Top picnic sites to visit in Kenya during holidays

Are you looking for a great place to go for a picnic in Kenya? then explore our collection of places that will give the options of places you want to visit.

Sep 25, 2023 - 13:04
Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays
Top picnic sites to visit in Kenya during holidays

There is a feeling that nature gives you when you interact with the natural environment from nature reserves to the wildlife parks and game reserves, from the lakeside showers to coastal ocean beaches. Kenya has been a home of tourism both domestic and international tourism from vast wildlife diversity and cultural diversity to coastal old cities to modern hub cities.

Here is a list of some of the top Kenyan tourist destinations that you don’t want to miss for you to get a thrilling experience on your next visit to Kenya.

Nairobi National Park

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Nairobi National Park is the only wildfire park in the world that is so close to the city found within the outskirts of Nairobi City. It is the home of many wildfire animals hosting four of the Big Five. 

The distance from the City’s CBD to the park is 15.6km which is accessible by means of road. The park will give you the full experience with a safari game tour around the park, ivory burning Site Monuments, Walking trails at hippo pools, rhino sanctuaries, and an orphanage for endangered wildlife species. 

The park also provides a wide range of accommodations for both local and international tourists which includes safari lodges, safari hotels, and camps that are cost affordable.

Hell's Gate National Park

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Hell's Gate National Park is one of the most atmospheric parks known for its wide variety of wildlife and its scenery found on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. It is an ideal place to visit with spectacular sceneries including towering cliffs, Stark rock towers,scrub-clad volcanoes, bleaching plumes of geothermal steam and a wide variety of wildlife including African Buffalo, Zebra, Thomson's gazelle, Baboons, antelopes, andMore than 100 species of birds.

This park is accessible by tarmac road from Nairobi (90kms) via Naivasha Town on Lake Road South at a junction 5km south of Naivasha or by air to Naivasha airstrip.

In addition, the park offers you the chance to engage in other activities including Mountain biking, Hiking, rock climbing, camping, game viewing, and bird watching which will give the full game experience.

The park also provides accommodations for both local and international tourists at, Naiburta, and Oldubai Campsite.

Masai Mara National reserve 

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

The Masai Mara Reserve is known worldwide for its huge population of wild cats and the breathtaking natural phenomenon annual Great migration of wildebeest across the Mara River from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Masai Mara sprawling across acres of savannah grassland. 

Masai Mara is located in the southern part of Kenya along the Great Rift Valley region in Narok Count, 224 km away from the capital city, Nairobi. It is accessible from all parts of the country using road transport or air which are offered by domestic flights. 

The Masai Mara National Reserve offers a wide variety of activities to both local and international tourists from Safari Game tours, Sky diving, and high-flying air balloon adventures experience the rich culture of the Masai people which you get to learn their way of life from food, dressing to their historic origin.

There are countless accommodation options available in the Masai Mara National Reserve ranging from suspended air lodges to tented camps.

Diani Beach

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Diana Beach is located at the coastal line of the Indian Ocean in Mombasa, Kenya 30km south of Mombasa city. It is known for its cool and warm climate surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean blue water and white sandy beaches.

The Beach is a popular destination for most local and international tourists who want to try out coastal adventures with a range of activities including swimming, water diving, surfing, sunbathing boat water tour of the Indian Ocean deep fishing, and game view of the marine wildlife at the marine parks along the beach.

Diani Beach is also home to water sporting activities including boat riding Kayaking, jet-skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, and scuba-diving attracting most tourists who are fans of water sports.

The are countless accommodation options including Water Lovers Beach Resorts, Kinondo Kwetu Lodge, The Sand at Nomad Resort, etc.

Lake Nakuru National Park 

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Lake Nakuru National Park is strategically located in the central part of Kenya northwestern from the Capital city, Nairobi the outskirts of Nakuru City on the floor of the Great Rift Valley.

