What are the best-connected watches you can find in Kenya -2021

Connected watches have become a trendy tech product that can be found on the wrists of many users who want to benefit from a follow-up of their activities, sports sessions, and health. If Apple remains the market leader with the popular Apple Watch, the competition is proving more and more convincing with its smartwatches.

What are the best-connected watches you can find in Kenya -2021

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

  • A redesigned design, very elegant
  • The beautiful and bright screen
  • Comfortable for both sports and utility functions
  • Also complete for sports and connected functions

With a design all in luxury and finesse, accompanied by Tizen and its rotating ring, a screen to fall, and many features, the Galaxy Watch3 is undoubtedly one of the best smartwatches on the market. Unfortunately, it sins by a retreating autonomy.

Apple Watch Series 6

  • Very bright screen
  • Fluid and responsive system
  • watchOS is enriched but remains very ergonomic
  • The reference for Apple-Users

The Apple Watch Series 6 is, above all, an update that now benefits from an oximeter, fast charging, and an even brighter screen. Arguably the complete connected watch on the market. Too bad that its autonomy is still so limited and its price so high

Oppo Watch

  • A good compromise
  • Superb rectangular screen!
  • Premium design and finishes
  • Relatively complete eco mode
  • A watch inspired under Wears OS

The Oppo Watch is a Wear OS watch for the least original with its look of Apple Watch. Although its interface is suitable for this high-quality rectangular screen, it still suffers from the same flaws specific to Google's system, which prevents it from really standing out.

 Huawei Watch GT2 Pro

  • Value for money
  • Impeccable design and finishes with high-end materials
  • AMOLED screen to fall to the ground
  • LiteOS is very easy to use
  • A sporty and luxurious watch

Between a superb screen, quality finishes, and impressive autonomy, the Watch GT2 Pro has enough to seduce beginners or intermediate athletes looking for a sports-connected watch not too expensive and capable of looking like a "real" urban watch.

OnePlus Watch

  • Design and manufacturing quality
  • Beautiful AMOLED screen
  • Excellent autonomy
  • The Wear OS experience at its peak

Although imperfect, we recommend the OnePlus Watch to those who are looking for an affordable and enduring connected watch to display their phone's notifications, track their level of physical activity and health data simply.

Apple Watch SE

  • The alternative
  • A device with exemplary finishes
  • Wide and bright screen
  • watchOS 7, complete and responsive
  • The entry ticket for iPhone users

The Apple Watch SE is the ideal smartwatch for iPhone users. The manufacturer has developed a very successful product from a hardware and software point of view, which offers its users enough power and functionality to justify its starting price.

How to choose your connected watch?

The choice of a connected watch will depend not only on its OS but also on your smartphone. Since they often work as a couple, it is better to use the same ecosystem (iOS or Android) between your tocante and your phone. Of course, it is possible to dissociate the two, but this leads to depriving yourself of certain features or optimizations of your gadgets. Finally, there is an interesting offer apart from the two giants that are Apple and Google. Tizen (Samsung) and Lite OS (Huawei) prove that proprietary OSes can do the trick.