Top 50 Apps for Mobile Loans in Kenya

Are you looking for mobile loans in Kenya? We have compiled a list of the top five loan apps in Kenya. Read on to know more about them!

Top 50 Apps for Mobile Loans in Kenya
Top 50 Apps for Personal Loans in Kenya

Mobile loans are small amounts of money individuals borrow from banks or other financial institutions. They are usually used to cover unexpected expenses, pay bills, or buy items.

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Kiva - A microfinance platform that connects lenders with borrowers

Kiva is an online lending platform that allows people to lend money to entrepreneurs in developing countries. It was founded by two Stanford University students who wanted to help alleviate poverty through microlending.

M-Pesa - The most popular mobile money transfer app in Kenya.

M-PESA is a mobile money transfer service offered by Safaricom Limited, a Kenyan telecommunications company. It has been used as a payment method since 2007. In 2009, M-Pesa became the first mobile money system to reach 1 million subscribers.

 Zopa - An online peer-to-peer lending service.

Zopa is an online peer-to-peer lending service based in London, England. It was founded in 2006 by two former employees of Barclays Bank. They wanted to provide people with access to credit without having to go through traditional lenders.

LendMe - A digital lending platform that allows users to borrow from their friends.

LendMe is a mobile app that connects borrowers and lenders who are willing to lend money to each other. Users can browse profiles of potential lenders and choose one of them to connect with. Once connected, both parties agree on terms and conditions before the lender transfers funds into the borrower's account.

Payoneer - A global payment solution provider.

Payoneer is an online platform that allows users to send and receive payments globally. It offers a wide range of services such as payroll management, bill pay, merchant services, and international wire transfer.

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Comprehesive List of Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya 2022

  1. FairKash
  2. MyKes
  3. Equity Mobile app
  4. Mkopo Rahisi app
  5. Zash Loan
  6. Zenka Loan App
  7. TruePesa
  8. Mkopo Haraka app
  9. M-PESA app
  10. AsapKash
  11. Mkopo Poa app
  12. DirectCash app
  13. Mojacredit app
  14. TiFi Slice app
  16. EasyKash app
  17. KCB app
  18. Apesa
  19. KenNow app
  20. Helacash
  21. CornCash app
  22. Ustawi Mobile Loan app
  23. StanSure app
  24. HELB app
  25. T-LOANS
  26. CashSpree app
  27. Timiza app analytics
  28. Earn Hub-Earn daily online app
  29. Eversend
  30. CashSea app analytics
  31. VOOMA app
  32. Okoa Loans app
  33. MoKash app
  34. CreditKes app
  35. Mkopo Halisi app
  36. Binance
  37. ExpertOption
  38. AstroPay
  39. Kopa Credit app
  40. PayPal
  41. Azima app
  42. GogoPesa
  43. Boresha
  46. Okoa Tala Loans app
  47. Market Trends
  48. Save Kash app
  49. Hikash app
  50. Sky Pesa app

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