The Prices of the foldable future Google Pixel Notepad becomes official

Just a few weeks ago, this future appeared dubious, with reports claiming that the Mountain View corporation had abandoned him. The folding Google Pixel, on the other hand, is well on its way to becoming a commercial reality.

The Prices of the foldable future Google Pixel Notepad becomes official

The debut of Google's foldable smartphone is approaching, as information about the company's upcoming flagship continues to emerge online. It's 9to5Google's turn to provide some transgressions, this time beginning with its name. According to their sources, the phone will be known as the "Google Pixel NotePad" rather than the "Google Pixel Fold." By referring to the notebook or notebook, the moniker "Logbook" would have been introduced at some time to underline its potential to create a productive area.

The most intriguing aspect is not so much the name as it is the price. A few days earlier, the same outlet reported that the Google Pixel NotePad will be offered at more affordable pricing than the Galaxy Z Fold 3 . The pricing estimate from the sources now seems to be a little more accurate. The folding smartphone would be released for roughly $1400, which is $500 more than the Google Pixel 6 Pro, but also $400 less than the suggested retail price of its competition, the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Given that Samsung's folding smartphone was priced at Ksh 180,500.00 to Ksh 198,000.00 in Kenya, the Pixel NotePad is expected to cost roughly just within the same Price range

However, the Google Pixel NotePad will almost definitely have to wait until it comes to Kenya. Indeed, the 9to5Google website indicates that the phone's introduction in the United States will be followed by its promotion in the rest of the globe. According to the site's research, Google intends to release its folding smartphone before the end of the year.

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In terms of specifications, the site notes that the Pixel NotePad will be similar to the OPPO Find N, with a design that is somewhat broader and squarer than the Galaxy Z Fold 3, as shown by photographs discovered in the Android 12L source code. The folding phone would also have the Google Tensor processor from the Google Pixel 6, as well as a Sony IMX363 primary camera sensor with 12.2 megapixels, which was also featured in the Pixel 5, and two IMX355s selfie sensors with 8 megapixels.

Source: 9to5Google