Top 10 Highest-Paid CEOs in Kenya: A Look at Their Salaries

Discover the top 10 highest-earning CEOs in Kenya and delve into the exclusive world of corporate power players. Learn about their staggering salaries and their impact on the country's business landscape.

Jul 24, 2023 - 11:14
Jul 24, 2023 - 11:14
Top 10 Highest-Paid CEOs in Kenya: A Look at Their Salaries
Top 10 Highest-Paid CEOs in Kenya: A Look at Their Salaries

A company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) sits at the pinnacle of the organization's hierarchy, wielding considerable influence over strategic decisions and overall operations. As the corporate world's stars, these individuals command hefty compensation packages reflective of their massive responsibilities.

As one of Africa's most vibrant economies, Kenya houses numerous multinational companies. The leaders of these enterprises belong to an exclusive club of the highest-paid CEOs in Kenya, earning enviable salaries that many can only dream of. This article explores the top 10 highest-earning CEOs in the country.

Who are the Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs in Kenya?

1. Gideon Muriuki - Co-operative Bank

  • Monthly Salary: Ksh31.37 Million

Gideon Muriuki, the Co-operative Bank's CEO, tops the list as the highest-paid CEO in Kenya. Garnering a staggering monthly income of Ksh31.37 million, he makes more in a month than most do in years! His total annual compensation amounts to Ksh376.5 million.

2. Joshua Oigara - Commercial Bank of Kenya (KCB)

  • Monthly Salary: Ksh22.75 Million

Hot on Muriuki's heels is Joshua Oigara of KCB Bank of Kenya. His monthly salary of Ksh22.75 million translates to an annual income of Ksh273 million. A breakdown of his remuneration reveals a diverse package, including a basic salary, allowances, gratuity, bonus, and other non-cash benefits.

3. Andrew Cowan - East African Breweries Limited (EABL)

  • Monthly Salary: Kshs. 9.67 Million

Andrew Cowan, the CEO of East Africa Breweries Limited, earns a monthly compensation of Kshs. 9.67 million and a yearly salary of Kshs. 116 million. His leadership continues to contribute to the brand's strong regional presence.

4.Peter Ndegwa - Safaricom

  • Monthly Salary: Kshs. 9 Million

Peter Ndegwa heads Safaricom, East Africa's largest telecommunications company. Taking over after the previous CEO, Bob Collymore's death, Ndegwa now earns an impressive monthly salary of about Kshs. 9 million.

5. Allan Kilavuka - Kenya Airways

  • Monthly Salary: Ksh8.5 Million

Kenya Airways CEO, Allan Kilavuka, pockets around Ksh8.5 million every month, or about Ksh102 million annually. His leadership has seen him steer the airline through turbulent times in the aviation industry.

6. Jeremy Awori - ABSA (Formerly Barclays Bank)

  • Monthly Salary: Kshs8.43 Million

Jeremy Awori, ABSA's CEO, earns an annual income of around Kshs101.2 million, translating to roughly Kshs8.43 million monthly. His compensation comprises his salary, cash bonuses, deferred cash, a share value plan, pensions, and other benefits.

7.Benson Wairegi - Britam

  • Monthly Salary: Kshs6.8 Million

Benson Wairegi, the CEO of BRITAM Insurance Company, receives a salary of about Kshs6.8 million per month or approximately Kshs81.7 million per year. His earnings comprise a salary, gratuity, and non-cash benefits.

8. Beverley Spencer Obatoyinbo – British American Tobacco Kenya (BATK)

  • Monthly Salary: Kshs5 Million

Beverley Spencer Obatoyinbo breaks the glass ceiling as the highest-earning female CEO in Kenya. As BATK's Managing Director and CEO, she earns around Kshs5 million monthly, culminating in an annual salary of Ksh60 million.

9. James Mwangi - Equity Bank

  • Monthly Salary: Kshs5 Million

James Mwangi, the Equity Bank's CEO, takes home a monthly salary of about Kshs5 million, roughly equivalent to an annual salary of Ksh60 million. His transformative leadership has played a pivotal role in the bank's success.

10. James Mworia - Centum

  • Monthly Salary: Kshs3.75 Million

Rounding off our list is James Mworia, the youthful CEO of Centum, who earns a salary of Kshs3.75 million each month, or about Kshs45 million annually.

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These magnates sit at the apex of Kenya's corporate pyramid, their salaries accurately reflecting their immense responsibilities. While some may view these figures as excessive, it's crucial to remember the value these CEOs bring to their companies, stakeholders, and the economy.

Now, you have a clearer picture of the financial landscape that makes Kenya's business sector an exciting playing field.


  1. Who is the highest-paid CEO in Kenya? Gideon Muriuki, the CEO of Co-operative Bank, holds the title of the highest-paid CEO in Kenya, with a monthly earning of Ksh 31.37 million and a yearly salary of Ksh 376.5 million.

  2. Who is the CEO of Safaricom? Peter Ndegwa is the CEO of Safaricom, the largest telecommunications company in East Africa.

  3. What is the salary of Allan Kilavuka, CEO of Kenya Airways? Allan Kilavuka, the CEO of Kenya Airways, earns approximately Ksh 8.5 million per month, amounting to an annual salary of Ksh 102 million.

  4. Who is the first female CEO on the list of the highest-paid CEOs in Kenya? Beverley Spencer Obatoyinbo, the CEO of British American Tobacco Kenya (BATK), is the first female CEO on the list.

  5. Who is the CEO of ABSA (formerly Barclays Bank)? Jeremy Awori serves as the CEO of ABSA Bank, formerly known as Barclays Bank.

  6. What is the monthly salary of James Mworia, CEO of Centum Investment? James Mworia, the CEO of Centum Investment, earns a monthly salary of Ksh 3.75 million, equivalent to Ksh 45 million annually.

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