Top Apps and Services for International Money Transfer from Kenya

Explore the top international money transfer platforms available in Kenya. Learn about key features, coverage, and how to use them for efficient and secure transactions across the globe.

May 14, 2023 - 15:09
May 14, 2023 - 19:42
Top  Apps and Services for International Money Transfer from Kenya
Top Apps and Services for International Money Transfer from Kenya

Sending money across borders can be a hassle. Still, thankfully, an assortment of apps and services have made it less taxing for individuals in Kenya to transfer money overseas. But which ones are worth your time and money? This article delves into the top platforms that make international money transfers from Kenya a breeze.

 M-Pesa Global

M-Pesa Global is a popular mobile banking service that has made significant strides in Kenya. It enables users to send and receive money, settle bills, and procure goods and services from their mobile phones. The international money transfer feature, M-Pesa Global, extends these services, allowing users to send money to over ten countries, including India, Romania, and the UK.

 Key Features of M-Pesa Global

  1. Convenience: Accessible via the M-Pesa app, sending money on the go has never been more accessible.
  2. Low fees: Competitive fees make M-Pesa Global a cost-effective option for international transfers.
  3. Receiving options: Recipients can choose to get money in their bank accounts, mobile wallets, or cash at selected locations.


TransferWise, a leading online platform for international money transfers, offers competitive exchange rates and low fees to send money to over 70 countries. The process is simple—sign up for an account and link your bank details.

Key Features of TransferWise

  1. Competitive exchange rates: Unlike traditional banks, TransferWise uses the mid-market exchange rate.
  2. Low fees: Keeps international money transfers affordable.
  3. Multiple options for receiving money: Similar to M-Pesa, recipients can get money in their bank accounts, mobile wallets, or cash at select locations.


WorldRemit is another digital platform that facilitates international money transfers, allowing users to send money to over 150 countries at competitive exchange rates and low fees.

 Key Features of WorldRemit

  1. Broad coverage: The ability to send money to over 150 countries makes it a convenient option for those with diverse international monetary commitments.
  2. Competitive exchange rates: Better rates than most traditional banks.
  3. Multiple options for receiving money: Provides flexibility to the recipients in how they receive money.


PayPal is a globally recognized online payment platform that offers international money transfer services. Its extensive coverage of over 200 countries and competitive exchange rates stand out.

Key Features of PayPal

Broad coverage: Extensive network of over 200 countries makes PayPal ideal for those with widespread international transactions.

  1. Ease of use: A user-friendly platform that's easy to navigate.
  2. Security: Renowned for its robust security measures, PayPal assures secure transactions.


Xoom, a subsidiary of PayPal, enables users to send money internationally to over 130 countries. Quick transfers and multiple options for receiving money make it a preferred choice among users.

Key Features of Xoom

  1. Broad coverage: With access to over 130 countries, Xoom is an excellent choice for those with varied international money transfer needs.
  2. Fast transfers: Known for its quick transfer times, Xoom ensures your money gets to its destination in record time.
  3. Multiple options for receiving money: Like its counterparts, Xoom allows recipients to receive money in their bank accounts, mobile wallets, or cash at select locations.


In this digital age, sending money across borders doesn't have to be a painstaking process. With platforms like M-Pesa Global, TransferWise, WorldRemit, PayPal, and Xoom, international money transfers from Kenya have become swift, convenient, and cost-effective. Whether you're sending money to loved ones, conducting business, or purchasing goods and services, these platforms offer a range of options to cater to your specific needs.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose the best platform for international money transfers from Kenya?

The best platform depends on your specific needs, such as the amount to transfer, urgency, and the recipient's location. Consider the fees, exchange rates, transfer times, and ease of use before deciding.

Are there limits to how much I can transfer internationally from Kenya?

Yes, most platforms have minimum and maximum limits for each transaction. These limits vary from one platform to another and sometimes depend on the recipient's country.

 Is it safe to use these platforms for international money transfers?

All the platforms mentioned in this article employ high-level security measures to protect your transactions. However, it's always essential to keep your account details secure.

Can I track my international money transfers?

Yes, all these platforms provide options to track your transactions. Some provide SMS or email notifications to keep you updated on the progress of your transfer.

Are these platforms available only in Kenya?

No, these platforms are available in numerous countries across the globe. However, their services and features may vary depending on the country.

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