The National Park has beautiful sceneries characterized by woodlands and savannah grasslands which are habitats to different wildlife species including waterbucks, white rhinos, black rhinos, Rothschild giraffes, leopards, lions, and cheetahs among others, the breathtaking landscape includes steep rocky escarpments, dense forests, and hills, thousands of flamingos birds at the shows of Lake Nakuru and other bird species such as African fish eagle, goliath heron, hammer kops, pied kingfishers, eagles, white pelicans, Hottentot teals, starlings, black-winged lapwings, crab plovers, grey crowned cranes, and many others.

There are quiet activities that you can engage with including a Game drive around the park for wildlife viewing, bird watching at the shows of Lake Nakuru hiking along the floor of Great Rift Valley, and hill-climbing which provides the viewpoint of different wildlife at the park.

The park is accessible from all parts of the country by means of road and air using domestic flights. Accommodation facilities are available at Nakuru City a few minutes' drive to the park and around Lake Nakuru National Park including Sarova Lion Hill Lodge, Lake Nakuru Lodge, Lake Nakuru Flamingo Lodge, Merica Hotel, Mbweha Camp, Miali Saba Camp, Mirius Guesthouse, Hotel waterbuck Nakuru among others   

Tsavo National Park 

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Tsavo East National Park is one of the iconic and largest national parks in Kenya home to many wildlife species with quite a few eater lions and a main tourist attraction destination in Kenya. 

The park is in the southwestern part of Kenya and is made up of two parks Tsavo East and Tsavo West which consist of rugged landscapes of mountains and wooden and savannah grassland. It consists of various features ranging from wildlife as the home of many species including lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, hippos, rhinos, giraffes, and among others, Mzima springs and Shetani lava flow which flows across the savannah

There are several activities that you can engage in during your visit ranging from Game drives across the vast Tsavo National Park for wildlife viewing, Bird watching of more than 100 species, Nature walks, and hiking across the savannah grasslands of Tsavo Park.

The park is accessible from all parts of the country by means of a round along the Nairobi- Mombasa highway or by flight from the local domestic flight providers.

There are places for accommodation for different economic classes and affordable around the national park which will give you a thrilling experience on your visit.

Ngong Hills

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Ngong Hills is a series of hills on the Great Rift Valley located 25km to the southwestern of the capital city, Nairobi. The hills are covered by Ngong forest with exotic and indigenous trees and vegetation which gives a 0cool and serene environment for hanging out and connecting with nature. It gives the best experience with the view of Nairobi’s skyline, The Great Rift Valley, The vast savannah of Nairobi National Park, and the peak of Mt Suswa.

There are quite activities you can engage in during visits including hiking on the seven hills of Ngong Hills, Zip lining adventures, and bike riding through the food paths of Ngong forest.

Amboseli National Park

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Amboseli National Park Kenya is one of the dream destinations for any nature explorer and one of Kenya’s Safari parks known as the home of a big herd of elephants and the stunning views of Mt Kilimanjaro located 365 kilometers southeast of the Capital Nairobi in the southern part of Kenya on the floor of the Great Rift Valley bordering Tanzania in Kajiado county.

The park covers an area of 392 square kilometers spread across acacia woodlands, rocky thorny bushes, and seasonal Lake Amboseli. 

The visit to the park will give you the best experience and a chance to see the different species of wildlife including elephant, buffalo, impalas, lion, zebra, and wildebeest among over 100 species of birds including African swamp hen, Common redshank, Greater and Lesser flamingo, Pangani longclaw, Taveta golden weaver, hornbill, Yellow-necked spurfowl and many more. You will also have a clear view of the snowcapped peak of Mt Kilimanjaro which offers the best scenic view for photography

The park is accessible from all parts of the country by means of road and through tarmac and all-weathered roads and air from domestic flight providers.

There are several activities that one can engage in including game viewing, bird watching Safari walks and hiking, hot air balloon safari, nature photography, and cultural interaction with the Maasai people.

Accommodations are available around the National Park with nice facilities and affordable which give a great view of the ice-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro spectacular scenery of the park’s landscape and close sight of your favorite wildlife including Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge, Tawi Lodge Amboseli, Kibo Safari Camp Amboseli, OI Tukai Lodge Amboseli, Sentrim Amboseli Lodge among others.

