Best Courses for A and A- Students in Kenya 2023

Looking to pursue a prestigious degree program at a renowned Kenyan university? Check out our guide to the best courses available for A and A- students, complete with entry requirements and helpful advice.

Jun 20, 2023 - 18:05
Jun 20, 2023 - 18:05
Best Courses for A and A- Students in Kenya 2023
Best Courses for A and A- Students in Kenya 2023: Unlocking Opportunities for Academic Excellence

Are you an ambitious student who has excelled in your KCSE exams? Do you aspire to secure admission into the best courses at renowned universities? This article will explore the top courses available for A and A- students in Kenya. By understanding the entry requirements and institutions offering these courses, you can make an informed decision about your academic future. Whether you have achieved an outstanding A grade or an impressive A- grade, this article will guide you toward the most marketable undergraduate programs that will straighten your path to success.

Being ranked among the best performers in KCSE exams is a remarkable achievement. It opens doors to many opportunities, including pursuing prestigious courses at esteemed universities.

Public universities in Kenya are eager to fill their undergraduate programs with the brightest and most talented students from secondary schools nationwide. Therefore, if you aspire to enroll in a leading university and pursue a competitive degree, giving your best in the KCSE exams is essential.

Best Courses for A Students

Students who obtain an A aggregate in their KCSE exams possess a distinct advantage when enrolling in top universities' most sought-after degree programs.

However, excellent performance in the cluster subjects is also crucial to secure admission into these courses. Below are some of the best practices typically reserved for the country's top academic achievers:

Medicine and Surgery

A Bachelor of Medicine degree is an excellent course for students with an A in KCSE. This rigorous program spans six years, divided into three semesters each.  To pursue this course, students must score 82 points or above in their KCSE exams. The University of Nairobi requires an A plain as the minimum entry requirement for regular students.  However, students with an A- grade can still pursue this course at Kenyatta, Moi, or Maseno University. The entry requirements for Medicine and Surgery are as follows:

  • Principal passes in Biology and Chemistry
  • A subsidiary pass in Mathematics or Physics
  • B plain in Kiswahili or English subjects

Biomedical Engineering

Students who have achieved an A plain in their KCSE exams can consider pursuing a Bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering at top universities. This four-year program equips learners with the innovative skills to design, manufacture, and maintain medical devices and equipment. The entry requirements for biomedical engineering are as follows:

  • B+ in Mathematics
  • B+ in Physics
  • B plain in Chemistry
  • B plain in English

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a highly marketable course for students with an A in KCSE. Under the regular schedule, the minimum entry requirement for this program at public universities is an A-minus grade.  Students with an A plain have an excellent chance of being selected. The minimum grades for the individual cluster subjects are as follows:

  • C+ in Mathematics
  • C+ in Physics
  • C+ in Chemistry
  • C+ in Biology or Geography

Degree in Aeronautical Engineering 

This is the best choice for learners who wants to study a career in the aviation industry. This rare program spans five years and offers attractive pay and numerous job opportunities. 


 at least a C+ grade in;

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology


The Bachelor of Architectural Studies is a highly desirable career path for students who have excelled in their KCSE exams. Various prestigious universities offer this course, including UoN, KU, and JKUAT. To be accepted in this course, students must obtain a minimum C+ grade in the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Kiswahili or English
  • Physics, Biology, or Chemistry
  • Geography, History, or Religious Education

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The field of electrical and electronic engineering emphasizes practical knowledge in engineering technology. Students with an A- grade in KCSE have an increased chance of being admitted into this program, which typically requires a B minus grade as the minimum entry requirement. To pursue electrical and electronic engineering, candidates should score the following minimum grades in the individual cluster subjects:

  • C+ in Mathematics
  • C+ in Physics
  • C+ in Chemistry
  • C+ in Geography or Biology


A Bachelor of Law program offers students a comprehensive understanding of the domestic and international legal system. The minimum entry requirement for regular students is an A-minus grade in KCSE, with a minimum score of B plain in English.

 Top universities offering this course include UoN, KU, Strathmore, and JKUAT.

Computer Science

The Bachelor of Computer Science is an excellent choice for top-performing students. This program equips graduates with practical skills to tackle the daily challenges of the information technology sector. 

