Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

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Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023
Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

In recent years, the cost of living in Kenya has continued to rise, with many people with low-income earning Jobs finding it hard to meet their monthly bills due to the mere pay they earn, with only a few Kenyan working populations who are earning well-able to cover their basic needs and remain with a surplus for investment and spend it on other luxuries of life. But with the rise of the internet and social media, many Kenyans have opted for online jobs, including content creation, freelancing, etc. to surplus their basic earning.

Here is our list of the highest-paying jobs in Kenya:


Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

Being a surgeon is one of the most lucrative and high-paying professions, with an average monthly earning of Kshs 500,000 with slight variation across different Job groups. This profession requires highly skilled knowledge and specialty in a specific medical field, i.e., cardiothoracic or psychiatric surgery.

To be a surgeon, one must be a medical doctor specializing in treating specific medical conditions. 

Medical Doctors

Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

Medical doctors are one of the most demanding professions, which requires high-level skills and knowledge, but it is well-paying with an average monthly salary of Ksh 350,000

To Be a Medical doctor, one must pursue a seven-year degree course in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery with extensive schooling and training.


Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

A commercial airline pilot is also one of the lucrative professions that require highly trained professionals to fly airplanes with high-paying salaries with an average monthly salary of Ksh 300,000 and even up to Ksh 600,000 

Their skills are in demand both locally and internationally.

To be a pilot, one has to pursue a degree course in bachelor’s in aviation with intensive training and skills that will guarantee to practice after the course.


Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

An architect is a lucrative profession with a high salary that involves infrastructural design and planning from buildings to huge infrastructural work, i.e., roads and skyscrapers, requiring highly trained skills.

One can work with government infrastructural agencies or with private firms. 

They earn an average monthly salary of KSh 250,000 


Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

Practicing as a lawyer in Kenya can earn a good salary. Lawyers are paid based on their perceived value to their clients, whereby the more serious the allegations, the more the payment for an experienced attorney to represent them.

To practice as a lawyer in Kenya, you must pursue a 4- to 6-year degree course in Bachelor of Law at any accredited law school in the country and sit for the bar exams to be certified. Lawyers can work with government institutions as legal advisors, private law firms, or private practice.

They earn an average monthly salary of KSh 300,000

Chief Executive Officer

Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

A CEO is the highest executive person in charge and oversees decision-making and the overall functioning of a company or an organization; rising to this managerial position requires high-level skills and knowledge of managing a company. They earn an average salary of Ksh 500,000 monthly.

To be a Chief Executive Officer is a position you earn with time over the years of practice in your field and is usually reserved for employees with technical knowledge of running a company. 

University Lecture/Professor

Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

A lecturer is among the highest-paying professions in academia, with a monthly salary of KSh 350,000. Becoming a university professor or lecturer is demanding and requires one to achieve the highest level of education in their field of specialty with years of experience.

Their responsibility involves lecturing, conducting research, and supervising the research work of their student and management of the university and faculties. 

Chief Financial officer 

Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

The Chief Financial officer is amongst the top ranks in a company or organization and is responsible for managing the finances through sourcing of finances, overseeing budget, and approval of disbursement of funds.

They earn an average salary of Ksh 400,000, depending on the institution or company salary determination criteria.

Software Engineer

Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

Soft engineering is a top tech career with a huge salary payment of an average monthly salary of Ksh 250,000. This is a promising career due to the rise in technology and Kenya rising to be a tech hub with both local and international tech companies establishing their branches in Kenya. 

Software engineers develop and design software programs and provide software solutions to companies that rely on technology. Software engineers can work as IT specialists for companies or private practices by offering tech solutions to government organizations or companies. 


Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

A judge is also a lucrative position every young lawyer dreams of being. It is a well-paid job with relatively high salaries due to the enormous responsibilities associated with the job.The average salary of a Judge ranges from KSh 180,000-760,0000

They are responsible for hearing and making decisions based on extensive reading, research, and experience.To be a Judge is a position earned with hard work, experience, and many years of practice through all ranks of the legal profession.

Marketing Directors

Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

Marketing Directors are in charge of the company or an organization’s marketing strategies by researching their targeted customers and forecasting growth opportunities for their companies. Their average monthly salary ranges from Ksh 100,000- 350,000, varying with different companies depending on the company’s salary determination criteria.

You can earn roughly a half million Kenyan shilling on a senior level. 

Bank Manager

Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

The banking and financing industry is on the rise in Kenya and is one of the lucrative professions. Bank Managers are responsible for overseeing the overall daily activities within the bank and supervision of the employees.

They earn a monthly salary ranging from Ksh 100,000 -200,0000, and with a senior position, you can earn up to half a million Kenyan Shilling.


Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

Kenya’s many business hubs and prominent financial firms need professionals to manage their finances, leading to the rise of accounting jobs.  Accountants are responsible for assessing cash flows, identifying any excess expenditure, and pinpointing inefficiencies.

They earn an average monthly salary of up to Ksh 100,000.


Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

With the rise of media companies, Journalism has become a lucrative position in Kenya. Journalists are responsible for writing, editing, and reporting news stories or featured articles, as well as conducting interviews.

It is a profession that fulfills personal and financial growth by earning a hefty salary ranging from Ksh 100,000-200,000 up to 500,000 for senior journalists with managerial positions.


Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

Dentists diagnose and treat diseases, injuries, or any abnormalities of the teeth, mouth, jaws, and associated tissues by applying specialized diagnostic and surgical procedures to treat the conditions or to restore any mouth tissues and providing oral health care such as periodontal treatments.

A dentist earns a monthly salary ranging from KSh 150,000 – 200,000 at entry level, but after entirely practicing, their salary rises even up to an average of 350k at senior level.


Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

Pharmacists store, preserve, compound, and dispense medicinal products, advise on the use and any adverse-related effects of prescribed drugs and medicines by medical doctors and conduct research, testing, preparing, and prescribing medicinal drugs.  They earn an average salary of Ksh 85000 monthly at entry life, which rises to Ksh 150,000 after practicing for an entire time.

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Civil Engineers 

Top 20 highest paid professions in Kenya, 2023

Engineering jobs are highly paid since their skills and expertise are highly sought in Kenya, from construction companies to government state departments.

Their work involves:

  • Supervising major construction work.
  • Giving recommendations on the construction processes and materials used.
  • Approving buildings or infrastructural facilities if they meet the standards. 

Civil engineer earns well with an average salary of Ksh 120,000 per month and ranges between Ksh 95,000-300,000 for different job groups.


Which job pays the most in Kenya per month

Surgery is one of the highest-paid jobs in Kenya; Surgeons are specialized medical professionals who earn up to an average salary of Ksh 500,000

Which is the highest-paying Job in Kenya? 

Top-paying jobs in Kenya include medical professionals (doctors and surgeons), Chief executive officers, software engineers, Architects, Bank Managers and accountants, lawyers, etc.

 Which profession will be in demand in the future?

With the rise of the internet and technological advancement, tech-related professions, including software engineers, IT specialists, Data analysts, and scientists, will be in demand and highly sought.

 Which career path is best?

Choosing a career is a personal decision determined by personal interest and if you meet the requisite qualifications to pursue the course of your career choice. 

 Which education is best for the future?

The evolution in the career sector with every profession rising to be lucrative here are some of the best career paths, including Computer science, Biology, medicine, health building, and geospatial environment.