TSC Promotions Lists per County 2023: A Comprehensive Overview

Explore the comprehensive TSC promotions list for 2023, reflecting the dedication of over 16,000 teachers in Kenya. Discover the criteria, distribution, and categories of promotions by county.

Oct 3, 2023 - 14:51
TSC Promotions Lists per County 2023: A Comprehensive Overview
TSC Promotions Lists per County 2023: A Comprehensive Overview

To ensure a well-balanced and equitable education system, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Kenya has recently released its promotions list for 2023. This list reflects the dedication of over 16,000 teachers and their commitment to the education sector. This article delves into the TSC promotions list per county for 2023, providing insight into the criteria, distribution, and categories of promotions.

According to the TSC, the promotions in 2023 are primarily based on career progression guidelines and various other factors, including regional balance, gender equity, and affirmative action for Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASAL) counties. These promotions aim to enhance the educational landscape in Kenya and uplift the teaching profession.

Distribution of Promotions

The TSC promotions for 2023 have been distributed relatively across different regions of Kenya. Kiambu County leads the pack with the most promoted teachers, closely followed by Kisii and Kakamega. This regional distribution ensures that educational institutions nationwide benefit from experienced and skilled educators.

Promotions in the teaching profession come in various categories. In this year's promotions, teachers will fill positions for Deputy Principals I and II, Senior Master IV in secondary schools, and Head Teachers and Deputy Head Teachers II in primary schools. The TSC has also outlined guidelines for the number of school administrative positions to address the shortage of Deputy School Heads, Senior Teachers, and Masters.

Teachers who have previously served in acting roles will receive priority during promotion. This recognition emphasizes the valuable experience gained while temporarily fulfilling leadership positions.

Career Progression

To illustrate the career progression clearly, 6,214 teachers are set to move up one level, and 5,436 teachers will advance by two levels, from grade B5 (Primary Teacher I) to grade C1 (Primary Teacher II). This progression aligns with Regulation 74 of the Code of Regulations for Teachers (CORT) and is contingent on budget availability.

The TSC also plans to promote additional teachers through affirmative action in regions facing a shortage of educators. This initiative aims to bridge the education gap in underserved areas.

Interestingly, the TSC has identified 7,282 primary school teachers willing to transfer to junior secondary schools (JSS). However, this transition requires specific qualifications, including a diploma or bachelor's degree in education, a minimum mean score of C+ in KCSE or its equivalent, and a grade of at least C+ in two teaching classes.

TSC Promotions Lists per County 2023: A Comprehensive Overview

TSC Promotions Lists per County 2023: A Comprehensive Overview

TSC Promotions Lists per County 2023: A Comprehensive Overview

TSC Promotions Lists per County 2023: A Comprehensive Overview

Addressing Teacher Shortages

Since 2019, the TSC has been promoting and relocating primary school teachers to high schools to alleviate the shortage of teachers in secondary institutions. This strategic move aims to maintain a high standard of education throughout Kenya.

TSC has already issued approximately 1,900 promotional letters to local school administrators. The early delivery of these letters allows newly promoted teachers to transition smoothly into their new roles. However, some delays have been reported in distributing these letters, which may be attributed to financial constraints faced by the commission.

The TSC's CEO, Nancy Macharia, has cited financial limitations as a critical factor in the phased promotions. Despite earlier advertising over 36,000 promotional slots for teachers in various job groups, only 11,231 positions were filled, leaving 3,507 vacant due to inadequate applications.

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In conclusion, the TSC promotions list for 2023 represents a significant step towards improving the quality of education in Kenya. By adhering to career progression guidelines and emphasizing equitable distribution, the TSC aims to ensure that every region benefits from experienced educators. While financial constraints have posed challenges, the commitment to promoting teachers and bridging the education gap remains steadfast. These promotions are a testament to the dedication of educators in Kenya and their contribution to shaping the nation's future.

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