Top internet service providers in Kenya[2024]: Comparison of Services, Speeds, and Pricing

Explore our in-depth Kenya ISP Guide 2024 for the latest rates, speeds, and services. Find the ideal internet provider for your needs in Kenya today!

Nov 23, 2023 - 02:05
Nov 23, 2023 - 13:09
Top internet service providers in Kenya[2024]: Comparison of Services, Speeds, and Pricing
Top internet service providers in Kenya[2024]: Comparison of Services, Speeds, and Pricing

In the digital era, where connectivity is as crucial as electricity, understanding the landscape of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Kenya becomes vital for individuals and businesses. The East African nation, known for its dynamic economy and technological advancements, boasts diverse ISPs, each offering unique packages and rates tailored to different user needs. From bustling Nairobi to the serene coastal regions, reliable and affordable internet is paramount, shaping how Kenyans interact, work, and entertain themselves.

With a plethora of options comes the challenge of choice. In Kenya, ISPs vary in pricing and service coverage, speed, and additional benefits, making the decision process more intricate for potential subscribers. Some providers focus on comprehensive national coverage, while others target niche markets or specific geographic areas. The rates these ISPs charge are influenced by many factors, including internet speed, technology (such as fiber, satellite, or mobile data), and bundled services like TV and phone packages.

This article dives deep into the Kenyan ISP market, presenting a detailed overview of the available providers, their service offerings, and pricing structures. Whether you're a student needing high-speed internet for research, a small business seeking a reliable connection, or a household looking for the best value for home entertainment and browsing, this guide aims to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice. As we explore the diverse world of Kenyan ISPs, we'll uncover how they cater to the varying demands of a connected nation and what makes each of them stand out in this competitive market.

Stay tuned as we navigate Kenya's intricate web of internet service options, ensuring you have the necessary insights to choose the ISP that best fits your digital lifestyle.


Overview of Internet Service Providers in Kenya

As the digital revolution continues to sweep across Kenya, the role of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) has become increasingly significant. In a country where internet connectivity is a key driver of socio-economic growth, the diversity and capability of ISPs are crucial. This section provides a bird's-eye view of the various ISPs operating in Kenya, highlighting their coverage areas and general service offerings.

The Diversity of ISPs in Kenya

Kenya's ISP market is characterized by a mix of large, well-established companies and smaller, niche providers. Some ISPs have a national presence, offering services nationwide, while others focus on specific regions or communities. This diversity ensures that options are available to meet your internet needs, whether you're in a major city like Nairobi or more remote areas.

General Service Offerings

The services offered by Kenyan ISPs can broadly be categorized into residential and business internet solutions. Residential services often include broadband options like fiber, satellite, and mobile data, catering to different usage patterns and budgets. On the other hand, business services are tailored to meet commercial enterprises' demands, offering higher speeds, enhanced security, and dedicated support.

Coverage Areas

While some ISPs boast nationwide coverage, leveraging Kenya's growing telecommunication infrastructure, others offer more localized services. The choice of an ISP is often influenced by the area of residence or operation, as some regions may have limited options due to logistical or infrastructural constraints.

The next section will delve deeper into the specifics of significant ISPs in Kenya, examining their service plans, speed ranges, and pricing structures. This detailed look will provide a clearer picture of what each ISP brings, helping you navigate the choices available in Kenya's vibrant internet market.

Detailed Look at Major ISPs and Their Rates

Several significant players stand out in Kenya's dynamic ISP market due to their comprehensive service offerings, widespread coverage, and competitive pricing. This section delves into the details of three major ISPs - Zuku, Safaricom, and Faiba - providing insights into their service plans, speed offerings, and pricing to help you make an informed choice.


1. Zuku


Zuku, a well-known ISP in Kenya, is part of the Wananchi Group and offers a range of internet services under the banner of Zuku Fibre. They are particularly noted for their unlimited connectivity options.

