Top Apps and Services for International Money Transfer from Kenya

With a smartphone and credit card, sending money overseas using an app is very much possible. Apps have made a name for themselves in the international money transfer industry. This article will tell you the best apps on your Bucket List.

Top  Apps and Services for International Money Transfer from Kenya
Top Apps and Services for International Money Transfer from Kenya

Do you need to send money overseas frequently? We want to offer you alternative possibilities if you have already transferred money to other nations using your bank. Meanwhile, certain service providers provide online or mobile money transactions.

You won't be able to postpone a transfer overseas forever, whether because you purchase online, have friends or relatives abroad, or are just taking a vacation away from home. You may do this by visiting a bank, using an app, or using internet resources.

Money transfers throughout Kenya are now very easily accomplished via internet banking. With the development of Mpesa services and extension of its capabilities to the African continent, Europe and Partnership with more prominent companies has facilitated this role. The apps mentioned in this guide work with Mpesa. You have to know how they work.

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You may essentially transfer money online to any nation using the Azimo app. You are free to choose the currency. Additionally, the payment method may be selected: Transfer to a bank account, Cash withdrawal, SWIFT transfer, from one mobile phone to another.

The Azimo app's money transfer process is as simple as internet banking. There are just four payment options available to you since this is how the charge is determined. Information on fees and currency rates is transparently provided through the app and the Azimo website.



Most individuals who often use the internet are undoubtedly acquainted with PayPal. The process is thus highly familiar. If the other person uses PayPal, you may send them money by inputting their email address and sending them money anywhere around the globe. The sole distinction from a "regular" PayPal transfer is that PayPal charges a fee if the funds are not transmitted in euros.


PayPal is likely the most excellent option if you understand the individual to whom the money will be sent. Transferring money to other persons or organizations through a bank or another service provider is preferable.


Western Union

For many years, Western Union has been a trusted source for international money transfers. The US-based business has its operations in several nations, including Kenya. Western Union now provides its app since many consumers prefer to manage most of their transactions through a smartphone. This banking software is just as simple to use as any other. However, compared to other services, Western Union's outstanding reputation might be offset by expensive costs. You may be sure that your money will be transmitted trustworthily as well.



One of the last 10 years' emerging talents is Wise. More than twelve million people already utilize the money transfer service founded in 2011. You can send money with the Wise app to 80 countries and in 50 different currencies. However, a Wise account is required for this. This is beneficial if you often receive cash in several currencies. The option to "park" this money in an account is one that Wise provides. Consequently, you may profit from changes in currency rates.


Numerous companies for international money transfers may be found online. Whether a transfer is profitable via an app or online must be determined for yourself. Two market leaders provide their applications for international transfers: Western Union and PayPal. Particularly when it comes to irregular payments to friends overseas, PayPal is more than enough.


All of the applications, as mentioned earlier, adhere to the most recent protocols and fulfill strong security standards since financial transactions are often a sensitive issue. You may still visit your bank if sending money through an app still feels risky to you.