With the A75K series, Sony introduces more affordable OLED TVs.

A few weeks after introducing the A90K and A80K OLED TVs, as well as the A95K QD-OLED Master Series TVs, Sony is adding another layer to the mix with A series.

With the A75K series, Sony introduces more affordable OLED TVs.

When it comes to OLED TVs, Sony is known for being a pricey brand, and the A75K range will round out its selection. We don't yet know the costs for the Japanese manufacturer's 2022 ranges, but the A75K series will naturally obey the hierarchy and will be able to compete with a competition that has managed to cut the entrance ticket for OLED in recent years. 

The A75K will make very few concessions, according to Sony's statement. Thus, it will have an LG Display OLED screen in 4K UHD with a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz, two HDMI 2.1 connectors with VRR compatibility, and, most importantly, the Cognitive Processor XR seen on the higher end models.

Based on its specifications, Sony's offer is unlikely to dethrone the new LG A2 from the top spot among the cheapest OLED TVs. This one is OK with a slab that runs at 60 Hz and lacks HDMI 2.1. Sony has made several concessions on the audio and design fronts in order to keep the price down. The A75K will be available in two diagonals of 55 and 65 inches, with a less powerful Acoustic Surface Audio system and a more traditional support.

The A75K OLED TVs are still unknown in terms of technological specifications. They'll come with Google TV, which gives access to a variety of apps, as well as a built-in Chromecast and Google Assistant. It will also be compatible with the Bravia Cam, an optional camera that will enable users to manage the TV via gesture controls, set proximity warnings for youngsters, and activate automated power off when no one is in front of the television.

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Other TVs from the manufacturer's LCD catalog, such as the X75K, X73K, and X72K series, were also revealed in simultaneously. In the next weeks, we aim to learn more and learn about the costs and availability of all of these references.