  • Internet-only Plans:

·         10Mbps at KES 2,799

·         20Mbps at KES 4,199

·         60Mbps at KES 5,999

  • Triple Play Packages (Internet + TV Channels):

·         10Mbps + 60 channels at KES 2,899

·         20Mbps + 60 channels at KES 4,399

·         60Mbps + 60 channels at KES 6,299

  • Speed Range: 10 - 500Mbps
  • Price Range: KES 2,799 - 6,299​​​​

 2. Safaricom


Safaricom, one of Kenya's leading mobile network operators, provides fast and reliable home Wi-Fi services. They offer a variety of plans catering to different user needs.

  • Home Plans:

·         Bronze (8Mbps) at KES 2,999

·         Silver (20Mbps) at KES 4,100

·         Gold (40Mbps) at KES 6,299

·         Diamond (100Mbps) at KES 12,499

  • Home Plus Plans:

·         Home Plus 1000 (5GB + 400Min + 1000SMS) at KES 1,000

·         Home Plus 2000 (15GB + 1000Min + 2000SMS) at KES 2,000

·         Home Plus 3000 (25GB + 1500Min + 3000SMS) at KES 3,000

·         Home Plus 5000 (35GB + 2500Min + 5000SMS) at KES 5,000

  • Speed Range: 8 - 100Mbps
  • Price Range: KES 2,999 - 15,699​​​​

 3. Faiba


Faiba, operated by Jamii Telecommunications Ltd., is known for its affordable Wi-Fi packages. They offer both home and business internet plans.

  • Faiba Home Plans:

·         30Mbps at KES 5,250

·         50Mbps at KES 10,500

·         75Mbps at KES 15,750

·         125Mbps at KES 21,000

  • Faiba Business Plans:

·         15Mbps for 1-10 users at KES 10,000

·         25Mbps for 11-20 users at KES 15,000

·         40Mbps for 21-30 users at KES 25,000

·         60Mbps for 31-40 users at KES 30,000

·         75Mbps for 41-50 users at KES 40,000

·         100Mbps for 51-65 users at KES 55,000

  • Speed Range: 15 - 125Mbps
  • Price Range: KES 5,250 - 55,000​​​​

These ISPs represent the diverse options available in Kenya, catering to different user preferences and requirements. From affordable home plans to high-speed business packages, they offer a spectrum of services to meet the digital needs of Kenyans.


Additional ISPs and Their Unique Offerings

While Zuku, Safaricom, and Faiba are among the more prominent ISPs in Kenya, other providers also play a significant role in the market, each with unique offerings and specialized services. This section highlights Telkom, Airtel, and Poa!, detailing their services and pricing structures.


4. Telkom


Telkom Kenya is a crucial player in the Kenyan ISP market, known for its mobile network and internet services. They recently introduced home plans that cater to various needs.

  • Data Bundles:

·         5GB at KES 250 (24 hours)

·         13GB at KES 1,000 (30 days)

·         30GB at KES 2,000 (30 days)

·         50GB at KES 3,000 (30 days)

·         Daily 13.3 GB Fair Usage Policy at KES 4,000 (30 days)

·         Daily 16.6 GB Fair Usage Policy at KES 5,500 (30 days)

·         100GB at KES 6,000 (90 days)

  • Price Range: KES 250 - 6,000​​​​


5. Airtel


Airtel Kenya offers a range of Wi-Fi connectivity options and bundle plans catering to different user segments.

  • 4G SmartBox Data Bundles:

·         40GB at KES 2,000 (30 days)

·         70GB at KES 3,000 (30 days)

·         100GB at KES 4,000 (30 days)

  • 30 Days Data Bundles:

·         3GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 500MB Airtel TV Data at KES 300

·         5GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 500MB Airtel TV Data at KES 500

·         12GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 500MB Airtel TV Data at KES 1,000

·         20GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 1GB Airtel TV Data at KES 1,500

·         30GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 1GB Airtel TV Data at KES 2,000

·         50GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 1GB Airtel TV Data at KES 3,000​​​​​​

6. Poa!


Poa! is renowned for offering affordable internet solutions, particularly in underserved communities around Nairobi and its environs.

