UNDP Salary Scale, Job Groups, and Allowances in Kenya (2024)

Looking for a fulfilling career? Learn about UNDP salaries, job groups, and allowances in Kenya. Find out how you can join this prestigious organization and make a difference

Oct 12, 2023 - 12:57
UNDP Salary Scale, Job Groups, and Allowances in Kenya (2024)
UNDP Salary Scale, Job Groups, and Allowances in Kenya (2024)

You're not alone if you've ever dreamt of a career with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kenya. UNDP, one of the United Nations agencies, operates in over 170 countries worldwide, including Kenya. It's known for offering lucrative job opportunities with competitive salaries and numerous benefits. However, before you embark on your journey to a UNDP career, it's essential to understand the salary scale, job groups, and allowances that come with it. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about UNDP salaries and more.


The United Nations Development Programme aims to provide sustainable resources to developing countries, eradicate poverty, and promote sustainability. Kenya is among the countries where UNDP operates, offering employment opportunities to Kenyan job seekers in various categories. UN jobs are highly sought after due to their attractive salaries and possible early retirement with substantial savings. However, with great opportunities come significant risks, as scammers often target desperate job seekers. It's crucial to verify the authenticity of UN job postings to avoid falling victim to scams.

UNDP Salary Scale for Different Careers

Salaries at UNDP vary depending on the career category and level of experience. Here's a breakdown of the UNDP salary scale for different professions:

1. Professional Category Salary at UNDP

Entry Level Professions (P1, P2, and P3)

  • P1: Earns between Ksh 3.6 Million and Ksh 5 Million annually.
  • P2: Earns between Ksh. 4.6 million and Ksh. 6.2 Million annually.
  • P3: Has an annual salary between Ksh. 6 Million and 8 Million.

Middle-Level Professions (P4 and P5)

  • P4: Earns a minimum yearly salary of Ksh. 7 Million and a maximum of Ksh. 10 Million.
  • P5: Takes home between Ksh. 8.5 million and Ksh.11 Million.

Senior Level Professions (Directors - D1 and D2)

  • D1: Earns a yearly salary between Ksh. 10 Million and 12 Million.
  • D2: Earns between Ksh. 11 Million and Ksh. 13 Million per year.

2. General Service Employees Salary Scale

UNDP employees in the General Service category fall between G1 and G7 experience levels, with most earning millions yearly. Here's a breakdown:

  • G2 level: Over two years of experience, making between Ksh 791,000 and Ksh1,231,000 annually.
  • G4 group: Over four years of experience, making between Ksh1,441,000 and Ksh2,243,000.
  • G6 level: Over six years of experience, taking home between Ksh2,217,000 and Ksh3,449,000.

3. National Professional Category Salary Scale

The National Professional category includes four employee groups: NO-A, NO-B, NO-C, and NO-D, each with its own set of responsibilities and salaries:

  • NO-B: Employees with 2 or 3 years of experience, earning between Ksh6.5 million and Ksh10.7 million.
  • NO-D: A group of employees with seven years of experience, taking home between Ksh11 million and Ksh17.7 million.

UNDP Allowances and Benefits

In addition to their salaries, UNDP employees receive various allowances and benefits, making their packages even more appealing. These allowances and benefits include:

  • Dependency allowance: Offered to employees with spouses earning less than the minimum UNDP salary or those with children below 18 years or 21 if they are in college or university.
  • Hardship allowance: Provided to employees posted in marginalized areas or locations with harsh climatic conditions, poor infrastructure, and other challenging conditions.
  • Paid holidays: UNDP employees enjoy 18 to 30 days of paid leave annually.
  • House allowance
  • Tax exemptions
  • Education grants

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A career with the United Nations Development Programme in Kenya can be rewarding and fulfilling, offering competitive salaries and many benefits. However, it's essential to be cautious of scammers who may try to exploit your desire for a UN job. Always verify job postings through official UN channels or reliable job posting sites. With the correct information and diligence, you can confidently pursue a UNDP career in Kenya.


How can I verify the authenticity of UN job postings?

To confirm the legitimacy of UN job postings, ensure they come from the official UN website, official social media channels, or reputable job posting sites.

Are UN jobs in Kenya highly competitive?

Yes, UN jobs in Kenya are competitive due to their attractive salaries and benefits. Therefore, meeting the qualifications and requirements for the specific position is crucial.

What are the salary ranges for entry-level professionals at UNDP?

Entry-level professionals at UNDP, such as those in P1, P2, and P3 categories, can earn between Ksh 3.6 Million and Ksh 8 Million annually, depending on their specific grade.

What is the purpose of the dependency allowance?

The dependency allowance is provided to UNDP employees whose spouses earn less than the minimum UNDP salary or those with dependent children below 18 years (or 21 if they are in college or university).

Do UNDP employees receive tax exemptions?

Yes, UNDP employees enjoy tax exemptions, which can vary depending on the country of assignment and specific tax regulations.

What is the highest-paid position at UNDP in Kenya?

The highest-paid jobs at UNDP in Kenya are typically at the senior level, specifically D1 and D2 categories, which can earn between Ksh. 10 Million and Ksh. 13 Million per year.

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