You can enroll in this course at JKUAT, UoN, KU, or Egerton. The entry requirements for Computer Science are as follows:

  • B+ in Mathematics
  • B+ in Physics
  • C+ in English


A Bachelor of Pharmacy program prepares graduates to provide curative and preventive health services with expertise and dedication.  This course spans five years and equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills. The entry requirements for Pharmacy are as follows:

  • B- in Chemistry
  • B- in Biology
  • B- in Mathematics or Physics
  • B- in English or Kiswahili subjects

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Best Courses for A- Students

Students who achieve an A- grade in their KCSE exams still have opportunities to pursue various degree courses at top Kenyan universities. Some of the courses available for A- students include:


A Bachelor of Science degree in finance or economics prepares graduates to take positions in economics and finance. Top universities in Kenya offer this course and require a minimum of C+ in KCSE. The minimum scores for the cluster subjects are as follows:

  • C+ in Mathematics
  • B plain in Economics, Accounting, Commerce, or Business Studies

Information Technology

This course provides students with technical, technological, and software knowledge and abilities. To be eligible for this course, a minimum score of C+ in KCSE and a C+ in English and Mathematics are needed.

Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveying is a four-year degree program that enables learners to conceptualize and find solutions to problems in civil engineering construction.

This course requires a minimum grade of a C+ in KCSE, with the following minimum scores for the cluster subjects:

  • C+ in English
  • C+ in Mathematics
  • C+ in Geography, History, or CRE
  • C+ in Biology, Chemistry, Business Studies, Agriculture, or Art and Design

Clinical Medicine

The Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine equips learners with skills, knowledge, and attitude to implement and harness clinical skills, conduct research, and improve healthcare delivery.

 To qualify for this program, a minimum score of C+ in KCSE is required, with the following minimum scores for the cluster subjects:

  • C+ in Biology
  • C+ in Chemistry
  • C+ in Mathematics or Physics
  • C+ in English or Kiswahili subjects.

Geospatial Engineering

Geospatial engineering is a relatively recent addition to the engineering field.

 The essential admission requirement for this course is a C+ in KCSE, along with the following minimum scores for the cluster subjects:

  • C+ in Mathematics
  • C+ in Physics
  • C+ in Chemistry
  • C+ in Biology

Mechanical Engineering

One of the most diverse engineering fields is mechanical engineering. Engineering mechanics create, develop, construct, and test. They deal with machinery and its components.

Enrolling in this five-year course requires a minimum grade of B- in KCSE. The following minimum grades for the cluster subjects are also required:

  • C+ in Mathematics
  • C+ in Physics
  • C+ in Chemistry
  • C+ in Biology or Geography

Software Engineering

Students who complete the four-year software engineering program are given the abilities needed to succeed in the rapidly evolving area of computers.

 A minimum KCSE score of B plain is needed to be qualified for this program, as well as the following minimum scores in the cluster subjects:

  • C+ in Mathematics
  • C+ in Physics
  • C+ in English or Kiswahili subjects.


Nursing includes providing independent and team-based care to people of all ages, families, groups, and communities.

Requirements for this course include a minimum grade of B+ in KCSE examinations is required. The entry requirements for nursing are as follows:

  • C+ in Biology
  • C+ in Chemistry
  • C+ in Physics or Mathematics
  • C+ in English or Kiswahili subjects.


If you have achieved outstanding results in your KCSE exams, congratulations on your remarkable accomplishment.  As you consider your career path, exploring the best courses available for A and A- students is essential. Enrolling in prestigious degree programs by renowned Kenyan universities can lay a solid foundation for a successful future. Whether you want to work in engineering, law, medicine, or another sector, several chances are available. Select a course that suits your interests and objectives after considering your interests and aptitudes.  With your academic excellence and dedication, you are poised to significantly impact your chosen field and embark on a fulfilling professional journey.

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1. Can A- students pursue the same courses as A students?

Yes, A- students can still pursue many of the courses available for A students. While some institutions may have slightly different entry requirements, A- students have excellent opportunities to enroll in the best degree programs.

2. Are there scholarships available for A and A- students?

Many universities and organizations offer scholarships and financial aid programs for high-achieving students. Researching and applying for scholarships that align with your academic achievements is advisable.

3. How can I select the best course to start my career journey?

Consider your interests, strengths, and long-term objectives when selecting a course. Research the career prospects, job market demand, and growth opportunities in your desired field. Seek guidance from mentors, teachers, and career counselors to make an informed decision.

4. Can I change my course after enrolling?

Sometimes, universities allow students to change their course within a specific timeframe and subject to certain conditions. However, the availability and process for changing courses may vary among institutions. It is best to consult with the university's academic advisors or admissions office for guidance on course change procedures.

5. What are the prospects for job placement in these courses?

Many of the courses mentioned in this article have excellent job prospects. However, the job market is dynamic, and staying updated on your chosen field's current trends and demands is essential. Conducting research and networking with professionals in the industry can provide valuable insights into the job opportunities available.

6. are there private universities that offer these courses?

Both public and private universities in Kenya offer many of the courses mentioned in this article. The choice depends on factors such as personal preferences, financial considerations, and specific offerings of each university. Researching and comparing different universities is crucial to find the one that best meets your needs and aspirations.

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