Nairobi Safari Walk

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

The Nairobi safari walk is located inside the Kenya Wildlife Service head office (KWS Headquarters off Lang’ata Road, which is 7 km away from Nairobi CBD. Nairobi Safari Walk is a 2.5-kilometer walk in the Nairobi National Park which you put in your bucket list as a local or international tourist. This activity offers you a chance to encounter and interact with nature and wildlife with an adventurous view of the landscape.

The raised wooden boardwalk will give you a spectacular view of different species of wildlife allowing tourists to discover natural diversity and ecosystem. Along the wooden trail, some shades provide you with a resting place for a moment of meditation as you enjoy the forest sights and sounds. The park can give you a chance to try several activities ranging from Game drives, Bird-watching Game walks, Photography, and corporate and special events among others

Entry charges paid to the KWS at the gate are economically friendly with payment varying for both adults and children

Samburu National Reserve

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Are you an adventurous person looking for a place to visit in the Northern part of Kenya? Then you need to visit The Samburu National Reserve.

Samburu National Reserve is located at the banks of Ewaso Ngiro River in Samburu County 350 kilometers to the north of the Capital Nairobi. It is a unique wildlife conservancy for rare wildlife species such as the Grevy Zebra, Somali Ostrich, Reticulated Giraffe, Gerenuk, and Beisa Oryx

It offers you a range of activities such as game viewing, bird watching nature walks, and hiking across the stunning geographical terrains of Samburu County, The Samburu culture tour allows you to interact with the Samburu people and, Camel walk safaris.

The Game reserve is accessible from all parts by road en route to Maralal town or by air to Buffalo Spring and Kalama Airstrip is offered by domestic air flights.

Accommodation is available within the reserve ranging from safari lodges, tented camps, and camping sites with nice facilities and affordable. 

The Oloolua Nature Trail

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

The Oloolua Nature Trail is located on Native Tropical Oloolua forest in the suburbs of Nairobi, in Karen which is 20km from the Capital CBD.

The Nature trail consists of natural caves, beautiful waterfalls, and Bamboo resting points that give you a feel of relaxation due to its cool atmosphere and serene nature with soothing sounds of trickling water and cheeping birds that turn you into a peaceful mood. 

The trail is a wonderful place for people who love nature walks, as they walk through the dense woodland of indigenous trees, and for those who like evening camping, Oloolua Nature Trail will give the right space to do it.

The Nature trail is accessible through the Karen-Bogon Road Junction.

If you’re a nature lover, make sure you don’t miss this thrilling experience consider it at your next place of visit over the weekend and holidays 

Lamu Island

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Lamu Island is in the Indian Ocean off Kenya’s coastal shows. It is the oldest coastal town inhabited by the Swahili people with a rich Swahili-Muslim culture and wide historical identity reflected in age-old buildings with Arabic and Indian architectural designs with people still using donkeys as a form of transport. 

The major sites you should visit include Lamu Fort and Museum and Manda Island  with a range of places and activities you can enjoy during your visit including

  • Walking through the ancient alleyways of the old Lamu town.
  • Walking through the Corniche Sea paths 
  • Dining Swahili coastal cuisines
  • Visit Boho- Chic Shela Village
  • Walk through the Lamu Epic Golden Beaches 
  • Visit the historic landmarks and museums including Lamu waterfront, Lamu Fort, Riyadha Mosque, and The Fort of Shela.
  • Experience Off Island Adventures
  • Interacting with Swahili people and learning their culture and way of life 
  • Experience Spectacular Swahili sunrises and sunset

Top Things You can do: Windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, and water skiing.

 Mount Kenya & Mount Kenya National Park

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Mt Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa with breathtaking sceneries including snow peaks capped by lakers, tarns, glaciers mineral springs dense forest with indigenous trees and vegetation, and many rare and endangered species of animals covering the mountain.

Mt Kenya National Park is on the slopes of Mt Kenya, it is located in the central region of Kenya 175km from the Capital city, Nairobi, the park is accessible from all parts of the country by roads through the Nanyuki-Isiolo road via Sirimon Track or Nyeri-Nanyuki road via Naro Moru. or via Chogoria on the Embu - Meru highway.

