Twitter establishes a crypto team to investigate decentralized apps

Twitter has confirmed the creation of a new section named Twitter Crypto, which will be responsible for creating the "plan for the future of cryptocurrency at (and on) Twitter."

Twitter establishes a crypto team to investigate decentralized apps

New means of compensating artists, as well as an examination of decentralized applications, are among their areas of focus.

Tess Rinearson, who was previously the vice president in charge of engineering at the Interchain Foundation, was chosen to run Twitter Crypto. She detailed the primary areas that her team will investigate on Twitter. "First and foremost, we'll consider how we might assist artists' rising interest in adopting decentralized applications to manage virtual products and currencies, as well as to support their work and communities," she explained.

His team will continue to consider "what crypto can do for Twitter, as well as what Twitter can do for crypto" in order to achieve this. She will also collaborate with Bluesky, an independent yet Twitter-funded group that is primarily responsible for developing a common standard for social network decentralization.

This latest revelation coincides with the social network's, and particularly its CEO's, growing interest in all things cryptocurrency. Twitter said in September that authors will be able to receive bitcoin tips and that a mechanism would be added to authenticate the NFTs used in profile pictures.