Zenka Loan App: How To Apply, Repayment process, Intrest rate applied, and everything you need to Know

Learn how to access instant mobile loans with the Zenka loan app, including how to apply, repay, and increase your loan limit.

May 14, 2023 - 15:22
May 14, 2023 - 15:39
Zenka Loan App: How To Apply, Repayment process, Intrest rate applied, and everything you need to Know
Zenka Loan App: How To Apply, Repayment process, Intrest rate applied, and everything you need to Know

Kenyans have embraced mobile loan applications, with Zenka standing out as one of the leading platforms. Launched in 2018 by Zenka Finance Limited, Zenka has swiftly gained popularity, amassing over a million downloads on Google Playstore. This guide will offer a detailed breakdown of navigating Zenka for your loan needs, whether you're a seasoned user or a newcomer to the platform.

Understanding Zenka 

Zenka operates as a mobile application accessible to both Android and iOS users. Through Zenka, you can conveniently apply for loans and receive them directly on your mobile phones, ending the traditional, often strenuous loan application procedures.

Zenka Loan Requirements: What You Need

Before you can apply for a Zenka loan, you must fulfill specific requirements:

  1. Possess a smartphone with internet access.
  2. Be at least 18 with proof of identification, such as a National ID card.
  3. Have a Safaricom number linked to a Mpesa account.
  4. Ensure your Mpesa account has been active for a significant period.
  5. Once these conditions are met, you're set to apply for a Zenka loan ranging from Ksh 500 to Ksh 30,000. For those who prefer the USSD CODE method, the loan range is Ksh 500 to Ksh 10,000.

How to Apply for a Zenka Loan 

Thanks to its user-friendly mobile application, applying for a Zenka loan is a breeze. Whether using an Android or iOS device or even an essential feature phone, you can still apply for a Zenka loan. Here's how to do it:

Procedure 1: Using Zenka USSD code 

Zenka's USSD code *841# comes in handy for those without a smartphone. Follow these steps:

  1. Dial *841# on your phone.
  2. Choose your preferred language (English or Kiswahili).
  3. Register your details if you still need to do so.
  4. Select "Apply for full limit" or input the desired amount.
  5. Follow the subsequent prompts.
  6. Confirm your loan request by entering your PIN.
  7. Await a confirmation message on your registered number.

Procedure 2: Using the Mobile App 

If you have the Zenka Mobile Application installed on your smartphone, applying for a loan is even more straightforward. Here's the process:

  • Sign in to your Zenka Mobile App.
  • Click on "Apply now."
  • Verify the loan summary information and the maximum amount available for you.
  • Select "GET LOAN."
  • Await an SMS on your Safaricom number indicating your loan is under processing.

Repaying Your Zenka Loan: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once your Zenka loan is approved and disbursed, planning for repayment is crucial. Zenka loans come with a repayment period ranging from 61 to 180 days. Here's how you can repay your Zenka loan:

  1. Open your Zenka App and Sign In.
  2. Tap on "Pay Off Zenka Loan."
  3. The amount due will be displayed on your dashboard.
  4. Click on "Proceed to Payment."
  5.  You'll be redirected to your Mpesa Menu.
  6. Enter your Mpesa PIN to authorize the payment.
  7. A confirmation message will be sent to your mobile phone from both Zenka and Mpesa.

Alternatively, you can pay through Mpesa Paybill number 979988 with your phone number as the account number.

Enhancing Your Borrowing Limit with Zenka 

Zenka uses a unique credit scoring system to determine your borrowing limit. This system primarily factors your repayment history, usage of the Zenka app, and Mpesa transaction history. Here's how you can improve your Zenka borrowing limit:

  1. Regular and timely repayment: Ensure you repay your loans on time or before the due date. A good repayment history enhances your credit score, increasing your borrowing limit.
  2. Frequent use of the Zenka app: Regular use of the Zenka app for loans shows a high level of engagement, which can positively impact your borrowing limit.
  3. Robust Mpesa transaction history: Having a consistent and active Mpesa transaction history can also boost your credit score and, in turn, increase your borrowing limit with Zenka.

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With Zenka, obtaining a loan in Kenya is as easy as a few clicks on your phone. This mobile loan application has undoubtedly transformed the borrowing landscape in Kenya, offering an efficient, reliable, and user-friendly platform for those needing quick financial assistance. Understanding its features, requirements, and repayment process allows you to easily make the most of Zenka and navigate your financial needs. Whether for an emergency, a business investment, or personal use, Zenka has you covered.

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