  • Poa! Home Internet: Unlimited home internet at KES 1,500 per month
  • Poa! Street Wi-Fi:

·         100MB FREE data daily

·         Over 10,000 hotspots

·         KES 20 for every 1GB of data after free usage with no expiry date

  • Price: KES 1,500​​​​​​

These ISPs provide various services, from affordable home internet options to specialized packages for mobile users. They play a crucial role in catering to the diverse needs of the Kenyan market, ensuring internet accessibility across different regions and communities.


Emerging ISPs and Niche Market Services

In addition to the established players in the Kenyan ISP market, emerging providers cater to niche segments, offering specialized services and targeting specific geographic areas. This section introduces two ISPs - Liquid Home and SurfNet Solutions - and explores their unique offerings.


7. Liquid Home


Liquid Home, serving primarily Nairobi and its surroundings, is known for its reliable and high-quality internet services.

  • Internet Packages:

·         Basic Fibre 5Mbps at KES 2,499

·         Fast Fibre 10Mbps at KES 3,499

·         Super Fast Fibre 25Mbps at KES 5,199

·         Lightning Fast Fibre 50Mbps at KES 6,839

·         Turbo Charged Fibre 100Mbps at KES 11,999

·         Wimax 5Mbps at KES 2,499

·         Wimax 10Mbps at KES 3,499

  • Speed Range: 5 - 100Mbps
  • Price Range: KES 2,499 - 11,999​​​​​​


8.SurfNet Solutions


SurfNet Solutions is a significant ISP in Kajiado, Machakos, and Nairobi regions, known for its reliable and high-speed internet connectivity.

  • Home Fibre Plans:

·         10Mbps at KES 2,400

·         20Mbps at KES 3,500

·         40Mbps at KES 5,000

  • Home Wireless Plans:

·         5Mbps at KES 2,400

·         8Mbps at KES 3,000

·         20Mbps at KES 5,000

  • Business Packages:

·         6Mbps at KES 5,000

·         12Mbps at KES 8,000

·         45Mbps at KES 25,000

  • Speed Range: 5 - 45Mbps
  • Price Range: KES 2,400 - 25,000​​​​​​

Liquid Home and SurfNet Solutions exemplify the evolving nature of Kenya's ISP market, addressing specific needs and locations with tailored services. They highlight the market's capacity to innovate and adapt, ensuring that diverse consumer requirements are met.


FAQs: Understanding ISPs in Kenya

This section addresses some of the frequently asked questions regarding Internet Service Providers in Kenya. This will help clarify common queries and provide additional insights into choosing the right ISP.


1. What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing an ISP in Kenya?


When selecting an ISP, consider factors such as:

  • Coverage Area: Ensure the ISP offers services in your region.
  • Internet Speed: Choose a speed that matches your usage needs.
  • Pricing: Compare different plans and prices to find one that fits your budget.
  • Service Reliability: Look for ISPs with a consistent and reliable service reputation.
  • Customer Support: Good customer service is essential for addressing connectivity issues.

2. Which ISPs in Kenya Offer the Best Rates for Home Internet?


The best rates depend on your specific needs:

  • For affordable options, consider Poa! or Zuku.
  • For higher speeds and comprehensive packages, Safaricom and Faiba are strong contenders.
  • It's advisable to compare the latest plans and prices as they can change frequently.

3. Are There Any ISPs That Specialize in Business Internet Services?


Yes, several ISPs offer specialized business plans:

  • Safaricom and Faiba provide tailored solutions for different business sizes.
  • Liquid Home and SurfNet Solutions also have packages for business needs, especially in specific geographic areas.

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Navigating through the myriad Internet Service Providers in Kenya can be daunting. However, with the correct information and a clear understanding of your needs, finding the perfect ISP becomes much more manageable. This comprehensive guide has explored the diverse landscape of ISPs in Kenya, covering major providers like Zuku, Safaricom, and Faiba and emerging ISPs such as Liquid Home and SurfNet Solutions.


Whether your priority is affordability, high-speed connectivity, reliable business solutions, or specialized regional services, an ISP in Kenya caters to your requirements. By considering coverage, speed, pricing, and service reliability, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your digital lifestyle or business needs.

In this rapidly evolving digital age, having a dependable internet connection is more important than ever. We hope this guide assists you in making a choice that not only meets your current internet needs but supports your future digital endeavors.