TSC Transfers List 2023: Transfers and Deployments Of School Heads In Kenya

Stay updated with the latest TSC transfers in 2023 and their impact on schools nationwide.

Jun 22, 2023 - 12:00
Jun 22, 2023 - 12:10
TSC Transfers List 2023: Transfers and Deployments Of School Heads In Kenya
TSC Transfers and Reshuffles 2023: Here is A New List of Transferred Schools Principals

The Teacher Service Commission (TSC) is known for reshuffling leadership positions in various secondary schools nationwide. This year, 2023, has been no exception, with several principals and headteachers moving to new institutions while others filling vacant spots. This article explores the reasons behind these changes, shedding light on the factors leading to the reshuffling.

Reasons for Delocalization

Filling Vacant Positions

The primary motivation behind TSC transfers is replacing principals and headteachers who have reached the mandatory retirement age. Promoting deputy heads with a strong track record and transferring them to these vacant spots maintains consistent performance and experience.

Aligning Performance and Experience

Existing leaders are often moved to vacant positions, aiming to align performance and experience with enrollment and institutional level. This strategic movement ensures a stable learning environment for students.

Strengthening Management

Sometimes, suggestions from standards and assessment reports have prompted the need for leadership changes. By altering the management in these institutions, TSC aims to boost academic performance and student outcomes.

Utilizing Experience

The TSC also uses transfers to leverage the experience of principals and headteachers who have long served in the same institution. Providing them with a new working environment allows them to use their experience to benefit a new institution.

Yearly Applications

Headteachers often apply to be transferred to new stations throughout the year. These applications are considered towards the year-end to prevent any unnecessary disruption in curriculum delivery. Factors such as the years until retirement and exceptional circumstances such as health are considered while making the transfers.

Trending TSC Transfers 2023

The Moving List

Principal Name From School To School
Charles Hongo Nambale Boys High School Shikunga High School
Tom Amadi Kamusinde Secondary School Nambale Boys High School
Solomon Sisuma Oyoo Otieno Boys High School Koyonzo Boys High School
Boaz Adit Koyonzo Boys High School Not mentioned
Kennedy Nyamwolo St. Paul’s Lugari Boys High School St. Peter’s Nakalira Secondary School
Moses Mabonga St. Peter’s Nakalira Secondary School Retired
Rose Berda Our Lady of Mercy Chebukaka Girls HS Achego Girls High School
Mike Wanyonyi Not mentioned Misikhu Friends High School
Rioga high school principal Rioga high school Nyaikuro high school
Nyansabakwa HS principal Nyansabakwa High School Kisii County
Riomego principal Riomego High School Not mentioned
Florence Omondi Ng’iya Girls Sinyolo Girls
Hellen Juma Ng’iya Girls Ogande Girls
Jennifer Otolo Ogande Girls Ng’iya Girls
Okoth Bonventure St Mary’s School Yala Riokindo High School
Victor Omondi Makanda St Anthony’s Boys High Kitale St Mary’s School Yala
Edward Wachilonga Riokindo Boys Chavakali Boys
Stephen Abong’o St Joseph’s Rapogi Ringa Boys
Erastus Nyangwa Ratanga St Joseph’s Rapogi
Nicholas Ochieng’ Uriri High School Ratanga
Sang Kaplong High Kabianga High
Muma Ringa Boys Barding Sec Siaya County
Sangutet Bwake Sec Tenwek Boys
Mutali Chesebe Not mentioned St Anthony Boys Kitale
Rapogi principal Rapogi Ringa barely after 2 years
Ratanga principal Ratanga Rapogi
Uriri principal Uriri Ratanga
Shikunga principal Shikunga Kamusinga
Sori sec principal Sori Secondary Ramba Boys
St. Mary’s Mabera principal St. Mary’s Mabera Ichuni
Ichuni principal Ichuni Bishop Linus Okok

These are just a few of the significant transfers that have taken place in 2023. The list continues to grow as the year progresses.

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The TSC transfers list 2023 is a strategic initiative by the TSC aimed at improving the educational standards in various institutions. By moving experienced leaders to new environments and aligning performance with the institutional level, TSC strives to maintain a stable learning environment for students and enhance the quality of education.


Why does TSC conduct transfers and reshuffling?

TSC conducts transfers to fill vacant positions, strengthen school management, and tap into the experience of long-serving principals and headteachers.

Who gets affected by TSC transfers?

Principals and headteachers are primarily affected by TSC transfers. However, the changes can also impact the entire school community, including students, teachers, and administrative staff, as they adjust to new leadership.

How often does TSC conduct transfers?

TSC generally conducts transfers once a year, often towards the year-end. However, they also consider applications for transfers throughout the year, with decisions finalized at the year's end.

What factors are considered in the TSC transfers?

Factors like the retirement age of existing leaders, and the performance and experience of potential replacements, need to be identified in standards and assessment reports, and applications for headteacher transfers are considered.

What is the purpose of the TSC transfer list?

The TSC transfer list is a tool for announcing and keeping track of changes in leadership positions in schools across the nation. It helps maintain transparency in the process of transfers and reshuffling.

By understanding the motivations and effects of the TSC transfers, stakeholders can better navigate the changes and continue to focus on delivering high-quality education. The TSC transfers list 2023 offers a glimpse into the commission's strategic approach to improving educational standards and management in schools nationwide.

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