TSC Dependents Declaration Form 2024; How To Get Dependants/Widow's & Children's Pension in Kenya

Securing pension benefits for dependants and widows in Kenya? Follow our step-by-step guide on completing the TSC Dependents Declaration Form and ensure a smooth payout

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Jan 7, 2024 - 13:38
TSC Dependents Declaration Form 2024; How To Get Dependants/Widow's & Children's Pension in Kenya
TSC Dependents Declaration Form; How To Get Dependants/Widow's & Children's Pension in Kenya

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in Kenya is crucial in ensuring the welfare of teachers and their dependents. While the TSC was officially established in 1967, its origins can be traced back to the 1950s when dedicated teachers, led by retired President Daniel T Moi, passionately advocated for creating a unified body representing all educators. This effort culminated in forming the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) in 1957, setting the stage for establishing the TSC in 1967. The TSC's primary objective is to provide teachers with a single employer and uniform terms and conditions of service.

Under Article 237(2) of the Kenyan Constitution, the TSC is entrusted with several crucial functions, including:

  1. Registering trained teachers.
  2. Recruiting and employing registered teachers.
  3. Assigning teachers employed by the Commission to public schools or institutions.
  4. Promoting and transferring teachers.
  5. Exercising disciplinary control over teachers.
  6. Terminating the employment of teachers.
  7. Reviewing the standards of education and training for individuals entering the teaching profession.
  8. Assessing the demand for and supply of teachers.
  9. Advising the national government on matters concerning the teaching profession.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the crucial aspects of the TSC Dependents Declaration Form, Dependants/Widow's & Children's Pension in Kenya. We will explore the steps involved in completing the declaration form and outline the requirements to ensure a smooth and timely pension payout for dependants and widows of deceased pensioners.

How to Complete the Declaration Form

Step 1: Obtaining the Form

The Ministry of Finance, Republic of Kenya, provides the Dependants Pension/Widow's & Children's Pension Declaration Form free of charge, and its sale is strictly prohibited. Claimants must obtain the form from the appropriate authorities.

Step 2: Accurate and Truthful Completion

Claimants should meticulously fill out the declaration form, ensuring accuracy and truthfulness in all provided information. This form is a critical document in determining eligibility for pension benefits.

Step 3: Required Documentation

To support the pension claims, claimants must provide the following essential documents:

Photocopies of ID Cards

Claimants should include photocopies of their national identity cards (ID) and those of the two declarants listed in Part II (a) and (b) of the form. These copies should be certified by the local chief.

Birth Certificates

Originals and photocopies of the children's birth certificates must be submitted. These documents are vital for establishing the children's eligibility for pension benefits.

Letters from Schools or Institutions

For children currently pursuing full-time education, original letters from the heads of their respective schools or institutions must be included. These letters should be signed and stamped by the appropriate authorities.

Local Area Chief's Affidavit

Claimants should obtain an affidavit or a letter from their local area chief on the original letterhead. This document should support the claimant's relationship with the deceased and bear the original chief's stamp. All letters and affidavits must be original and stamped.

Guardian's Birth Certificate (if applicable)

Suppose the guardian of the minor children is a child of the deceased pensioner. In that case, the original and a photocopy of the guardian's birth certificate should be provided.

Consistency in Name and Signature

The Pensions Department requires claimants to include their full names and signatures on all forms, ensuring they match the details on their national ID card. Adherence to this requirement is vital to prevent processing delays in pension benefits.


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Final Thoughts

Navigating the process of securing pension benefits for dependants and widows of deceased pensioners in Kenya requires careful attention to detail and adherence to the outlined guidelines. By providing accurate information and supporting documentation, claimants can help ensure a smooth and timely pension payout. The Teachers Service Commission continues to play a vital role in safeguarding the welfare of educators and their families, reflecting its commitment to the teaching profession.

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