TSC New Salary Scale for Teachers in Junior Secondary Schools

In this article, we closely examine the New New Salary Scale for Teachers in Junior Secondary Schools. Here is what you need to know.

Aug 19, 2023 - 18:45
Sep 22, 2023 - 08:36
TSC New Salary Scale for Teachers in Junior Secondary Schools
TSC New Salary Scale for Teachers in Junior Secondary Schools

The educational landscape in Kenya is undergoing a significant transformation, and one of the latest developments is the Teacher Service Commission's (TSC) introduction of a new salary scale for teachers in junior secondary schools. By implementing the competency-based curriculum, teachers are at the forefront of shaping students' learning experiences. This article delves into the new pay structure, the qualifications required for teachers, and the benefits of these teaching positions.

Key Takeaways

  1. The TSC prioritizes qualified teachers with higher academic credentials to ensure students receive the best education.
  2. Junior secondary school teachers begin at job grade C2, with a monthly salary ranging from sh 34,955 tosh 43,694.
  3. Teachers' commitment is rewarded with automatic progression to job grade C3 after three years, highlighting their dedication to professional development.
  4. Teachers receive supplementary benefits like medical insurance, gratuity, and pension plans, securing their financial future.
  5. Effective school administration is crucial, and qualified JSS principals receive competitive salaries and various allowances to support their leadership roles.

Qualifications and Deployment of Teachers

To ensure that students receive a high-quality education in junior secondary schools, the TSC has established specific criteria for deploying teachers. Priority is given to primary school teachers with higher academic qualifications, such as a diploma in education and above. These teachers, still in the process of securing promotions as per the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG), are chosen to teach learners in grades 7, 8, and 9. This prioritization ensures that educators with advanced knowledge and pedagogical skills are assigned these crucial roles, guaranteeing a well-rounded learning experience for students.

The New Salary Scale for Teachers

Teachers entrusted with instructing junior secondary school students will commence their journey at job grade C2. Their basic salary scale ranges from a minimum of sh 34,955 to a maximum of sh 43,694 per month. This remuneration reflects the importance of their role in providing quality education and compensates them fairly for their dedication and contributions to shaping the next generation.

Salary Scale for Grade III Teacher(formerly Job Group J) Posted outside Nairobi City

1 J C1 27.195 27.195 4.000 7.500 38.695
2 J C1 28.755 28.755 4.000 7.500 40.255
3 J C1 30.405 30.405 4.000 7.500 41.905
4 J C1 32.149 32.149 4.000 7.500 43.649
5 J C1 33.994 33.994 4.000 7.500 45.494

Career Progression and Benefits

Junior secondary school teachers can look forward to opportunities for career progression as outlined in the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG). Upon completing three years of teaching at this level, teachers will automatically ascend to job grade C3, a testament to their experience and commitment to continuous professional growth. In addition to their competitive salaries, teachers employed by the TSC enjoy an array of supplementary benefits and allowances. These include medical insurance, gratuity, and pension plans, ensuring their financial well-being and securing their futures within the teaching profession.

Deployment of Qualified Principals

The role of effective school administration in creating an optimal learning environment cannot be overstated, and the TSC acknowledges this by ensuring qualified principals are appointed in junior secondary schools. Newly appointed Junior Secondary School (JSS) principals are guaranteed a basic salary of sh 34,955. Additionally, they are entitled to various allowances that recognize the challenges and responsibilities of leading an educational institution. These allowances include a house allowance of sh 7,500, a hardship allowance of sh 10,900, a commuter allowance of sh 5,000, and a leave allowance of sh 6,000, disbursed annually in January. These measures underscore the TSC's commitment to supporting and empowering school leaders.

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Final Thoughts

The TSC's introduction of a new salary scale for junior secondary school teachers reflects the evolving educational landscape in Kenya. With a focus on qualifications, fair compensation, and professional development, this initiative aims to create an environment where teachers can thrive while providing students with a quality education. The commitment to educators and school leaders showcases the TSC's dedication to fostering a robust education system.


Who benefits from the new salary scale?

    • Teachers in junior secondary schools, as well as qualified principals, benefit from the new pay structure.

What are the criteria for teacher deployment?

    • Teachers with higher academic qualifications, such as diplomas in education and above, are given priority for teaching roles in grades 7, 8, and 9.

Are there opportunities for career growth?

    • Yes, teachers can progress to job grade C3 after three years of teaching at the junior secondary school level.

What benefits do teachers receive besides their salary?

    • Teachers enjoy supplementary benefits, including medical insurance, gratuity, and pension plans.

Why are qualified principals crucial for junior secondary schools?

    • Effective school administration is vital for creating a conducive learning environment, and qualified principals ensure smooth operations and optimal leadership.


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