The home of many wildlife animals including elephants, white mongoose leopards, and other endangered species therefore one the Kenya’s preferred destinations that will give a full wildlife safari tour, where you can experience several activities ranging from mountain climbing, camping, and cave explorations to Game viewing.

Accommodation is available ranging from guest lodges to tent camps with nice facilities and affordable.

Fourteen Falls

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

This is one hidden gem you should visit as it will give an amazing experience to see water flows down the Fourteen Falls. The Fourteen Falls is along River Athi, located in Thika, Kiambu County 65 Km away North-East of the capital city, Nairobi. There are several activities you can do including boating, bird watching, fishing, and photography. 

Haller park

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Haller Park is a nature park located in Bamburi North coast of Mombasa City along the Mombasa-Malindi highway,on the Kenyan Coastal region.

It is a home to different species of fauna and flora including giraffes, buffalos, antelopes and Hippos with different animal sections to visit including

  • Wildlife sanctuary that is home to Hippos- a buffalo, oryx, and waterbirds, herons, kingfishers Owls, Eagle among others
  • Animal orphanage home for injured and rescued animals 
  • Reptile Park is home to many species of reptiles including different species of snakes, crocodiles, lizards, and tortoises among others
  • Warthog Bomas home for warthogs 
  • Forest Walk across the park while interacting with nature featuring mangroves, palms, and indigenous shade trees.

Kiboko Bay

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Kiboko Bay is a resort in Western Kenya at the shows of Lake Victoria. This is both a local and tourist destination that you consider visiting.

It is endowed with amazing charms and natural attractions with a quite number of activities that you can engage with when you visit including

  • Visit the Dunga fishing Village renowned for its riches in culture and tradition of the Dholuo people.
  • A Boat ride in Lake Victoria through the shimmering waters watching the vibrant bird life and sunsets over the endless water of the lake.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary 

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary lies at the shores of Lake Victoria located in the Lake region of Kenya in Kisumu County. The sanctuary is home to a wide range of biodiversity both Fauna and Flora including impalas, the rare Sitatunga, lions, African leopards, buffaloes, Olive baboons vertex monkeys, hyenas hippopotamus, and hundreds of bird species.

It also gives you a view of endless water shows of Lake Victoria and several activities you can engage including: 

  • Wildlife viewing by a game drive across the sanctuary.
  • Bird watching as it is home to more than a hundred species making it a viewpoint for different species of birds.
  • Guided Nature walk exploring the nature and natural habitat of animals and chance to spot various animals and birds.
  • Camping Safari in the sanctuary to get a chance to enjoy the wild nature and interact with the wildlife.

Uhuru Park

Top  picnic sites to visit in Kenya  during holidays

Uhuru Park is one of the scenic places and famous for hanging out within the city. Its environment provides it is a serene atmosphere where you can spend time with your loved ones. The park also has a playground and small water ponds that provide you with the perfect scenes for photography and video shooting. 

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Which are the best places to visit in Kenya? 

Kenya has several places you can go for a holiday ranging from the coastal beaches to the wildlife game reserves 

 What is the cost of going on holiday in Kenya?

Going for a holiday in Kenya’s picnic sites is economically friendly and affordable depending on your destination, the time you will spend, and the activities and places you want to visit

Which are the best shopping places in Kenya?

 Kenya has a variety of places you can do shopping ranging from retail shops to supermarkets, open markets, and malls in different towns within Kenya including Westgate Shopping Mall, The Village Market of Nairobi, The Hub Karen Mall, Diani Shopping Centre, and Nakumatt Nyali Shopping Center. You can also choose shopping from the comfort of your house at the  

What should one buy in Kenya?

If you are an international tourist you should get yourself anything ranging from clothing (Kikois and Khangas ) to glassware, beadwork, and wood carvers including Maasai beads wristbands and necklaces, Beaded Bowls, Hand-Carved Wooden Sculptures.

Which are the best authentic dishes of Kenya?

Kenya will give a wide array of local dishes and cuisines that are locally made which include nyama choma, chapati, Kenyan Pilau Ugali with kales and Kenyan Meat stew, Mokimo, and many other street foods.