric battery that selectively powers the engine but cannot be recharged through an external power source.

Tesla Model X

The First Tesla electric vehicle on Kenyan soil is the large seven-seater SUV. It features large trunks stuffed with more or less useful gadgets and takes advantage of the Supercharger network.

  • Price: About KES10M
  • Range: 580 KM

Tesla Model S

This American sedan also benefits from the brand's Superchargers, ensuring that the vehicle never runs out of power. The Tesla Model S is a good example of how potentiometers may be pushed even farther.

  • Range: 663 KM
  • Price: Above KES 10M

 Tesla Model 3

The mini Tesla now comes with a bigger 82 kWh battery and software improvements. With a maximum power of 250 kW, it can recharge the Supercharger V3; the Model 3 is unrivaled.

  • Range: 614 km
  • Price: About KES 4M

Ford Mustang Mach-e

The American behemoth is setting the bar high for its debut foray into the realm of electric vehicles. With its modest 76 kWh battery, the two-wheel-drive variant has the least amount of autonomy. It is one of the greatest electric SUVs, with a DC charging capability of 150 kW.

  • Range: 610 km
  • Price: KES 4,872,443 

Volkswagen ID.3

The Volkswagen ID.3 is the newest compact from the Wolfsburg brand in Europe, and it's one you should know about. It has a 77-kilowatt-hour battery, an 11-kilowatt-hour AC charger, and a maximum DC output of 125 kW.

  • Range: 542 km
  • Price: KES 4,430,010

Tesla Model Y

It is expected to arrive in Kenya soon. On the WLTP cycle, its autonomy is currently predicted to be 505 kilometers.

  • Range: 505km
  • Price: 6,700,674.10 Kenyan Shilling

 Porsche Taycan

You'd think the Porsche Taycan couldn't compete with one of the most exclusive electrics on the market; you are wrong. The Taycan model features a 64-kilowatt-hour battery with limited DC charging capability.

  • Range: 484 km
  • Price: 9,393,893.00 Kenyan Shilling


Simple technological decisions are made by BMW, resulting in reduced weight and lower usage. It has a fast-charging system with a power of 150 kW to prevent ruining anything, making it easy to schedule downtimes at the right charging stations.

  • Range: 460 km
  • Price: 13,051,491.00 Kenyan Shilling

Nissan Leaf e +

Much has already been said about the Nissan leaf price Kenya, with the Nissan Leaf e+, it has a larger 56 kWh battery, and above all, its cooling is now, which makes it possible to chain rapid recharges on the motorway without risk of overheating and therefore of limited recharge power.

  • Range: 385 km
  • Price: 5,012,800.66 Kenyan Shilling

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Peugeot e-208

 The Peugeot e-208 doesn't alter a single thing, and the eCMP platform still has a 46-kWh battery and a 136-hp engine that can charge up to 80% in 30 minutes on fast terminals.

  • Range: 340 km
  • Price: 4,299,866.53 Kenyan Shilling

Volkswagen e-Up!

 Based on a technical basis, however, dated, the e-Up! Does not show as much technology inside as its current competitors. But its 32.3 kWh battery is sturdy with an announced range of 258 km.

  • Price: 2,996,669.19 Kenyan Shilling

 Where to charge your electric vehicle in Kenya

Electric charging stations are not uniformly spread in Kenya since electric vehicle usage is still in its early phases. On the plus side, we can currently depend on Nopea electric cars. The nopea charging stations may be found in the following locations:

  1. Ecotrify
  2. Chargenetkenya
  3. Thika Road Mall